Latest On Comet Elenin

The latest calculations on Elenin’s orbit shows that Elenin will pass Earth on October 16th at a distance of  34.9 million km , or 91 times further away than our Moon.

For anyone still worried that Elenin is going to be an issue for Earth as some websites are predicting with their doom and gloom theories, please refer to this article in Universe Today by Australian astronomer Ian Musgrave

~ by sydneystargazers on July 29, 2011.

39 Responses to “Latest On Comet Elenin”

  1. The double sun is not a lens flare and I do not respect you for saying that. how blind do you think we are?

  2. The double suns we are seeing is not a lens flare, have you seen the world view and video of this anomaly. It is not -something to do with a camera, be real and do not give us the “lens flare” answer please.

  3. I think a lot of people have accepted that this is a comet. The problem is that a case is being presented that it is not alone.

    There is some strange stuff around if u take the time. However I hope that this fear of annihilation may make some realise it is one planet in the middle of nowhere, so perhaps we should try to get along!

    I think this comet will slip by largely unnoticed.

    We will see 🙂

  4. This guy bumbles along a bit, but I think his analysis of the Musgrave comments is quite valid.

    • Well considering that Von Helton’s youtube channel revolves around conspiracies and that one of his posts was talking about 3 large spaceships heading for Earth, well you would have to be wary of taking his view over that of an astronomer. We do not agree that Von Helton’s analysis is valid at all…..but you have the right to your opinion.

  5. I think if Elenin crashes in to the Trojan ahead of earth , which although the chances are small it could. Then who knos what happens then . With Elenin size still not being confirmed yet ( SSG adament its 3-4 Km ) NASA & others say up to 12 Km with some saying much larger indeed it’s exciting times ahead. It all very strange that this Trojan asteroid has only been annonced yesterday when in fact NASA have known about is existamce all year ………………………………..hmmmmmmmm strange why wise has been shut down also !!!! We also know that the Trojan asteroid is hiding in a gravity sweet spot , prehaps Elenin might perturb The trojan …….oh errrrrr lots of unknows.

    The exact trajectory from earth is still all estimates folks & changing on a daily basis. Lets hope NASA show unedited photo’s of Stero B …..If the telescope works of course ( wink wink )

    • NASA is spot on with their calculations of Elenin’s orbit. There may be some small changes to the orbit over the next few months however the changes in orbit will be only be small. At the end of the day comet Elenin will still pass us between 34 million and 35 million km from Earth.

      As for your hinting that Elenin will have an effect on asteroid 2010 TK7…. it will not. The asteroid and Elenin will not even get close to each other.

      You really need to stop with the conspiracy talk by suggesting that NASA is hiding something. There is no conspiracy except in the minds of those wanting conspiracies.

  6. Cruithne is also in our neighbourhood. Maybe it is the trojan that they mention.

  7. OK this is starting to get weird. As Leonid Elenin gets the first picture of Comet Elenin taken from space via SWAN on SOHO his website is taken down ? WTF !!!! A few days before we are to get the first High Def pictures. He posted a short note on his website before closing it was disabled
    “We have determined that based on the excessive resource utilization your account is not a good fit for a VPS account since not only your VPS is crashing due to the high resource usage but you are also impacting the actual hardware node on which the VPS is created. Unfortunately due to the severe nature of the problem your web service access has been disabled.” Sorry, but now server was disabled. I can’t pay for dedicate server.
    By: Leonid Elenin

    SSG , it is reasons like this as to why people are interested in Elenin. The Plot thickens.

    All of a sudden this guy can’t afford to pay for his website….BS !

    Maybe this site will follow suit, I also Notice that SSG has gone very very quiet of late.

    Care to comment?

    • openminded…….. you really need to stop looking for things that go on in life that you think is a conspiracy. Being so negative all the time will be bad for your health. Lighten up!

      Because of the doom and gloom rubbish coming from conspiracy sites this year, comet Elenin has become more famous than it should have been. Only because there are people out there who have a strange notion that Elenin is a brown dwarf with planets flying around it that will bring death and destruction to the Earth….thus more interest in Elenin than it deserves.

