Leonid Elenin – Elenin Is No Dwarf Star

Two weeks ago Leonid Elenin who was the discoverer of comet Elenin decided to answer the many suggestions he was seeing that comet Elenin was actually a Dwarf Star. Leonid Elenin himself debunked the whole idea that Elenin was a brown dwarf. This should settle the matter once and for all.

Using his orbital model, he substituted comet elenin with a brown dwarf with a mass of 0.05 Solar Mass and then shows what happens if Elenin was actually a dwarf.

Saturn made its closest approach to Saturn on 20th December 2008. In this model where comet elenin was now a supposed brown dwarf, it was clear to see that the orbit of Saturn was seriously effected by “brown-dwarf” Elenin.

As we all know, 3 years ago when Saturn was closest to Elenin, it’s orbit was not changed one bit.

This is further proof that Elenin is a comet and no Brown Dwarf with planets revolving around it.

You can see the proof as shown by Leonid Elenin at his official site     http://spaceobs.org/en/

We did have a laugh when someone left a comment on his site suggesting that despite his evidence Elenin was still a brown dwarf and that we should check the rings of Saturn to make sure they were still intact.

We added labels to the picture below showing where Saturn and Elenin were 3 years ago and what would happen to Saturn’s orbit if Elenin was a brown dwarf. None of this happened of course.

Leonid Elenin Debunks Dwarf Star Elenin (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on June 15, 2011.

23 Responses to “Leonid Elenin – Elenin Is No Dwarf Star”

  1. Once again well done guys. It is hard to see the truth in something with preconceived ideas. I think so many people wanted something there that anything became possible.

    A balanced view is always the way forward.


  2. Comet Elenin has made a lot of people look up and realise that there is more out there. It has created a better understanding for many of where we sit in our solar system and created new interest in the stars for many.

    So there is something good that has come from this chaotic period.

  3. I’ve been watching this subject for a long time. There are enough coincidences and varied opinions on the subject to completely confuse Confucius. Many people are making money on the rumor mill and this has ruined our chances of getting real (true) scientific information. That’s why I like Sydney Star Gazers. No rumor mill here.

    The best article I’ve read so far is http://blog.imva.info/world-affairs/elenin . Quote: “We have news out of Cornell University that sustains the view that Elenin is playing a direct part in causing large earthquakes”.

    I hear NASA has confirmed this too. Is Comet Elenin playing a direct part in causing large earthquakes?

    • Yes … poor Confucius. He would be confused by all of this.

      To prove his theory about Elenin causing earthquakes, Dr. Mensur Omerbashich of Cornwell University uses what he calls hyperresonator equations which basically challenge the validity of Einstein’s General Relativity theory as well as Planck’s Quantum Physics.

      We do know that Einsteins theories have been proven correct time and time again so until we are proven otherwise, Sydneystargazers will stick with the proven theory of relativity.

      In an interview, Dr. Mensur Omerbashich was asked :

      Many on the Web believe that Elenin is a brown dwarf star, an unborn sister sun to our own Sol and your paper is often cited to bolster their theories. Simply put, do your findings indicate that Elenin is or possibly could be a brown dwarf sun?

      His answer to that was :
      I am not an expert on solar physics, so I cannot answer your question.

      As for NASA, the following by David Morrison, Astrobiology Senior Scientist pretty much summarizes NASA’s view on Elenin

      Note where he states:
      Adding to the craziness is a claim that this same comet caused the Earth’s axis to shift by 3 degrees in February 2010 and caused the Chile Earthquake. These are simply lies; the comet was far away a year ago, and there was no change whatever in Earth’s rotation axis. The Chile earthquake was a normal slippage in an active fault that has produced many previous earthquakes, including the one witnessed by Charles Darwin in 1835.

      • Due to the Fact of super storm on Saturn and it’s new ring after during & after Ele’s pass what caused this? Why are all the planets heating up, even the outer planets?

      • We will look into what you are saying about a new ring for Saturn… the last one we are aware of was a new ring discovered in 2009 and one discovered in 2006.

        The super storm observed on Saturn is pretty impressive. I think it is too early for anyone to tell what is going on there but I am sure scientists will come up with a theory eventually.
        Back in 2002 it was discovered that both Pluto and it’s moon Triton were experiencing warming, as were other planets in the solar system. Originally they thought the Sun was producing much greater light, thus heating up the outer planets as well. However the Sun is constantly monitored and was found not to be emitting enough light to hear up Pluto for example.

