NGC 5866

We have spent way too much time on Elenin and conspiracies and will return to our primary reason for this blog……. astronomy.

Our next post on Elenin will be when NASA begins showing images of elenin late July or early August.

The picture below is taken of NGC 5866and you can clearly see the dust running through this galaxy.

NGC 5866 6th July 2011 (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on July 6, 2011.

7 Responses to “NGC 5866”

  1. Gr8 some real science please 🙂

  2. I think u should keep the Elenin blog going.

    It is a genuine hot debate, with some genuine theories and views.

    Some views differ from your views but that is the nature of science, opposing views, leading to a truth?

    The conspiracy guys have their right to their opinion. Offering healthy debate and presenting new evidence is a good thing, you should be happy that u have given some a place to discuss this comet. Surely discussion is what a blog is about, even if some may not agree with u?

    I hope u realize u have done a good thing and continue to encourage debate, and not simply put a full stop because u may not agree with some views.

    On a side note do u know anything about asterood Apophis, not being dooms day, but I fond it fascinating that it has been with us for 250000 years, and we only just noticed. Lol

    Keep up the good work, remember it is good to talk.

  3. Great shot, actually it looks a lot more interesting than Elenin lol, however as the person above mentioned there are a lot of people world wide curious that there are “Dragons afoot” I was wondering if the can view the sky at 5h 53m 27s – 6 10′ 58
    and post what you find, this area is blocked out by google earth and it appears it is the only area in the sky that has been blocked

    hope you can help in this regard

  4. Excuse me for my english … i’m a spanish … Now, we have the JPL model with the stereo’s orbit:

    You can test the first days of august, elenin cross in front of STEREO BEHIND, if you would like to watch the images in this date:

    In our town, the people are interesting in the next time, because may be all theorys about elenin will be solve in two week …


  5. Hello again, now I acknowledge Elenin is a definite preoccupation with many many people and a lot of information appears to be misinformation
    but have a look at this and see what you think?

    Mysteries of astrophysics.
    Transdisciplinary science accessible to all.
    Elenin: The “cluster” and the hour of truth. Confusion at NASA.

    Posted on July 23, 2011 by Starview



    24 Votos

    Many serious attempts at independent analysis of what has already been renamed the “cluster” Elenin. Since the end of June 2011 have not obtained new photos of the comet. The last picture obtained seems more an attempt to make an accurate analysis of data such as who performed Miller from Lanzarote in the Canary Islands Telescope in late May 2011.

    Then reproduce the latest images available from the “cluster” Elenin proceed to make a reasoned reflection on the documentation available to date. Surprised that NASA does not publish a single photograph of the Comet, despite the insistence of the scientific community at this point.

    Fortunately we have the network of amateur astronomers and their telescopes, some of them powerful enough to capture images as provided by Miller.

    In a major collaborative effort with the team of “A. Evans & All” We could gather all the documentation you can, and in particular we have access to a photo that clearly as you can see the “cluster”.

    Additionally, NASA warns anomalies Stereo nodes that are taking place by the approach of ELENIN as well as viewing the coming days 1-15 August.

    The text is quite disconcerting, especially because it looks like a cross between justification of previous anomalies and anomalies further notice.

    The truth is that the satellite Stereo presents a series of anomalies that are not clearly visible unless Elenin justify the cause, and suggest that what is coming is something quite different from a simple “comet.”

    Then offer the STEREO image of minutes before they proceed to cut the satellite signal that will probably last the next two days 22 and 23, confirmed our theory.

    But before you cut the satellite, we publish the anomaly detected in the solar corona at node A. Stereo

    Next, we show the last picture offered by Stereo

    The anomaly has nothing to do with mirrors Stereo. Rather, it seems related to solar activity and transit and / or proximity of an object or group of objects.

    Whatever has come to be seen and its size should be considerably larger and photographed on satellites. His brilliance even to disrupt the sphere of the Sun in the infrared spectrum.

    Remember that Mercury has a retrograde orbit about the Sun

    Elenin current theoretical position:

    Today’s Current Position Satellite Nodes Stereo:

    Then it is Venus who is in opposition to be seen to the right of the Sun in SOHO LASCO, and remember that Mercury has a retrograde orbit.

    That is:

    What we see in LASCO is Venus and this time has a luminosity 10 times higher than normal. If we look closely at the chart positions Elenin, the brightness of Venus clearly because Elenin, the “Cluster” is right Mercury behind the position of intersection with the orbit of the Earth (From the perspective of LASCO) and both nodes A and B Satellite Stereo, so the brightness of Venus appears SOHO-LASCO amplified 10 times. Question: A simple comet produces the indirect effect of increased light? The answer: NO, unless it has an associated Orto of considerable size, ie other associated objects, comets, asteroids, etc … and the tail is directly affecting their transition to the satellite orbit Stereo, node A.

    The coming days 1-20 August will be key to understand and see Elenin and exit from doubts as to its composition, nature and travel companions.

    StarViewerTeam International 2011.

  6. this is the actual site for the above you will need to translate the Spanish.
    on it you will find photo shots, SO HO etc. that did not copy and paste
    for your discernment

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