      As a result, Leonid Elenin’s personal site was inundated with a huge amount of traffic that his host said was too much for a free site. This was bound to happen.

      And why do you think it strange that an astronomer is not going to spend money hosting his own server when he has better things to do. You really need to stop looking for a conspiracy where there is none.

      And then you suggest that we may follow suit too…….? We do have other projects that we are working on ….there is a thing called having a life.

      • What if you wrong about all of this? Hm… do you actualy care for anyone with this onesideed ansfers? What if… i say what if something extraordinary hapen in couple days what will have huge impact on us here on Earth. Do you just say ah… shit “sory” you know! ?
        I think openminded state about things consider site and closing down in critical moment is apsolute proof of censor info. And your statment about this is apsolute “rubbish”. My friend working in BIA that is one departmen in goverment wich care about things “threat to nacional security and things like that “. And do you now what he say about this?
        ” This is how we doing stuf – nice and easy with no ressistance. Stupid reason gives good result “.
        Think about this, think and consider is that smart move just to look in one side of coin.
        What ever….. i say this. After this post i finishing with this site in means of posting and discusing at any topic. Will be here just to read if you post something fullfiling inovative in astronomical sense nothing more.

        Wish you all good luck.

      • You have the right to your views….but this comet will have absolutely no effect on us at all.

    • Sorry…your conspiracy theory just died a horrible death. is back online after changing hosts.

      Not a big deal at all.

  8. Can you at leaste post the image that was on Spaceobs pleeeeeeeeese.

    If his site was inundated with traffic it just goes to show the interest in Comet Elenin & that total lack of info. Your site is one of the only normal sites that atually disscusses it which is why I use yours & Spaceobs.

    On the bright side SSG should see a massive increase in Tinternet traffic… Good for SSG …. sell some more advertising & get some Dosh on the back of ELEnin Dude !

    And Pleeeeeze keep the new topics on Elenin …..makes good buisness sense.

  9. Oh and answer the question on the Trojan Asteroid ( Scarey name BTW ) do you think ELEnin might perturb it or Crash into it ? It’s remote BUt Possible right ?

  10. Trojan asteroid distance from earth varies according to NASA between 25 M Km & 80 M Km , so in effect could get crashed into by ELEnin….FACT

  11. Richard Hoagland has a view that Elenin is a time-capsule returning to Earth to enlighten us. He also mirrors my view that the occasional alignment with other celestial bodies is being used as a cover for setting off earthquakes and the like. I listened to his recent interview last night, and hope they do a transcript.

  12. Hey Sydney Stargazers – could you PLEASE stop responding to these Comet Elenin nutcases.. its starting to turn up on google and just makes it worse as you attract further nutcases.. who in turn attract others.

    I love the photos, and observing predictions.
    I respectfully suggest, you make ONE post about Elenin not being a brown dwarf, imperial star destroyer or reincarnated Elvis Presley – and then move on to the business of observing cool shit in the universe, and posting uber cool photos..

    As a personal stab… if all this time spent with nutcases was dedicated to improving the accuracy of those three indicators for brisbane I might not be on here complaining 😉

    Besides, the argument has already been settled – everyone knows Elenin is a transportation capsule for returning George W Bush to the delta quadrant.

    Now can we PLEASE get back to business!

    • Hey Dude

      It was only a few eeks ago SSG was firmly against Aligments and earthquakes , now he has finally come round to accepting that Planetary alligments cause earth quakes………. He is still against ELE-nin causing earthquakes but time might prove him wrong.

      BTW ….ELEnin is the cooest shit out there right now

      • openminded

        After further looking into it, we still doubt that planetary alignments have a part to play with earthquakes…… and comet elenin certainly does not.

        Earthquakes are not what Sydneystargazers is about…….we originally touched on earthquakes only because conspiracy sites were going on youtube with a stupid story that when elenin approached it would cause mass earthquakes which would bring death and destruction to our planet.

        We responded with a post only due to the many emails we were getting from people alarmed at what they were hearing.

        Those sites have not furthered that story since May so it is time to move on.