        We believe it depends on the orbit of the planets , their tilts and a couple of other factors… such as why do parts of the Earth have different seasons at the same time.

        It is expected that the warming that started on Pluto and Triton back in ’98 will possibly last until next year and then the warming trend should stop. Also note that yesterday scientists are predicting that the Sun is showing signs of becoming dormant which means we could have a cooling period coming up here on Earth.

      • This is true, but it could be to do with the Sun’s current activity or even from other radiation from other stars, such as pulsars, etc.

        What causes this, to my understanding, is charged particles coming from CME,s or other radiation. This causes a temporary warming, heat spike, but in an unknown universe obviously there may be other reasons.

      • About the gravity or electricity debate, I am ill-equipped to comment but here’s a simple thought: Why not both? All laws and theories change and/or merge as time goes by and we assume we’ve finally got it right each time. The past has proven are wrong most of the time.

        And if I can take a moment to build a defense for our paranoid people here in America:
        We Americans have a difficult time trusting the government that has ruled for the last 15 years or so. We looked up from work one day…and poof…Democracy was gone. We lost our great democracy to corporatism. They gave away our jobs, took most of our homes and property, took our savings, made voting a joke, spent the taxpayer’s money recklessly and criminally, and ramped up the secrets. Citizens no longer have a voice in government, they just pretend we do. We are no longer a government of the people as we are now ruled by a corporatist faction. People here are so stressed, and we have no faith in the government to tell us the truth. Life as we know it disappeared and we are all in shock. The ‘end of the world’ scenarios are an escape, and sadly if it were to happen, it would be a relief to some.

        One last thought – why can’t we name comets more human friendly? I mean, do we have to call them ‘Hellion’ (speaks for itself) or Elenin, which means ‘Extinction Level Event Human’ and a few other prophetical and numerical translations. The name of the astronomer and the name of the comet, with its varied meanings, was certain to provoke suspicion and hysteria. I think we should name comets as we name our dogs like ‘Spotty’ or ‘Lady’ or ‘Mr. Tibbles’. Who could get hysterical over names like that?

        Thanks for your work and your website. It helped me look to the sky again…and it’s thrilling up there.

      • You don’t really think changing the name would be any different do you.

        There would still be stories on the Internet that Mr Tibbles was coming to destroy us and he was being followed by a brown dwarf called Spotty.

        Somehow we have a vision in our head now of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or Mr. Stay Puft from GhostBusters.

  4. As someone stated on Leonid Elenin’s site:

    “It may also be worth mentioning, according to Wikipedia, the smallest brown drawf star can be as small as 0.0086 solar masses. Your video assumes a solar mass of 0.05, which is almost 6 times more massive than the smallest brown dwarf. For the sake of scholarship, I would prefer to see your model use the smallest mass possible for a brown dwarf star. To me, this seems like a fair assumption, given that the smaller its mass, the colder it is, and thus more difficult it is to detect. We must assume that we are dealing with a star that is near impossible to detect using conventional telescopes, since almost no amateur astronomers have reported seeing it.”

    When I see it through my own scope in all its glory, then at least I can confirm for myself what it is – whether it’s a comet or “whatever”.

    Either way, I will be prepared.

  5. thanks so much for info, i guess its those nutty yanks posting all this crap on the net, there goverment has got a lot to awnser for the way they socialize there population.

    • Jan, the problem is more that there is a lot of dis-information out there and people tend to believe what they read on the Internet. What we have seen with Elenin has happened before and it will happen again.

      This is what happened when Halley’s comet passed Earth in 1905 due to panic about the comet.

      There were reports of suicides in Hungary and panic spread throughout Europe. People also made their own gas masks, plugged key holes and some even bought oxygen tubes to at least live a little while after the rest had died. In Minnesota some fled from the coast line because they feared that it would cause a flood. The night before the comet was supposed to sweep its tail through the atmosphere people were packed in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome and in many other capitals throughout Europe the citizens stayed awake, many turned to priests for the Anointing of the Sick etc. The panic was even more fuelled by the fact that some mistook Venus for Halley’s comet and imagined that it moved closer and closer and had a bluish tail following its trail.

      In 1997 when comet Comet Hale–Bopp passed by, we had a cult group called Heavens Gate organise mass suicide so people could travel to the space ship that was following behind Comet Hale–Bopp.

