Processed Images Gallery

I am hoping to upgrade my telescope and camera hardware some time in 2010 to allow me to start taking some more interesting astro-photography.

As processing the images is an important part of astro-photography, I am now using raw data taken from the Hubble archives and from ground based telescopes which have been made available on the Internet for astronomers and for educational purposes.

This gallery will show the images I have processed using the raw data from the telescopes and processed through Photoshop.

3 Responses to “Processed Images Gallery”

  1. Hey Roy

    Do you know if all the same sort of processing can be done using free software like The Gimp (for those like myself who don’t want to fork out thousands of dollars for Photoshop), or does that sort of processing need Photoshop?


    PS. Nice work by the way…

  2. I know Gimp can read the FIT file format but I have no idea what processing abilities GIMP has. I suspect it may be very limited.

    Photoshop is expensive but it is a powerful tool in the way it can manipulate images using layers.

    Perhaps tools like Nebulosity or Images Plus may be a cheaper option to read the FIT files and process them… but I am not experienced with either of these packages which I know capture CCD images from cameras, save the images and then allow you to process them. Maybe you do not need to have a camera attached and can process the images if you already have them saved in a folder.

    Perhaps this can be a question to ask when we meet next at Northern Sydney Astronomical Society.

  3. […] You can go to the gallery either using the menu on the right or go to […]

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