Comet Elenin – 17th June

In our previous picture of comet Elenin, we explained and highlighted anomolies in the picture which were caused by the comet being less than 25 degrees above the horizon. Seeing conditions near the horizon are always poor.

With this telescope, we are overriding the warnings that the comet is too low to the horizon and may effect the picture (which it had ) just so we can show you the lastest pictures of the comet.

We did have to laugh when we saw someone comment elsewhere on the Internet asking if the anomalies in our prior picture might be cloaked UFO motherships.

Well we have taken another picture of comet Elenin and the anomalies are still there with added issues caused by moonlight. We like to say again that people should try not to see something that is not there and that the shapes you are seeing in the picture are caused by the comet being too low to the horizon….. nothing more than that.

In the picture below, we have the black and white image of the color on the left with our processed picture of the comet in the middle. In the middle image, we have used an arrow to point to Elenin. The image below right is the starfield as shown in . The wikisky image is not “live” so you will see that comet Elenin is missing in the right hand image but visible in the left and middle image.

The picture below of Elenin is at 10h 32m 45s +7° 44′ 33″

We are attempting another picture of Elenin today with a different telescope….. however the weather is looking ominous so we may not be able to capture a second image today.

Elenin 17th June (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on June 17, 2011.

40 Responses to “Comet Elenin – 17th June”

  1. @Sydneystargazers, if you try to look for infrared view at those coordinates its blocked in almost everything…….googlesky,skymap etc

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  4. Will you guys be able to show infrared images to compare to the 2007 infrared images posted on the internet?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

  6. The rumor mills have posted a video using Sydney Star Gazers image claiming that the light anomalies are proof that Elenin is being followed by UFOs. I’m finally convinced they are doing it for money, or attention, or because they have a secret death wish.

    • Well unfortunately the lives of these people are boring so they are making up stuff to spice up their lives. Unfortunately when they start making up stories about death and doom and the such they do not realize that they can badly effect the lives of other people who read what they say and take it seriously . We have seen it with prior comet visits where people lost their lives over silly stories. We do not want to see that happen with a minor comet like elenin is.

      Yes everyone with a computer has access to the Internet and can contribute content and articles… however it has got to the stage where half the stuff you read on the Internet is wrong or misleading… and people read it and believe it to be true. That is why we had to start concentrating on Elenin for the last few months so people really understood that this is a comet and not some bringer of destruction. But then people look at our pictures and then read something into them which is not there.

      We have also asked for that video on YouTube to be removed as we do not want our images to be used to mislead people about ufos being in the picture when we clearly explained why those light effects were there.

      The problem is that these people are making up a fantasy world for themselves while at the same time

  7. Please adjust the arrow so we can know what it is pointing at: put the tip of the arrow against the object

    • In this picture there is only one object the arrow is pointing to….Elenin which is directly in front of the arrow.

      If we have the arrow right next to the comet, then we get complaints because it is too close. We will always point the arrow at the comet which will be the first object lying in the direction of the arrow.

  8. Elenin comet is not bright.
    Is it a dud?
    When should it brighten up?

  9. Keep Posting you sheila aliens….. love the skywatching 🙂

  10. really its got to make you laugh, if it wasnt for al the nuts whom have commited suicide in the past and probably will again it would be allmost funny.

  11. Thankyou fantastic images.
    You still leave holes for people to poke at though., Like why are the anomalies only with elenin. They are not in the other pick. What about orbitals . Seems some are only with the elenin pic and not the other one. I dont care. But the demeanor ofyour comments where you make yourself seem so superior to others seemed to need some CHECKING.
    You are NOT suppying the intelligent info you think you are.
    Now get some manners and do it correctly or just put yourself in the group of people you are trying to say are CRAZY and inferior to you.Like i said I think its a comet. But you? have supplied nothing and think you have,. Get back to work and supply better quality images and a better analysis of the situation.
    And check your smart alec self at the door. 3 pics and you think your einstein?
    I say you proved and supplied nothing but drivel.

    • We have taken on the elenin conspiracy because over the last 6 months we have being flooded by emails from people asking us why people on the Internet are saying elenin will wreck havoc and devastation on the planet.

      All we are doing is telling people that this will not happen and giving our reason for it.

      Of course this will upset people who believe otherwise……. but we do know in September / October that we will be proven right and the world will still be here.

