Today We will Try For Our Last Picture of Comet Elenin For The Next Few Months

Sydneystargazers is a astronomy site which for the last few months has been taking pictures of Elenin to prove that it is a comet and not a brown dwarf as some on the Internet may want you to believe.

We have proved that Elenin is nothing more than a comet and will take one more picture opportunity of Elenin in a little while and make it the last shot of Elenin for the time being until the comet gets closer to the Sun later this year. When we start taking pictures of Elenin in a few months time we are hoping to have some great shots of this comet.

So after today we will be focusing on more important issues such as the brightening supernova in M51.


Below is the latest picture of elenin at position 10h 37m 24s +7° 18′ 22″

Elenin 24th June (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on June 24, 2011.

25 Responses to “Today We will Try For Our Last Picture of Comet Elenin For The Next Few Months”

  1. Love your work!!!!! Now tell me, what is in the Google sky Virgo constellation 13h 54m 10s it is blacked out in google sky so I am CURIOUS 🙂

  2. Do you again have same problems with lightflares on lens on this pictures. I see 2 low lighted object on same position like other picture before couple days. How you explain that? Thank you in advance. Cheers

    • This is caused by the telescope being pointed too close to the horizon and we are warned that the picture will be of low quality due to the atmosphere disturbance close to the horizon. We also had to remove light from the moon which is why you see a lot of noise in the picture.

  3. Yes i see the lens problem again or is it? Why does it show up in just about every picture just behind this comet its not in your other picture like M5.Whats up with that? Thank you for your time .

    • The comet is less than 20 degrees above the horizon so pictures of anything that close to the horizon will be effected by atmospheric disturbance and will be poor quality pictures.

  4. What percentage of Ice does Comet Elenin have & how have you come to your conclusions on this ?

    • How do we know that… Elenin is still far away. Not even NASA would know without sending a spacecraft there. What has been stated about elenin is based on previous studies of comets.

      • You said NASA’s categorises comets as bodies which contain 85% ice. Elenin is nearly all Rock !

  5. I think for the sake of site hits you should track ELEnin all the time until the event has passed.

  6. Do you have the capability down under to take an infa red shot of ELEnin ?I think that might be really cool & then you shouldn’t have to worry about “so called lense flare” I think it just gets tougne wagging that every time you take a picture there seems to be another object there.

    You could use photshop to get rid of the lense flare. Have you thought of that ?

  7. Openminded. No use to telling them that mate they have they specific way of doing things in his astronomical-scientifical work. Actualy don’t spend nervs and time here, the only thing you will get here is ignorance and alltime repeating sameansfer on same or similar question. I think they show real face, or they realy don’t know what aproaching to us and what is that in reality. The best thing to do now is wait -time will tell-. Stay positive 🙂

    • I can see that already. They are conspiricy theorist themselfs IMO. Anyone who dares to challenge their views with a knowledgable aproach through research fact finding & reasoned answers they class As end of the World doom mongers ! Not me , but I do belive in the Electric Universe theory.

      It’s funny isn’t it but still today Darwins theory of Evolution is exactly what it says on the Tin …….Just a aTheory & not been proved conclusively to date.

      If your really interested in the unexplained . Search ” Blood groups ” increadibly interesting & a real insight to the Human race.

      • Open minded, you keep on inferring that we are are having a go at you and your Electric Universe theory. We have never said the Electric Universe theory was not possible but it is still theory.

        We are however saying that other people are being misled when they see on conspiracy sites that Elenin will crash into Earth, or that governments are building bunkers to hide in when Elenin and the aliens arrive,….. there are even some saying that Elenin will eclipse the Sun as if it was some massive object like our Moon.

        All of that is complete fairy tail stuff. And people wonder why NASA does not get involved with this ELenin conspiracy. You should see some of the hate emails sydneystargazers have received from people who do not like us telling people that Elenin will NOT bring death and destruction to the planet.

        Elenin is a small comet compared to others which will pass Earth in 4 months 96 times further away than our Moon and we will not even know about it unless we look up in the sky and look for it.

        So stop calling us conspiracy theorists when we are the only site on the Internet to show the most real pictures of Elenin. All of our pictures were posted here half and hour after we saw Elenin through the telescope so that is about a live a view of Elenin that people were going to see of Elenin at this time. Then of course we have some conspiracy sites who steal our pictures, modify them, take credit for our picture and try and use our picture to prove that there are UFO’s or brown dwarfs in our picture.

        It is ok for people to dream…. but at some stage they have to come back to reality.

        Elenin is just a comet and there is no brown dwarf heading here in October…….

  8. Comet Elenin will pass by very very close to STEREO B NASA satellite observer end of July 2011. At this range, we are sure to get an advanced warning of what and how big this comet really is. This is exciting.

    Guys in Sydney… please blog about this immediately as Stereo B reports it!

    Keep up the good work guys.

    • The problem with Stereo A & B is that ALL images are fully reviewed and censored before being posted via their public site:

      Go to the above site and just choose the telescope (Ahead HI1 or Behind HI1), choose a 1024×1024 resolution and then type in the end date of today (whatever that is) in the form YYYMMDD and set the Start Date one week before the end date.

      Click the search button and you’ll see what I mean regarding the censoring of the pictures.

      Sad but true.

      So, basically, you need to wait around three to five days before NASA posts the high resolution images….edited of course 😉

  9. There we have SSG stateing ” WE CAN ASSURE YOU…….in short

    NO YOU CANT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>DO YOU WORK FOR NASA ?

    • openminded share with us your opinions about what exactly would be wrong with a comet that would require NASA to change it’s pictures. So far the only people I have seen who change images of comet elenin are those that belong to conspiracy sites.

      Elenin is just a comet…….

  10. SS

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to assure ANYBODY that NASA will not censor the images taken from Stereo A & B.

    I can’t believe you said that!

    That URL you gave relates to SOHO only and I am VERY aware of SOHO. SOHO is NOT Stereo.

    If NASA didn’t have any reason to censor the Stereo images, why do we all have to wait 3 to 5 days before we get the full resolution images?

    Up to this point, I truely believed you were giving unbiased information but now I’m not so sure.

    It’s sad really as I’m a 6th generation proud aussie and considering the attention this site is getting from overseas, I would have expected an answer that was logical, not one based on emotion, an ulterior motive or ignorance.


    • Removed the URL as it was added in error. With all the emails coming through to sydneystargazers about people worried about elenin, the reply to the comment was a little rushed. The comment was written early in the morning going by memory. Apologies for the error.

      As Elenin is just a comet there is no reason for NASA to censor it. As for why you have to wait 3 to 5 days you will have to ask NASA that question .

      • That’s cool.

        We all make posting errors when we’re tired. I know I have 🙂

        I’ve always been curious as to why NASA feel they need to censor images.

        If there’s nothing to hide, they would give us the high res images in real time…though they dont 😉


  11. Oh my word . This site SSG now has adverts onit by Google promoting Quantun Jumping LOLOLOL…..

    So much for Science

    Search Elenin 7/7/11 More alignments today , another M7+ earthquake

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