Some Quick Notes on Comet Elenin

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We will try and take another picture of comet elenin today. If weather or conditions do not allow the picture opportunity today, we will try again in the next few days.

We note that there are still conspiracy videos being added to the Internet almost daily about Elenin and one person still keeps on referring to Elenin as “the ELE dwarf star”. When will Terral03 learn that Elenin is just a comet.

Sydneystargazers would just like to remind people that these people who are littering the Internet with rubbish about Elenin have not provided any evidence to back up their claims……..  so their stories should be completely dismissed.

We are now seeing some people claiming that the Sun is now showing less sunspots because elenin is coming. All we can wonder is where are people coming up with this rubbish and what is their motive for spreading this misinformation about comet elenin.

We are mentioning this because on a daily basis we are still getting a large amount of emails from people concerned about what they are hearing about elenin.

Our message is simple…… do not believe the wild stories you are hearing. Just because a video is uploaded to YouTube does not make it fact.

Elenin is just another comet and if you have not seen a comet before in the sky then this will hopefully be a great opportunity for you to see one later this year.


We have added the following to answer a question left in this post about comet elenin and we thought this would be useful to other people

1. Elenin travels once around the sun every 11,000 years. When it reaches it’s furthest distance from the Sun, it’s speed is so slow that the gravity of the Sun becomes strong enough to begin pulling it back in towards the Sun again. The orbit of comet Elenin can be roughly estimated but is effected by the gravity of other planets that it passes along the way. However for that to happen the comet would have to be close enough to be effected by the planets gravitational field otherwise it’s orbit is not effected.

2. The Hill Sphere is a distance of 1.5 million km around Earth within which any object will be effected by gravity. The further from Earth the object within that range, the less the object is effected by gravity. Our Moon orbits is within the first 25% of the Earth’s Hill Sphere which is why the Moon constantly orbits us. On October 16, Elenin will reach it’s closest distance to Earth which is 34.98 million km from Earth. This is roughly 96 times further away than our moon.This means that Elenin is too far away from Earth to have it’s orbit effected in any way by Earth.

3. There has been wild speculation of aliens controlling the orbit of elenin. This is pure science fiction by people who keep on thinking that Elenin is a dwarf star or in fact Nibiru. When this story was first dreamed up , the story stated that the aliens would even land on the front lawn of the White House. You can tell this is just science fiction . After all, how do these people know that……did they receive an email from Elenin. As we have said before, stories like this are just that…stories…… which have unfortunately escalated thanks to sites like You Tube.

In 1910, Halley’s comet paqssed Earth at a distance of 24 million km. As we said above, Elenin will pass us at a distance of nearly 35 million km. This means that despite what some conspiracy sites say about Elenin being the closest comet to ever pass Earth….. that is incorrect. Halley’s comet still holds that record.

In case people have not seen it, below is the only known picture of Halley’s Comet when it passed in 1910. The streaks in the bottom left hand corner are caused by city lights.

To give you an idea how far away Halley was at that time and to give you an idea of what Elenin will look like in October 2011, the white object below Halley in the picture is not the Moon…. it is Venus. Of course you don’t see Venus this large with the naked eye and you would need to use a telescope.

Only Known Picture of Halley's Comet 1910

Based on our study of Comet Elenin, Sydneystargazers pretty much can make a prediction what Elenin will look like in our skies come October 2011.

We put together a photo (photoshop) with Venus and Elenin together to give you an idea of how the comet will look.

Our Picture of How What We Believe Elenin Will Look Like in October 2011 (Click to Enlarge)


So What Did Happen to Asteroid 2011MD?

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This is NOT asteroid 2011MD (Click to Enlarge)

Well 2011MD passed us at a distance of 12,000 km and as predicted did not pose a threat to us or even take out any of our satellites.

While it was true this was a close asteroid, as it was only 10 metres in size it would have burned up in our atmosphere had it entered our atmosphere.

We have seen a couple of videos out on the Net and we took a snapshot of these 2 videos and show them above left. These claim to be Asteroid 2011MD however this is not the case. The videos appear to be of the same object taken from 2 different time zones and appear to record the burning up of space junk or an old satellite in our atmosphere. Asteroid 2011MD did not enter our atmosphere nor did it burn up as these pictures suggest.

Below we have an actual picture of the asteroid.

This IS Asteroid 2011MD (Click to Enlarge)


Latest on Asteroid 2011MD

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Our calculations still have the close flyby of Asteroid 2011 MD at a distance of 18550 km from Earth’s atmosphere.

We saw the other day a comment where someone suggested that if the calculations were wrong and the asteroid then entered our atmosphere that there would be a big disaster.

As we mentioned in our last post, this is only a 10 meter wide asteroid so if in the unlikely scenario it did enter our atmosphere, it would burn up in the atmosphere long before it had a chance to reach the ground.


The Close approach of Asteroid 2011 MD

•June 24, 2011 • 5 Comments

2011 MD is a small asteroid of about 5 to 10 metres which will pass us on June 27 UT time….

Yes this will be a close asteroid to Earth and we have heard that it will be around 12,000km from Earth when it passes.

We actually calculate it to be 18,000km based on the data for the asteroid yesterday.

Since geostationery satellites are in an orbit 36,000 km above Earth, you can tell that there is a small chance that one satellite may get in the way of the asteroid…or suffer a glancing blow.
But we don’t expect it to happen as we would have more chance of winning the lotteries than see an asteroid impact a satellite. The chance of a satellite being in the wrong place at the wrong time is very slim indeed.

As the asteroid approaches Earth it will be influenced by Earth’s gravity and sharply swing around Earth’s atmosphere and slingshot away from Earth ,

Now some people will worry about what happens if MD 2011 gets to close to us and enters our atmosphere.

Well the great thing about our atmosphere is that it is our shield from incoming space objects. Because MD 2011 is only 5 to 10 metres in size, it would burn up in our atmosphere in a brillaint fireball…… the color of the fireball depending on if the asteroid is made up of mostly metal or rock.

But at this stage, the asteroid is not expected to enter our atmosphere at all.

The closest asteroid to miss Earth was one back in February which was the size of an armchair and passed 5479 kn from Earth.

The M5 Galaxy

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The M5 Galaxy is always an interesting galaxy to look at.

M5 24th June (Click to Enlarge)

The Moon – 24th June

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This is a great shot of the Moon taken overnight.

(Click to Enlarge)

Today We will Try For Our Last Picture of Comet Elenin For The Next Few Months

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Sydneystargazers is a astronomy site which for the last few months has been taking pictures of Elenin to prove that it is a comet and not a brown dwarf as some on the Internet may want you to believe.

We have proved that Elenin is nothing more than a comet and will take one more picture opportunity of Elenin in a little while and make it the last shot of Elenin for the time being until the comet gets closer to the Sun later this year. When we start taking pictures of Elenin in a few months time we are hoping to have some great shots of this comet.

So after today we will be focusing on more important issues such as the brightening supernova in M51.


Below is the latest picture of elenin at position 10h 37m 24s +7° 18′ 22″

Elenin 24th June (Click to Enlarge)