Some Quick Notes on Comet Elenin

We will try and take another picture of comet elenin today. If weather or conditions do not allow the picture opportunity today, we will try again in the next few days.

We note that there are still conspiracy videos being added to the Internet almost daily about Elenin and one person still keeps on referring to Elenin as “the ELE dwarf star”. When will Terral03 learn that Elenin is just a comet.

Sydneystargazers would just like to remind people that these people who are littering the Internet with rubbish about Elenin have not provided any evidence to back up their claims……..  so their stories should be completely dismissed.

We are now seeing some people claiming that the Sun is now showing less sunspots because elenin is coming. All we can wonder is where are people coming up with this rubbish and what is their motive for spreading this misinformation about comet elenin.

We are mentioning this because on a daily basis we are still getting a large amount of emails from people concerned about what they are hearing about elenin.

Our message is simple…… do not believe the wild stories you are hearing. Just because a video is uploaded to YouTube does not make it fact.

Elenin is just another comet and if you have not seen a comet before in the sky then this will hopefully be a great opportunity for you to see one later this year.


We have added the following to answer a question left in this post about comet elenin and we thought this would be useful to other people

1. Elenin travels once around the sun every 11,000 years. When it reaches it’s furthest distance from the Sun, it’s speed is so slow that the gravity of the Sun becomes strong enough to begin pulling it back in towards the Sun again. The orbit of comet Elenin can be roughly estimated but is effected by the gravity of other planets that it passes along the way. However for that to happen the comet would have to be close enough to be effected by the planets gravitational field otherwise it’s orbit is not effected.

2. The Hill Sphere is a distance of 1.5 million km around Earth within which any object will be effected by gravity. The further from Earth the object within that range, the less the object is effected by gravity. Our Moon orbits is within the first 25% of the Earth’s Hill Sphere which is why the Moon constantly orbits us. On October 16, Elenin will reach it’s closest distance to Earth which is 34.98 million km from Earth. This is roughly 96 times further away than our moon.This means that Elenin is too far away from Earth to have it’s orbit effected in any way by Earth.

3. There has been wild speculation of aliens controlling the orbit of elenin. This is pure science fiction by people who keep on thinking that Elenin is a dwarf star or in fact Nibiru. When this story was first dreamed up , the story stated that the aliens would even land on the front lawn of the White House. You can tell this is just science fiction . After all, how do these people know that……did they receive an email from Elenin. As we have said before, stories like this are just that…stories…… which have unfortunately escalated thanks to sites like You Tube.

In 1910, Halley’s comet paqssed Earth at a distance of 24 million km. As we said above, Elenin will pass us at a distance of nearly 35 million km. This means that despite what some conspiracy sites say about Elenin being the closest comet to ever pass Earth….. that is incorrect. Halley’s comet still holds that record.

In case people have not seen it, below is the only known picture of Halley’s Comet when it passed in 1910. The streaks in the bottom left hand corner are caused by city lights.

To give you an idea how far away Halley was at that time and to give you an idea of what Elenin will look like in October 2011, the white object below Halley in the picture is not the Moon…. it is Venus. Of course you don’t see Venus this large with the naked eye and you would need to use a telescope.

Only Known Picture of Halley's Comet 1910

Based on our study of Comet Elenin, Sydneystargazers pretty much can make a prediction what Elenin will look like in our skies come October 2011.

We put together a photo (photoshop) with Venus and Elenin together to give you an idea of how the comet will look.

Our Picture of How What We Believe Elenin Will Look Like in October 2011 (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on July 2, 2011.

17 Responses to “Some Quick Notes on Comet Elenin”

  1. “As the asteroid approaches Earth it will be influenced by Earth’s gravity and sharply swing around Earth’s atmosphere and slingshot away from Earth…”

    Questions: I am no physics expert, but here are my questions: if some wish to help re speculative answers…these things not an exact to our minimim knowledge:
    * Is the travel route of an object from space, like Elenin, always an exact to be?
    Can it change?
    Can the projected route of Elenin change (be adjusted) during the now period we cannot see it? Or is it fixed on the projected route of NASA and others?
    * I guess Elenin will be influenced by Earth’s gravity and sharply swing around Earth’s atmosphere and slingshot away from Earth. If so, surely the distance of El to earth will influence the results on earth: this then being variable.
    * Could a life form, like the Nibiruans, have planned the El rushing to earth and sort of influenced its route…make it an intended route? And if so, can they still alter/adjust the route? I mention that erath have had more such experiences. Most people ascribe it to Nibiru…at least they try to give an explanation for the slingshot travel and damage by objects travelling close around earth.
    * I am of the opinion that we in the West want to simplify matters by seeing things like El purely as matter. I disagree, I am of the opinion that all life consists of body/matter and soul/spirit. If I look at the El approach, I ask, why can/may we not ask Elenin the questions?
    Note: So many people have declared me mad in my life, that another one or ten mads will not get my questions answered.
    Donald Herman (South Africa)

    • donald…. thanks for your questions. We decided to answer them as an update to the post itself. Hope they answer your questions.

    • There are thousands of rocks flying around our solar system, unlikely to have been put there by anyone or anything… except by the remnants of the making of our solar system and by collisions over thousands of years.

      Nibiru may exist, it may not. Some have argued for and others against.

      The only fact is that of course there is a possibility of other planets existing as part of our solar system that we have not found yet, and anyone who says otherwise must live in a bucket! but no-one has found any additional planets yet which can be considered to be the ancient Nibiru.