      As we have said, we have stopped our updates on Elenin for the time being and will continue in a couple of months time when the comet has it’s tail and is aq lot closer to the Sun.

      By the way, the reason you are seeing only anomolies with our Elenin pictures is that we don’t normally spend money on telescope time to look at objects close to the horizon because we know the images will be poor. With Elenin we had no choice due to it’s limited visibility.

  12. Can you tell me what is happening in VIRGO constellation 13h 54m 10 s
    it is blocked out of Google Sky and i am curious to know your perceptions and knowledge.
    Thanks in Advance

  13. Those big round anamolies are telescope lense aberritions, or out of focus, or where the scope mirror alignment is not correct….:)

  14. Also I dont see the comet in the third picture to the left…

  15. the comet in your pictures at that distance away looks huge considering how far it is from us the next few months should be interesting

  16. Thanks for the image of Elenin. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

  17. Is comet Elenin’s orbital path on the ecliptic plane or above and, if above how far above will it be when it passes by Earth?

  18. I have to pay attention to you, dear blogger.2011-7-13 1:36:33

  19. I have a question not related to comet Elenin, and has to do with the Russian’s sending a spacecraft to the Martian moon Phobos. They plan to launch in October this year, and land on Phobos in August of 2013. They plan to pick up soil samples and return them to earth. Would you check and see where Mars will be located in August of 2013 with respect to the earth’s location and roughly calculate what the duration of the return trip might be, so we’ll have some idea of when to expect its arrival.

    • As of a few months ago this mission was according to NASA still a mission concept and there was no official launch date . However this may have changed since then but we have not heard an official launch date.

      It will take the spacecraft around 10 months to reach Mars at which stage it will orbit mars for several months before landing….possibly 4 months orbit. Soil samples then take a week to collect and then a return rocket is fired heading back to Earth.

      It is hard to know when the return rocket will reach earth ….but let us assume the following dates:

      Leaves Earth : December 2011
      Starts Orbit of Phobos : October 2012
      Lands on Phobos : Early February 2013
      Return Rocket Launches : Late February 2013

      Arrival back on Earth : August 2014

      But this assumes the Mission launches from Earth no later than December 2011

  20. This may be a cover where in fact the Russians are going to collect the ” Monolith ” of Phobos.

    I belive it was actually Astraunaught Armstrong who actaully said in a video interview that the ” Monolith ” needs investigating as it cannot be a geological feature but a ” martian made object ” it’s a very interesting concept & well wortha read .

    Google ” Monolith on Mars & monolith on Phobos “

  21. It was Buzz Aldrin who revealed on C-SPAN that there is a monolith on Phobos.

    Phobos-Grunt landing area identified by ESA’s Mars Express Orbiter.
    Richard Hoagland’s “noise-reduction” enhancement of Mars Express images indicates that Phobos is a “tetrahedral spaceship” and is similar to asteroid 2867 Steins. He also claims to know an ESA insider who confirms the artificiality of Phobos.
    I took a look at the images of Phobos taken by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter by copying and pasting them into “Paint” on my computer, which enables one to zoom in on the surface and found several artificial appearing objects. One large right-angled object appears to be a white building with a square opening in its side. I posted them on my website.¹ Scroll down to 8-2-09 for the images.

  22. This was interesting video regarding the size and position of Comet Elenin.

  23. wtf?

    The people on this video are simple and this is a new channel!! lol

  24. Perhaps I should check my posting, before posting… doh!

    The people in this video are simple and this is a news channel!! lol

    • Hello pst007x
      Here is a brief psychological analysis:
      It’s stated towards the end that: “Hopefully, the images from STEREO BEHIND [in August] will finally put to rest a number of questions regarding this object. Let us hope and pray that our questions will be answered.” [“questions” by whom? Them. The hoping & praying suggests that there is something to fear. The “God Bless” at the end, of course, assures us that, being religious, their motives are pure. My question is: What did they suggest in their original video?]
      Clicking on pst007x leads to this Life Time and Us blogspot and more fearful ideas, including Planet Nibiru, which doesn’t exist from an astronomical, as well as a metaphysical perspective. See
      Warm regards

      • Ok… strange… ambiguous?

        Dean hello… actually, I believe in the truth. Most people like to only believe in what they see and not what actually exist beyond our understanding. Those who “fear” simply like to hide from the possibilities of the universe and will always shy from the truth.

