Interesting Astronomy Links

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Northern Sydney Astronomical Society

An amateur astronomy group based in Sydney hosting monthly astronomy lectures from guest speakers as well as observing nights where people take telescopes out for some night time sky viewing. An ideal place to learn more about astronomy and have access to a number of telescopes where members are only too happy to show you the planets, galaxies and other objects in the night sky.

Global Rent-a-Scope : Live Images

This is an interesting site I stumbled on….. If you live in Sydney and it is the middle of the day, you can go to this site and book some time on a telescope and look at a telescope on the other side of the world currently in darkness. Before you pick a telescope, you check a webcam pointed at the sky to see if the sky is clear and then you have access to the telescope and CCD imaging camera. You tell the telescope to slew to an object, wait for it to stop slewing and then take a picture…. or series of pictures…. black and white or in color. Then you can save the picture to your computer and work on enhancing it. If you are in the southern Hemisphere, you can book a telescope in the Northern Hemisphere and see what the sky looks like there….or vice versa. The link above points directly to the last images taken from these 8 telescopes so this is an interesting site to watch. If you look at the GRAS-013 telescope in Moorook, Australia, you will see that you can register with these guys and have a free 60 minutes trial where you can remote control this 90mm telescope based in Australia.

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