Halley’s Comet…. Hale–Bopp…. and now Elenin

We  actually put the following in a reply to a comment, but we thought with the  concerns being generated by certain groups regarding  comet elenin that it was worth putting this as a post of it’s own

Halley’s comet, Comet Hale-Bopp of 1997 and Elenin of 2011 all have one thing in common……. people reacting to the comet in fear. We are not sure why comets generate such fear but as you can see with elenin nothing has changed since people reacted to the arrival of Halley in 1910.

Our theory is that every day we live in a stable and orderly world. We wake up and the Sun is is the sky. At night we look up and see the stars and we have got used to the moon travelling across the sky. No fear that the Moon is going to fall out of the sky because it has always stayed up there .Everything is normal and peaceful.But then suddenly something new appears in the sky and we see something has changed…and people start panicking. It is perhaps true when you hear someone say that people do not like change in their lives.

Though we can’t see Elenin, we know by using technology now available to us that is is going to pass us later in the year. So people already know that there is change heading our way so they start worrying about the worst that could happen.

Even if astronomers who study the comet tell people it is no danger to Earth, you still get people coming up with stories of conspiracy. And as can be seen below, the stories of a spaceship somehow following Elenin is an exact mirror of when a spaceship was supposedly behind comet Hale-Bopp in 97…with tragic consequences for members of a cult group.

But as has happened with comets before, Elenin will come and go and will likely never return to our solar system.

This is what happened when Halley’s comet passed Earth in 1910 due to panic about the comet.

There were reports of suicides in Hungary and panic spread throughout Europe. People also made their own gas masks, plugged key holes and some even bought oxygen tubes to at least live a little while longer after the rest had died. In Minnesota some fled from the coast line because they feared that Halley would cause a flood. The night before the comet was supposed to sweep its tail through the atmosphere people were packed in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome and in many other capitals throughout Europe the citizens stayed awake, many turned to priests for the Anointing of the Sick etc. The panic was even more fuelled by the fact that some mistook Venus for Halley’s comet and imagined that it moved closer and closer and had a bluish tail following its trail.

Then in 1997 when comet Comet Hale–Bopp passed by, we had a cult group called Heavens Gate organise mass suicide so people could travel to the space ship that was following behind Comet Hale–Bopp.

Do you see a similarity with what is happening with elenin. As soon as we have a comet going by, the same thing happens again and again. This year already we have had some group or another claim there is a large spaceship somehow controlling Elenin. This is nothing but a rehash of the Hale-Bopp story .

When Hale-Bopp passed us, someone predicted that Planet-X would destroy the Earth in 2003. Well that was 8 years ago and we are still here.

As we have stated again for people who are worried about Elenin…… Elenin is a comet just like Halley and just like Comet Hale–Bopp .

We are trying to take as many opportunities to take pictures of the comet so people can see that it is not some demon star bringing with it death and destruction.

From our pictures so far there is plenty of evidence that Elenin is only a comet which is devloping it’s coma nicely and will soon develop it’s tail.

If it’s path does not take it further away from Earth it will be something to look forward to seeing in the sky later this year and not something to fear.

Elenin From our Picture 3 nights ago

~ by sydneystargazers on June 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “Halley’s Comet…. Hale–Bopp…. and now Elenin”

  1. Nice summary. I think you’re completely right that its the unknown factor that stirs up all of the fear and hysteria surrounding comets.

    By the way…did you get any good images of the solar eclipse? Here in North America, we didn’t get to see it at all.

  2. info much apprieciated, just hope many people read it, as the evidence which is put out on net by some is quite convincing, the correlation with alignments and earth quakes is one. Im just glad that a leval head is hear on the net to evaluate these things logically.

  3. Im not scared at all. I welcome the possibility of a heavenly body visiting earth and changing peoples’ minds about things and the state of humanity. What will be interesting is seeing three comets in the sky at once this fall.

  4. I’m going to keep this short, but sweet. I have some inside info on elenin and its trajectory. NASA is worried that comet elenin will hit, (yes, physically collide with), the International Space Station (the exact phrasing was “nasa space station”). This means the official .24 au passing distance is a lie. It also explains the media silence. Most comets receive large, global news coverage. “Haley’s comet” is a household name, why not Elenin?

    There seems to be a massive disinfo campaign concerning this comet, several youtube accounts have been deleted along with all their videos, for no reason. Nasa shut down its own buzzroom over a single comment stating:

    “these are my calculations, but I’ve revised the 0.24AU’s down to 0.0004617 AU’s on 21.42pm 16th Oct 2011 (pretty god dam close!)”

    On videos with lots of views containing elenin information, click on posters who dismiss elenin with a superior air and sound intelligent, and you will find many of them have accounts made shortly after elenin was found. I’m not saying all of them are part of the disinfo, but you will probably notice the pattern too.
    It’s better to keep an eye on it than to be, or to say no worries, we know at some time in the future one will hit one day, and just better to be prepared. Fools are never ready. So if any one say’s don’t worry, no one not even I can be 100% sure, gravitational attractions can vary around any object, or objects, and depends on many other factors, distance, speed, and mass of the object to which is the main factor that computer simulations can’t ever be 100% dead certain. as mass decrease in time which also effects the trajectory of an object, when man creates a mass it does not lose mass, we know what the weight of mass is and therefore can track with 99.99999999999 percent accuracy’s of our man made object within a computer simulation, but not any object that we do not have that as a factor of not knowing, this is a sad fact that experts don’t tell you why sometime they are wrong on predicting a hit or miss until the object is close enough, that’s why there will be updating of the trajectory of any object throughout its fight path. Never panic that is the worst thing any one can do, you have to keep a level head. The dinosaurs never knew what happened until it struck, but we can, that’s the difference between life, and death of knowing, and to watch out. The boy who cried wolf, then one day it really did happen, and no one listened. False or not, one must not become a fool, heed not the warning. It can be annoying, but it can be life saving one day. Learn to live with it. Life is fascinating, and what is in the universe, and what goes on, if you want to be ignorant, find do so, to say don’t worry, false alarm, bit to soon to say. Come on’ don’t fool other’s to the real facts, others go over board, use your common logical sense. Keep one ear cocked.

    • For anyone who reads the comment by MPK where he or she says that they have first hand information that NASA is worried about Elenin, we have ruled it out completely.

      We were going to just delete this comment by MPK but then we thought we would use this as an example of how people are not voicing their own opinion on the subject but are just repeating the same disinformation across the Internet. If you type “I have some inside info on elenin and its trajectory. NASA is worried that comet elenin ” into google you will see this appearing word for word on many other sites such as godlikeproductions and abovetopsecret.

      Well some people may say that MPK is the one who posted the article on those other sites. Well we looked at that and in the case of godlikeproductions, the article was written by someone from Canada…. not Australia which is where MPK is.

      With the claim that some unknown person had recalculated Elenin to be very close to Earth when it passed…… it was found that they had got their maths wrong and this was pointed out by many people.

      Buzzroom was not closed because of the above comment about elenin. Someone had posted a racial video on the site which NASA had not seen for 3 months. That was why Buzzroom was taken down temporarily.

  5. Is there a graph that shows the trajectory or path difference between Haley’s commet and Elenin? If they are similar, I was curious to see how so.

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