Not The Two Suns of Earth…..

In the last post we showed what some people have commonly referred to as the second sun which will be either :

a) Same size as the Sun

b)Smaller than the Sun

c)Larger than the Sun

Now we have seen all three mentioned as being a so called second sun………. but this is physically impossible to have a supposed object in three different sizes. We have actually seen over 50 different versions of what the 2nd sun looks like and majority of them were just flares from the camera lens….. but still being portrayed as the mythical Nibiru.

In our opinion all of the above are caused by either:

a) lens flare

b) Sundog


If you see a reflection on the water it is a bright sundog……..

The pictures below are of the same area as shown in the last post but from a different angle. Yet again the “2nd sun” moves in front of the hills.  Sundogs do this.

(Click to Enlarge)

Now to complicate things just a little more, in the last post you could see a third reflection of light  right of center which moved up the picture as the sun moved closer to the horizon. We looked at that and wondered what could be causing that .

In the pictures above, apart from being at a different angle, the picture was also taken higher above the water and further away from the jetty. In the last post, the picture was clearly taken closer to the water and closer to the jetty.

In the picture below which is a zoomed shot of the jetty, if you look at the area above the black  line and left of the vertical line, you will see what appears to be a reflection off a glass window in front of the camera.

We believe the picture in the last post  had been taken inside a building through a glass window directly in front of the camera looking down on the jetty while today’s picture is taken outside. The extra refection of light in the water from the last post was just a reflection off the glass window. Today there is no extra reflection…… just the reflections from the sun and the sundog.

So we have a combination of a setting Sun reflecting light on the water, a bright sundog reflecting light on the water, and a reflection off a pane of glass infront of the camera.

No mystical Second Sun …..

The Window Reflection (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on June 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “Not The Two Suns of Earth…..”

  1. I agree there are not 2 suns. However I continue to struggle with cause and effect. There is a clear effect of worsening conditions on earth of historic proportions (earthquakes, volcanism, tornados, foolding, drought) that is almost biblical. A prof out of Cornell Univ has created a paer that links alignments of the “comet” Elenin to major earthquakes. Obviously an icy small comet can’t do that. Yet we cant see a large object that would exert such adverse gravitational impact to the earth. However a dwarf star would fit this criteria. Is it possible that Elenin exists with another large object. We can’t keep denying what continues to occurr on a predictable basis without pointing to a cause. What is the cause. I earlier wrote to you about Elenin not affecting Saturns orbit and you agreed . Later I found with the help of other research that in 2008 massive storms did happen on Saturn at the time of the objects passing. Do you agree? Can you use or access infrared scopes to see this larger object since apparently it can only be seen that way? Francis has my email. Mex

    • We have hopefully explained some of your questions here

      The only evidence people have being showing of a brown dwarf was a picture that actually turned out to be a carbon star seen only in infrared. We then had people make a big deal about missing sky data in Google Sky and they assumed something was being hidden. They were wrong .

      In early 2010 a group of astronomers in spain claim they had seen a dwarf star in our solar system which they called G.19 well beyond the orbit of Pluto. This group of astronomers called “Starviewer Team” were asked to provide proof and they never did. We looked at the picture they took of a supposed dwarf star and it is clear that is a supernova. We looked at their website under their page for research on the brown dwarf, and the page is blank with no content.

      Unfortunately their claims early 2010 helped start the conspiracy about Planet-X and Elenin…..even though the supposed brown dwarf in our solar system has been found not to be existing at all.

      We have had quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and tornados before in our history and there is nothing really historic about it. Nature can be very deadly at times when she wants to but we should not assume that what is happening is historic.

      Yes we have had a recent string of natural disasters lately but we should not start looking at supposed brown dwarfs as a cause as there is no evidence whatsoever of a brown dwarf in our solar system…….. though conspiracy sites will tell you otherwise.

  2. Well,i am sure they will blame it on “Sun spots and “global warming” now and call it coincidence with approach of “ICY COMET” elenin….Good job Sydenystar ppl!!

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