  14. Open minded, keep doing your thing. If no one asked these questions the world would be rigid and stagnant. You are very honest and what you say and tactful at how you say it. Yet responses to your post appear to be quite upset with you. Very curious. Until you know everything, you know nothing. Pretending like you have all the answers doesn’t make it so. The fact is we live in a mysterious universe we really are only just scratching the surface. What’s worse is that fundamental laws in physics that we thought we “knew” are now being put on the table and challenged. Open minded you have every right to make these connections based on your observations and I applaud you for thinking for yourself. That Bing said, time will tell what we are dealing with here.

    • We may not know everything, but one of the things we do know is that Comet Elenin is not piloted by Luke Skywalker. We also know that it is highly unlikely to have anything to do with Carlton’s win over North Melbourne, and almost definitely will not beam decent midfielders to Port Adelaide during it’s closest approach.

      Whether it contributed to Geelong’s ~200 point thrashing of Melbourne due to ‘photonic phootball phantoms’ is it still in doubt, as this is the second highest margin in history – and might only be explained by extraterrestrial phenomena such as passing brown dwarves.

      If anyone does know of any conspiracy theories to explain these unusual ‘football phantoms’ please contact me directly – as I am certain there is an alien conspiracy in place to ensure Geelong wins the premiership – which would obviously be catastrophic for the entire galaxy.

  15. Passing over ORION belt (posted by NASA)

    NASA claim is that the movie is taking from camera –Stereo (behind) spacecraft? This must be a clear mistake. At this moment only spacecraft Stereo (ahead) has the view on ORION belt. Do yours own research
    I must agreed – stereo (behind) is only 7 million kilometers from Elenin. The problem is that this short movie is not taken by camera behind. This movie is taken by stereo specraft (ahead) that is on other side of the Sun. Is moving left to right ……………

    Location of Stereo Ahead and behind in relation to Comet Elenin:

    Solar system in real time:

    Back to Stereo home page:

    • What NASA is saying is correct. This movie is taken from STEREO-B.

      For 2 hours every day NASA is actually turning STEREO-B around by 135 degrees so that it is facing towards the comet….. Then after that 2 hours STEREO-B is then turned back to face towards the Sun.

      The following link shows the time when STEREO-B rolls around to face it’s camera at the comet.

      • Thanks

        Hi guys. Take a look at picture taken 2011 08 07 at 23:18:42 from stereo behind HI1 . I know the object on the middle is Jupiter, but what is the ball of light at the right side of the screen?

      • Having a quick look at it, we suspect you are seeing Mercury here. If it was elenin, it would be on the left side of the picture due to Elenin’s current position to STEREO-B .

  16. Is this possible that what we see on stereo behind HI1 is Elenin ahead of schedule?

  17. That’s what I thought, but then – why not identify this on the page this page?

  18. Hello there!
    Could you help me to know why has not been posted new information about the tail of comet elenin? I heard that it was 900.000 in april, how long is it today?

    Is it growing right now, and if it is, how long can we talk?
    why can’t we see it in photograps, or could in next days?

    • As you can see by all the pictures of the comet over the last few months , we can see the coma of the comet which is it’s atmosphere but there was no tail as yet. We have been told by other sources that Leonid Elenin himself has stated that comet Elenin has not developed a tail yet and hopefully we’ll see it develop soon.

      However, looking at the picture of Elenin from a few days ago the tail is now indeed developing and we will show it here at Sydneystargazers some time later today. We have to do a snapshot from a movie which is a little difficult as the tail is seen only in about a second of the movie.

  19. NASA Get with the programme ! NASA has so far released one Picture of Elenin from Stereo B on Aug 1 st………….That’s it !!!!! They were supossed to be releasing daily snaps & Hi Res photo’s ….where the hell are they . Why are they hiding these Photos ?

    It’s been 10 day’s since the Stero B started taking Daily Pics , come on NASA try earing your Tax Dollars afetr all it’s we the People who pay the taxes for you !!!!!

    • Openminded (alias Grunter) ….. you really need to stop being so anti-NASA. They have been releasing the footage of Elenin daily…… just you have not been looking in the right place.

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