When Elenin Passes Earth

Comet Elenin will pass Earth on 16th October 2011 at it’s nearest distance of about 35 million km. This is based on the latest orbital data which was updated yesterday. So how far away is that?

Well if you were able to stand on comet Elenin on the 16th of October and turn around and look at the Earth, this is what you would see of Earth. And where is the Moon in the picture?  Well we are so far away from the Earth and the Moon that they are shown as a single dot of light in the image which shows exactly how far away a 4km to 12km chunk of rock called elenin is .


The View From Comet Elenin as it passes Earth 16th October


~ by sydneystargazers on June 19, 2011.

22 Responses to “When Elenin Passes Earth”

  1. Good way to make a point guys….

    It is true that it will be a long way away, relatively speaking 😀

  2. Cool! Is there a tail to this thing yet? It points away from the Sol right?

  3. Hi Guys,

    This has been going around claiming to be Comet Elenin :

    Any ideas what the second object is next to the sun, Venus or something?


  4. Comet Elenin will eclipse the sun at 35 million km on Sept 26-27
    If it’s tail is at least 35 million km long then our earth will be bathing in the tail.
    The longest comet tail on record is comet Hyukatake at 574 million km.
    So can a comet tail bathe the earth from 35 million km?
    Obviously YES!

    Will it kill all our satellites? Gosh I don’t know. There is no precedent of a comet tail showering the earth yet.

    • No……. Elenin will not effect Earth and will not kill all our satellites.

      A comet generally has two tails, not one. One tail is due to the comet’s dust particles, the other is due to ionized gas from the comet coma.

      We are not talking massive boulders here. We could go right through the tail of the comet and all we would see is a nice show of shooting stars in the night sky from dust particles burning up in our atmosphere. Twice a year we go through the path of Halley’s comet and our satellites are still all accounted for because we are talking dust…….

      And no…… a small comet with a solid core of only 12km in diameter could never eclipse the Sun….. only our Moon can do that. That is just a myth someone came up with. Elenin at it’s closest will be 96 times further away than our Moon…….. we will hopefully see it but it will have no effect on this planet at all.

  5. I don’t think we have anything to worry about with regards to this comet’s tail. I believe a comets tail is mainly made up of small particles and vapor. I doubt that it is pulling anything larger with it, so, not likely to have any problems even if the tail was long enough to reach the earth.

    Though there is still much to learn about comets, their make up and any possible effects they may have on our planet, if any, I doubt a collision.

    These guys at Sydney Stargazers have been tracking Comet Elenin for some time and so far it has been behaving exactly as expected….


  6. I see you reffer to Elenin as a chunk of Rock here NOT a dirty snowball.

    Thanks Sydeney starr gazers for not spreading lies about so called ‘Dirty snow balls ” Comets folks are indeed Rocks & Sydney stargazers confirm that

  7. Not entirely true, this comet has never been seen before in the modern day, there is no way of telling what lays behinde the comet. Other comets have very small tails with mainly dust & small rocks. But to say Nothning large is following comet elenin like rocks boulders etc is pure specualtion as we can’t see beyonde it right now.

    True it’s pure speculation to say there is a large deris field !

    The fact is people WE DONT KNOW one way or the other.

    It could be dust……It might be a history changing moment . Earth will pass right through the tail & all will be revealled shortly.

    My advise is that of NASA ” a personal preparedness emergency plan for your family & friends ” better to be prpared than not at all!

    • In response to Open Minded’s comment,

      Elenin is just a comet like any other…………. it has a tail made of dust and will have no effect on the Earth but for increased shooting stars in the sky if we pass through the tail.

      Despite what people say there is no need to panic and prepare emergency plans as the comet will be 96 times further away than our Moon and will have no effect on us at all…. but you will not hear this from conspiracy sites.

      What you are hearing from conspiracy sites is the exact same thing people were saying back in 1910 with Halley’s comet. Doom and Gloom.

      • Panic? Who’s panicking? Why fear the unknown?

        These are exciting times, never before has there been such awareness and a want to know.

        Surely it should be simply about looking at these things and finding out the truth. Yes, we must speculate as to the truth, because there is no way to truly know the composition of a comet at the moment, apart from getting in a space ship and flying up there!

        I think it is a good thing to wonder, explore all possibilities, no matter how extreme. I mean why not? It is only by considering the apparent impossible do we learn and push our understanding.

        How can anyone ever say definitively this is ‘how it is!’

        However, like the guys here have shown, at present Comet Elenin is behaving as expected for a comet, that is the simple truth at the moment.

  8. Actually it is not known the true make up of comets. It is speculation to say they are a ‘rock’ or a ‘dirty snow ball’

    Hence there are plans in the future to land a probe on one and find out for sure.

    When will people realise that we are still learning about these things and we just do not have definative answers.

    The truth is what is important not settling for speculation as an answer. And that truth is still illusive!

  9. Nasa has already landed a probe ( well crahsed anyway ) into a comet. That proved it was Rock !

    • Yes, I believe they crashed a probe into a comet and monitored the debris, plus a probe passed through a comets tail and captured particle there. I believe they have now a greater understanding about comets, but I do not believe it is yet conclusive what a comet is, or how it is made, whether it is a ‘dirty snowball’ or a ‘rock’..

      These thing seem to change all the time…

    • I read that a future mission was planned to land a probe on a comet and drill into it… sounds a bit ‘Armageddon Day’

  10. I was brought here by a comment on this youtube page : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqV0StQbJQs&feature=related
    A friend of mine has been trying to warn me of shifting poles and the catastrophic consequences of this comet, or as the video states, dwarf star, will cause around September of this year. For my sake and anyone else’s who’s skeptical, could you debunk the claims made in this video, since it seems to raise some interesting concerns?


    • People need to understand that NASA is in the business of observing comets and asteroids…. so when they compare Elenin to other comets they have studied and say that at the moment elenin is looking rather wimpy …… they know what they are talking about.

      Of course you will get people who will tell you that NASA is lying or that they are wrong……. but those people are not in the business of watching comets as NASA is.

      Of course the coma or atmosphere of Elenin will grow larger as it approaches the sun…. this does happen with comets. However it is unlikely that the coma will be huge as the youtube video is suggesting.

      The solid part of the comet or nucleus will however not grow and will remain at it’s current size.

    • That’s an old video…. we have had new info since then….

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