So What Did Happen to Asteroid 2011MD?

This is NOT asteroid 2011MD (Click to Enlarge)

Well 2011MD passed us at a distance of 12,000 km and as predicted did not pose a threat to us or even take out any of our satellites.

While it was true this was a close asteroid, as it was only 10 metres in size it would have burned up in our atmosphere had it entered our atmosphere.

We have seen a couple of videos out on the Net and we took a snapshot of these 2 videos and show them above left. These claim to be Asteroid 2011MD however this is not the case. The videos appear to be of the same object taken from 2 different time zones and appear to record the burning up of space junk or an old satellite in our atmosphere. Asteroid 2011MD did not enter our atmosphere nor did it burn up as these pictures suggest.

Below we have an actual picture of the asteroid.

This IS Asteroid 2011MD (Click to Enlarge)


~ by sydneystargazers on July 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “So What Did Happen to Asteroid 2011MD?”

  1. I always find it amazing that you can find something so small in the night sky, and accurately identify it…

    How do you know that you are looking at the right object?

    Nice one… Thanks

    • We first reserve time on the telescope and after that we then work out the exact position for the time we are planning to take the picture. We at all times try to have the comet as close to the center of the picture as possible.

      Once we know the exact position of the comet ,the telescope is then pointed at it and we take the picture. Taking pictures of a comet with a telescope is fairly straight forward….. taking a picture of an asteroid or space station is another thing all together.

      We also compare our pictures to star maps which show that there is no star in the map where our comet is in our picture. Comet Elenin also stands out from the rest of the stars because it is showing the classic signs of a comet in our pictures.

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