Why Has NASA Not Taken Hubble Pictures of Comet Elenin

We have had many people ask us why NASA has not taken pictures of Elenin with the hubble telescope. After all Hubble would take great pictures of the comet.

Well the answer is simple. The Hubble is not sitting around in orbit waiting for something to do. There is a queue a mile long from members of the scientific community who want to use Hubble and have to submit a scientific proposal  which is then reviewed and approved before time is booked for using the Hubble telescope.

As we mentioned in our last post, there is very little interest in comet Elenin by the scientific community. There are that many comets around that once you have seen one the rest of them pretty much look like each other.

There are some pretty important studies going on with the hubble and looking at a comet is pretty much way down the list of priorities.

Current Hubble missions for 5th July are :

-Study of Kuiper Belt Binaries to probe Early Solar System Evolution

– Study Dark Energy Associated with Supernovae and Clusters

– Study Dwarf Galaxies to Better Understand Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Perform Survey of a Complete Sample of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Local Universe

Study  Stalled Preplanetary Nebulae

The list above is performed by the Hubble today….. tomorrow other scientific proposals that have been approved will be using the Hubble.

NASA has already booked 2 weeks of valuable time with the STEREO spacecraft-B to turn it around and take pictures of comet elenin which everyone with Internet access will be able to see.

Jul 31 - Aug 12	Behind: Spacecraft rolls to observe comet Elenin

~ by sydneystargazers on July 5, 2011.

26 Responses to “Why Has NASA Not Taken Hubble Pictures of Comet Elenin”

  1. Thanks for info STG will look forward to seeing comet Elenin on hubble when there shown, then maybe the skeptics will see, no brown dwaft or ufo

    • Jan

      Yes it will be good to see those images. However at this stage we are not aware of any pictures of Elenin planned by Hubble. The pictures that will be taken by NASA will be shown by the STEREO spacecraft trailing behind the Earth.

      Comment Amended to remove incorrect URL

      • Why do you Keep saying WE ………….Reading your intro suggests your an ameture astronomer who bought a telescope 3 years ago ?

        NOW WE ? Do explain

      • stop being so judgemental Steve Jones……….. there is more than one person contributing to this blog. Stop asking stupid questions. Sydneystargazers will change our intro when we have time.

  2. Awesome post! Looking forward to official NASA Stereo B pictures and video. Hopefully we get to see a comet Encke like video where the sun blasts the tail off with a CME or something of the sort.

  3. I’m also wondering if NASA has observed enough comets and the sun to prove or disprove the thunderbolts.info people about their pushing for an electric sun, electric comets and electric universe.

    I’m actually looking for an electric universe inspired NASA. Should bring in a new space exploration golden age.

  4. Yes will be interesting when Stero B takes pictures

    The spacecraft will be rotated as will be necessary to do in the future to observe the comet. If all the tests are successful, of which the STEREO team has no doubt, they will observe Comet Elenin from July 31 to August 12, two hours a day. The minimal distance (July 31 2011, 12:40 UT) between comet and spacecraft will be 7.4 million km (0.049 AU). Plans to observe the comet using SOHO with different fliters are also in the works.

    The questions remains however WILL NASA publish the pictures? So lest face it from NASA stating this is no more than a Wimpey comet now their are suddenly interested….Great news

    On one other note I would be interested in the following also :

    Why is the SSG website hosted in Texas ? I thought you were based in Australia ?


  5. Excellent….Keep up the good work

  6. it takes 20 minutes to point Hubble at any given object in the solar system and take pictures of it. that’s shorter than lunch break

    one would think that with all this hype the great space agency wouldn’t mind allocating such small amount of time to quench all the hype

  7. But, hold on… Hubble’s big deal was to take images of far away
    objects. THAT supposedly IS its forte. And a looong waiting list…?
    BS! Since so much of the Pornography of Fear is in evidence currently, wouldn’t that demand the concept of triage kick in??

    • The hubble is taking pictures of distant objects. Pictures of small comets is not a priority. Only those making a conspiracy out of nothing are making a deal out of elenin. Comet Elenin is now looking more and more like it will not be close enough to be seen with the naked eye.

      Buy your telescope now.

  8. David…. just for your education. Sydneystargazers has deleted your message as swearing and crazy talk is not allowed here. Have a nice day!

  9. This fall all of you will see the transformation of Earth! NASA knows something about that and only 10 % of that)

  10. It is July 18th!

    Did NASA test Stereo B and point tested it at Comet Elenin?

  11. I have no idea, Tried searching NASA website & Nada. Guess they arn’t prepared to tell us. Maybe they have taken a sneaky shot already?

  12. All is so quiet, noone talking anything about this topic. I also check all realtive sites connected to this matter and i can not find any of new info.
    The only thing is strange to me is SOHO and SSC have low quality picture almost 10-15 last days. I know they have issue with higly compresed data and things, but 10-15 days is loong period of time. Don’t you think so?

  13. http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/plans.shtml

    F Jul 22 (203) Behind: 480 kbps downlink on station 63
    Behind: Test of 135 degree roll for comet Elenin, 12-14 UT

  14. Well can you find anything? Any info, picture….. anything at all?

  15. Will we ? I will be waiting patiently for the excuses from NASA myslef as to why they couldn’t / wouldn’t take / publish pictures……

  16. So a comet that only enters our solar system once every 10,000 years isn’t significant enough for to be moved up the Hubble queue? Hmmm…I love how the apostles of so-called rationality robotically parrot every line the establishment gives them. Open your eyes, people.

    • a comet is a comet………….. there are hundreds of comets going though our region of space every year……. the hubble has more important tasks to do.

      As you can see by the Stereo-B pictures there is nothing about this comet that deserves time from the Hubble.

      Astronomy forums are the place to go if you want to see pictures of Elenin… or you can get out your cheque book and reserve time on the hubble……..

  17. Thise link is dead…http://www.global-rent-a-scope.com/picture/elenin_22nd_may_rgb_3900s.jpg?pictureId=9928117

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