The Twin Suns of Earth…..

Luke Skywalker contemplates his future and stares at the twin suns of Tattooine ….and at times under the right conditions we can stare at our twin suns as well…. even though we have only one Sun.

Our atmosphere is a strange thing at times. When someone asks you what time the sun rises or sets, you should ask them if they want the apparent sunrise or the actual sunrise. Due to atmospheric refraction, an apparent sunrise occurs shortly before the sun crosses above the horizon. This is because light from the sun is bent, or refracted, as it enters earth’s atmosphere. As a result, the apparent sunrise is earlier than the actual sunrise. And of course apparent sunset occurs slightly later than the actual sunset.
The bending of light in the atmosphere is changed by things such as air pressure and relative humidity and a number of other factors that change the way light appears through the atmosphere. It also changes depending on how close to the poles you are.

You can also get an effect shortly before the Sun sets where you see a green band along the top edge of the Sun. Not that this means the Sun is changing color to a nice shade of green…. it is simply a visual effect caused by how the atmosphere under certain conditions treats particular colors in the light spectrum. For instance, why is the sky blue during the day and transparent at night? You got it… the effect of light refraction through our atmosphere.

Now you can also get the double-sun effect and we have included a couple of examples below. Not only can the sun take on a twin, but you can also at times see double moons and double rainbows under the right conditions.

A double rainbow happens when sunlight is reflected through the drops of water twice, the first time to create the first rainbow and the second rainbow created with the second reflection coming at a different angle.

A double sun effect also occurs in particular conditions when the Sun is near the horizon and it too is caused by the effect of refaction. Also clouds can play a apart as the light reflects off the the cloud layers at a different angle.

And then of course we have a condition called the Phantom Sun where you see the three suns. Also light refraction but this time with the aid of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.

Unfortunately some groups have suggested the 2nd sun is Elenin. However they are wrong as we would have well and truly have known about it around the world if there was another object the size of our sun anywhere near us……  one minute we are orbiting one sun… the next we are orbiting the next one. Instant chaos and planets colliding with each other.

Of course a 2nd Sun would not just materialize out of nowhere…… we would have seen it approaching thousands of years ago. And Elenin is still just beyond the orbit of Mars and is certainly not a source of light like our Sun is or even large enough. At best Elenin is only 12km in diameter.

So there is no double sun ………Just visual tricks caused by light refraction….

The picture below is a good example of a sundog which appears as a colored patch of light to the left or right of the sun and at the same distance above the horizon as the sun when close to the horizon. You can even see the reflection of the sundog in the water as the sundog is bright enough…..and notice how far away it is from the suns reflection in the water…. in fact it appears twice.

Updated 21st June

As there has been discussion about the picture directly above, we decided to add another 2 pictures of the same shot.

Note the position of the “2nd Sun” in the sky in the left hand picture compared to where it is in the right hand picture. If that is a second Sun,the right hand picture is telling us it is closer to us than the mountains in the distance.

Perhaps a camera professional can explain this. By the way the last 2 pictures seem to have been taken on a different day from the first one as there are no clouds in the sky.

By the way, we have been accused of lying to you guys about this post ……

(Click to Enlarge)

As the picture below shows, even sundogs reflect off water.

2nd Update 21st June

We have had a few people leave comments saying that sydneystargazers are liars , that our pictures are fakes and that the brown dwarf actually exists.

Well all these people actually turned out to be just one person who was using fake email addresses to send the comments but sending them from the same IP address. Our friend from Indonesia did not think we could tell that all these emails were coming from the same computer.

We do not allow comments like that through, nor the images he supplied supposedly proving a brown dwarf. His only evidence was a negative image of a lens flare near the Sun. A negative image of a flare is not a brown dwarf.

Anyway we will not post rubbish like this and comments from this guy will now just be deleted.

It is sad that some people have become so caught up in the Elenin conspiracy they are faking who they are just to spread disinformation around the Internet and attack any site that disagrees with them. We get a lot of visitors coming from conspiracy sites which is ok but we will not permit our site to be used to spread false claims about Elenin.

Elenin is just a comet… there is no brown dwarf……….


~ by sydneystargazers on June 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Twin Suns of Earth…..”

  1. Cool 🙂 thanks for the reply.

    I understand about light refraction, I have never seen such a clear second sun, as in the video, I wonder if the illusion is still there now?

    I agree that if an object was that bright it would have been seen a long time ago. The only other example I have found was in 2009.

    Plus I would have thought a ‘second sun’ would have caused a greater disruption to our weather/planet.

    I wonder if anyone else in other countries have recorded a simular image. I have never seen it in the UK.

    Thanks for the view point.

  2. That sounds all well and good but if you look at the water in the previous video, there’s also a reflection of the “whatever it is”. I’ve studied physics at university level and I must say, this is very interesting. It certainly isn’t due to “refraction” BTW.

    You can also see in the video that the Sun is still quite high above the horizon and it is visible.

    There is an object, however what that object is, I’m not sure.

    Maybe this is Betelgeuse as predicted by NASA? (lol)


  3. This video shows how to reproduce the effect, but does this explain the reflection un the water? :-s

  4. Hmmm…

    Yes, it looks like you can repro this using another piece of glass but yes, you couldn’t do that and also create the reflection on the water.

    I actually thought it was Mercury but unless there is a date and time on the video, this couldn’t be confirmed.

    Also, the two pictures that you have provided – do you guys have the video link that these pictures came from? They are interesting 🙂


    PS: I also agree that Elenin is not a brown dwarf…let alone a rogue planet 😉

  5. thanks for this info very interesting, must read more about our universe and its mechanics, If you keep this up all the theorists will be claiming that your part of the world wide cover up, if they havent already done so, Good Luck keep the info coming

  6. Just watched the films on planet x/ second sun ect, thank God there are normal honest to goodness people out there, who take their time bringing this info to the net, thanks guys, was begining to think weve been over taken alians!

  7. Trust the Aussies to stay cool, calm and rational. I have been studying Elenin for months, and have had one toe on the edge of joining the world wide hype, until I found you guy’s. Should have stayed in Oz all along! Have been stargazing on an eastern hill, next to the ocean for the last few nights, and have seen some amazing meteorite (?)display’s. Hoping to catch a glimpse of Elenin as she passes through, but it looks like I will have to wait unitl October. The twin sun story caught my eye. On the night of the eclipse, I took some shots of the rising moon, high over the eastern sky, and I got some AMAZING ghost moons, in the form of blue planet like spheres, in different positions, next to the moon. The only thing that threw me, was that the balls remained in position, behind clouds which i captured floating by. About 8 frames with the ball/spheres shown clear , and then as the clouds pass by. I would have thought the atmospheric refraction would have changed the shape of the object, but nah. Odd. Can I post /email the shots for you to give a definite viewpoint?
    Will be reading your Elenin updates and recommending your site, people. Logic rules.

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