        I do not know whether Nibiru is real or not, I do believe the Elenin is a Comet and nothing more.

        However there are some strange things happening on our planet. I have an open mind! Life changes from moment to moment and so does the information available… I guess the world would still be flat if we never continued pushing our understanding!?!

        In the end it is the varied opinions and beliefs that ultimately lead to a balanced view. To side one way or the other only leads to a narrow outlook.

        However fear is only ignorance!

  25. Dean, no offence, but I suggest you read what is posted here (plus what is posted in full on my blog) and view the videos before assuming people are simply trying to spread fear… quite the opposite….

    People simply want the truth… however, you are entitled to your opinion…

    • Hello pst007x,
      “No offense” as you say, but the truth isn’t understood or its ignored by many individuals.
      To consider Sitchin’s hypothesis of a geologically exotic Nibiru¹ with Anunnaki aliens who sprinkle gold dust in its atmosphere, if I remember right, so they can live on it when its billions of miles from the Sun and, in addition, magically avoid colliding with the 180 million km wide asteroid belt² each time it returns to the solar system requires one to ignore astronomical & metaphysical facts. Obviously, translation of cuniform texts doesn’t qualify one as an esotericist or an astro-physicist, hence the many fallicies imaginatively developed by Sitchin.³ Today we have those who postulate that Nibiru orbits a dwarf Sun, which also comes into our solar system periodically. Asking them to be scientifically & intellectually honest by providing the celestial mechanics equations† for these ideas is out of the question, and all they do is spread fear with the deceptive suggestion that NASA is keeping the dwarf Sun’s or Nibiru’s approach secret. The massive gravitational attraction and the disruptive effect of a dwarf Sun entering our solar system periodically would have interferred in the evolution of the 5th root-race‡ and, more importantly, prevented the human soul, from continuing to utilise Homo sapiens to evolve on Earth. The foregoing dwarf Sun hypothesis is, obviously, either uneducated, thoughtless conjecture from people who don’t believe in the concept of a Creator with intelligent purpose for His/Her sons & daughters, or a psyops deception. It’s one thing to have past catastrophic events on Earth due to asteroid impacts millions of years ago, or due to the Earth’s geological evolution, etc., and quite another to have a rogue planet enter our solar system periodically to catastrophically affect the Earth, but not Mars by the way, which is much closer to the hypothetical orbit of Nibiru. Mars would probably be gravitationally affected by Nibiru if it existed, but not the Earth, at least according to Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles, because the Anunnaki allegedly lived here for periods of time while Nibiru made it’s passage through the solar system every 3,600 years, which contradicts Nancy’s (the Zeta’s) claim¶ that Nibiru will cause the Earth to flip on its axis, and they’re able to continue with the fearful deception due to the fact that Sitchin’s admirers haven’t woken up to the realisation that Nibiru never gravitationally affected the Earth in the Earth Chronicles 450,000 year history.
      Dean Sloan – theosophical metaphysicist
      Note: The undisturbed asteroid belt is proof positive that Nibiru doesn’t exist.
      ³ Fallicies: 1) The Anunnaki travelled by the asteroid belt in a rocket ship on their way to Earth, and shot asteroids out of their way in frigid space with a “watercannon.”
      2) The Anunnaki never scientifically advanced beyond rocket ship technology after 450,000 years and always had to wait until Nibiru was close to the solar system before taking off on their journey to Earth, which means the Anunnaki aren’t really very bright.
      3) The creation of mankind by the “Anunnaki” for the purpose of utilising them as slaves to work in gold mines in Africa, the concept of which is the result of Sitchin’s imagination, and isn’t in the Enuma Elish* or any other cuniform texts.
      4) It’s stated in the 7th tablet that Lord Marduk, esoterically the 3rd aspect (Son/Soul) of the “trinity”, created mankind, which symbolically represents the creation of human souls en mass on Earth, not the creation of physical bodies through DNA/gene manipulation of Neanderthal man. Intelligent man was around millions of years before the existence of the Sumerians or the Babylonians. See Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo.
      And Göbekli Tepe in turkey