      Tyche is still only speculation.

      This is simply something that must be accepted for the moment. Observations will continue and perhaps in the future I have no doubt that we will discover new things about our solar system.

      However for now, we must step away from the religious, philosophical and fanciful to simply look at the facts to hand.

      Three simple facts:
      1. Comet Elenin is a comet.
      2. Comets can alter course, effected by gravity, dark matter, etc
      3. Comets tails are mainly small particles created by the solar winds and have no affect on our planet.

      Possibilities suggested (a theory):
      1. Certain Comets can contribute to earthquakes, increasing their magnitude

      Other thoughts that have no fact, based on ancient interpretations of writings and various opinions:
      1. Comet Elenin is a power source for an approaching alien force
      2. Comet Elenin will strike the planet and destroy most life
      3. All Governments and NASA are covering up what Comet Elenin really is
      4. Google and other big organisations are aware of this coming threat
      5. Comet Elenin is the prelude to a devastating event scheduled for 2012

      So remember the truth is important, no matter how strange, but the truth has to be based on fact. Obviously the truth changes as we understand more, therefore it is important to remain open minded and allow your opinions to grow and change too.

      Enjoy 🙂

  2. TerralO3* is either a “satellite government”¹ disinformation agent spreading fear, or simply one of many foolish people who bought into Zachira Sitchin’s misinterpretation of the Enuma Elish and think that the 12th Planet, Nibiru,² is real.

  3. We are interested in your shots of Elenin and also the bright body in 13h 43 m 10s in Virgo constellation it is still blacked out by Google Sky….hmmmmmmm

    • I think you will find that Google Sky is an older image of the sky, knitted together by several smaller images. I think that the blank space is just an anomaly of this process.

      Google are not conspirators, Elenin is a Comet, there is more than enough evidence to support this.

      However, there are always new things to learn, so remain open minded.

      SydneyStarGazers have posted their explanation about the whole Google Sky business in another post…

      Smile…. it may never happen 🙂

    • Hi Ananda, Google Sky along with Wiki Sky and Microsoft Worldwide Telescope are all using images of stars which are not live…. they are in fact many months or even years old depending on what you look at. Google Sky and Wiki Sky use the exact same data so you will see black rectangles, squares and so on for both of these sky programs. The black rectangles are not intentionally blacked out…. they are simply missing pieces of data from the sky survey. If you want to see what is behind those black rectangles, please use Microsoft world Wide telescope instead.

    • Watch this video it will give you a good explanation of the Google sky blank spots.

  4. Are you guys following comet 45P/Honda–Mrkos–Pajdušákov?

    This one is due to pass by us at 0.06 AU – about 9 million km – on August 15, which makes it a lot closer than Halley’s in 1910 – about a third the distance in fact.

    Conspiracies aside, why are not these comets even mentioned in the major new papers and websites, when previous comets such as Halley’s and Hale Bopp, even Schumacher-Levy have?

    • We are keeping an eye on 45P/Honda. At this stage it is still at a magnitude of +16 so too far away to see.

      Towards the end of July we will start taking pictures of 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova and watch it as it passes Earth.

      Major paper and websites don’t tend to report that much on comets unless they are newsworthy…….. and will only publish something on well known comets. Halley being the best known will always get a mention when it returns. Hale-Bopp was mentioned due to the sad news about a mass cult suicide related to it and Schumacher-Levy 9 got mentioned as there were pictures of it breaking up into pieces and impacting with Jupiter.

      I remember the last time I looked up and saw a comet in the sky and there was absolutely no mention of it in our media.

      I suspect the same will go for 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova and you will not hear too much about it.

      45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will pass Earth on 15th august at a distance of about 8.97 million km which is 23 times further away than our Moon.

  5. Hi SS

    Two questions that I’m really curious about:

    In the update above (point a), you say:

    “When it reaches it’s furthest distance from the Sun, it’s speed is so slow that the gravity of the Sun becomes strong enough to begin pulling it back in towards the Sun again.”

    At it’s aphelion (furtherest distance from the Sun), Elenin is 97 billion miles away.

    How does the Sun’s gravity “pull in” a small 4km normal comet (dirty snowball consisting of 85% ice..or thereabouts) if it is that far away?


    • The gravitational force of the sun reaches out at least as far as the Oort cloud which is 1000 times further away than Pluto is to the sun. In other words an object within 5900 billion km of the sun will feel the pull of gravity…… obviously a weaker pull the further out from the Sun.

      When the comet moves away from the sun, it’s escape velocity is high enough for it to be able to resist the sun’s pull on it. But when the comet’s velocoty is less than the sun’s pull of gravity, then the comet will start coming back.

      We heard earlier this month that the Voyager space craft themselves are now considered to be beyond the Sun’s gravity pull. As of 15th June 2011, Voyager 1 was expected to leave the solar system any day and it still had a speed of 114,000 miles an hour. At that speed it would orbit earth every 15 minutes which is pretty amazing.

      • Thanks for that. I’m now more wiser however I do see that the Oort cloud is still a theory and hasn’t had any direct observations (and don’t we all believe Wiki?)

        I also find it interesting of the path of Elenin – pretty well much on the plane of the Ecliptic.


  6. So what is the size? Are you comparing to the size of Haily at 15km? Or is it still 1-4km? Thank you

  7. Several youtubers have posted video and pictures of photos taken directly at the sun. In several videos a sphere shaped object is shown appearing to maintain equal distance from the sun through several months of pictures? What is this object? Thank you in advance for your response.

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