      And the 5,000 year old “Hundabeds” in the Netherlands (Hunabed Dolmen-Borger is one example)
      It’s very easy to find many more examples on the web.
      5) It’s also stated in the 7th tablet that Nibiru is one & the same as Marduk, i.e., “the Seizer of the Midst”, which symbolically represents the overcoming of Tiamat (Mother/Matter-2nd aspect of the trinity) by thinking mankind. Marduk didn’t kill his mother, and one has to understand the esoteric side of theology and the veiled symbolism to interpret theology, whether Babylonian or Biblical.
      6) In the Epilogue it states: Let a man rejoice in Marduk [Son/Soul], the Lord of the gods,
      That he may cause his land to be fruitful, and that he himself may have prosperity!
      [Obviously, the foregoing isn’t referring to a destructive planet, but esoterically acknowledges the existence of our souls.]
      Who the “gods”, Enki, Marduk, etc., really were.

  26. Dean 🙂 I am glad that u have your opinion. There are those for and against Sitchins interpretation, and I can see that it is a matter of interpretation. All things in life is interpretation so to champion one idea or another without allowing for possibility or growth, is ignorant, narrow minded and dangerous.

    I hope that people who are interested in the truth realise the only way to achieve that is to remain open-minded and flexible.

    Again you are entitled to your opinion and I am glad you gave taken the time to offer an alternate view point.

    Ultimately people will believe what they feel is right for them, so the more varied the opinions offered the more informed we all become.

    I personally do not know if Sitchins is right, it makes an interesting read. I do believe in the ancient astronaut theory, I believe there is some very suggestive evidence.

    To believe we are alone and the oldest civilisation is the height of arrogance.

    However, this is about Comet Elenin, there has been some interesting coincidences, and certainly food for thought.

    Nibiru is a theory, interpretation of ancient writings, so as I have always said must not be taken as fact.

    I think evidence should be offered, as I try to do, and readers should make their own conclusion, based on their beliefs, experience, knowledge and understanding.

    So chill, you sound very aggressive. Life is too short dude!

  27. Hi all, I found this video clip, it is an example, I think, of misinterpretation. The image looks like a blue version of our moon, possibly something to do with his set-up.

    This idea of a giant planet following Comet Elenin has run away… just a little. A blue planet behind the moon? I do believe we should remain open-minded, but lets have a little focus 🙂

    It’s good to share…

    • Hello again pst007x
      It’s a matter of being a mystic/metaphysicist, along with the experiential knowing¹ that provides me with a very open mind, and is also why I am confident and seemingly “aggressive”, as you say, in providing the metaphysical or theological truths within the Enuma Elish,² and those who haven’t read the foregoing automatically disqualify themselves from discussing the subject of Nibiru & the Anunnaki, which also reflects a partially-educated, closed mind. As a result, it is the closed minds who search for and believe the hoaxed videos on the web that suggest Nibiru, or planet X, or whatever, is in the solar system, and who also, apparently, haven’t thought about the fact that the multitude of amateur astronomers in the world would have seen it if it were really out there and announced it to the world.
      Blessings to you too.

  28. Hi Dean,

    Sorry dude, meant no offence…

    I agree that there is a lot of misinformation, and I have found there is an increasing misunderstanding of the data provided by SDO, etc. For example I saw a YouTube video claiming that a video found on the SOHO site showed Nibiru, when in fact if he had done a little homework he would have seen it was in fact Mercury. It is this kind of misunderstanding that spreads fear through ignorance (though their intentions may be good)

    The problem is that some people want to believe there is something more, even if it is in disaster. Perhaps this is a result of culture or social disappointments.

    I believe that the ultimate truth will be found in a merger between modern science, philosophy and quantum physics, providing a rounded balanced view of our world and our very existence.

    Again as for Nibiru, Sitchin did his homework. He came to his conclusions and shared his beliefs. This does not mean he is right, equally opposing interpretations are just that, another interpretation. No matter how educated or learned the person translating the text, it is still only a single persons view.

    Yes, there are many astronomers looking to the skies, but this does not mean that they see all that there is to see. Only recently it was discovered Pluto has another moon, and asteroid Apophis has apparently been following us for 250,000 years. So, just because we are looking does not mean we see…

    However, the one problem is who to believe. Ultimately everyone has an agenda, trying to get their point over, each believing that “they know best.”

    It is time that will reveal the truth. So let’s sit back and enjoy the ride, life is interesting and the discovery of who and what we are may be just around the next corner…


    I will check out the links you have posted… Thanks

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