      Do you see a similarity with what is happening with elenin. As soon as we have a comet going by, the same thing happens again and again.

      As we have stated again for people who are worried about Elenin…… Elenin is a comet just like Halley and just like Comet Hale–Bopp.

      We are trying to take as many opportunities to take pictures of the comet so people can see that it is not some demon star bringing with it death and destruction.

  6. So does this change everything again? Or are people believing what they want to? The one thing for sure is that there is evidence for and against what Comet Elenin is. What to believe? Well best to remain open minded because the information available seems to be changing on a daily basis! :-/

    • Look at out post on 16th June re Halleys comet , Hale-Bopp and elenin.

      In our view nothing has changed re Elenin and hopefully this post will convince others that the rumors about Elenin being something else than a comet are unfounded.

      This is just simply put people reacting to something new in our skies and coming up with doom and gloom scenarios.

      First Elenin was going to crash into Earth…. now we have Elenin being a comet but now having a brown dwarf or a spaceship following it.

      As we have said again and again…. Elenin is a comet and there are no brown dwarfs.

      • I do think you are right.

        The only but is that in an unknown universe anything is potentially possible.

        In this case, I agree that Comet Elenin IS a comet, however it has been shown that bodies in space can have an effect on one another. This does not mean that Comet Elenin necessarily will, however a good scientist knows that what you may learn today will change tomorrow.

        So, people do need to calm down, this is true, be rational and know in an ever changing world nothing remains the same, accept change not only in our world but also in our understanding of it.

        Good site and thanks for the excellent info and images you guys post.

      • True….. but an object as small as elenin would have as much effect on the Earth as an Ant would have trying to push a Ferrari.

        We have asteroids bigger than Elenin passing Earth every month and they don’t have any effect on the Earth. So there is no basis to think that when Elenin passes us 94 times further away than our Moon that it will effect us at all.

      • Lol….

        I see your point 😀

        You are probably right. People must remain open-minded, it is all too easy for people to dismiss possibility out of hand. I am not saying you guys are doing that, but so many people are ignorant to ANY possibility that it is healthy to question.

        Though you are correct that a body only 3-4km in size will have no effect on the earth, there were some curious coincidences.

        So, panic is a big fat NO! But we should continue to question and look up, by considering all possibility do we really start to understand and learn.

        Thanks again

  7. Has anyone heard of Hellion-1957?

    If you read up on Hellion-1957 it sounds like Comet Elenin! Same hype, same end of days, goes to show how any fact can turn into hysteria.

    Extract from a site regarding Hellion-1957 I found on a website (this should bring some perspective back).

    “Warning, if you have a weak heart or in any fashion can not handle stress very well, I suggest to do not read any further.

    I’ll put it real simple first then I will go into details for those who are interested.

    Primary Basics

    The Sun, our Sun, will be hit by a long since dead dwarf star. It has been named Hellion-1957. It was discovered December 22nd 1956.

    Recapitulation of Detailed Information

    Hellion’s approach will be from the south. Hellion is travelling varitably fast at 87.33 km/sec. This translates to 195,357.21 MPH. Hellion is classified as one of the fastest moving objects of it’s class.

    Coordinates and Viewing Principles
    RA 13.390911°
    Dec -77.436111°
    Velocity 87.33 km/sec
    Density 174 gm/cm^3
    Magnitude 11
    Equatorial Radius 957.77km
    Solid spherical shape

    Projected outcome
    The object will penetrate the sun and exit through the other side very similar to a bullet through a watermelon. The Suns core processes will not be destroyed. However, we expect a severe disturbance in the 11 year solar cycle.

    Sun debris will be ejected into various orbits. It is calculated Earth has a 7.87% chance of hit/near miss of at least one piece of still burning ejecta.

    The rogue dwarf Hellion will continue to exit the solar system at a reduced speed. We expect some of the suns ejecta to get caught in the tremendously strong magnetic field of Hellion.

    We are now sure this is one of many processes that is responsible for the production of planets orbiting a sun. That being said, there is a slight chance of a new planet forming though, the process will involve thousands of years.

    Hellion-1957 is considered the greatest threat to all nations of the world. Things aren’t always as they seem. North Korea, China, Russia, USA and Japan are the assigned teams to provide any possible solutions, preventions and neccessary preparations. However, dealing with the size and mass of Hellion, intervention is just about impossible. So the focus of effort has been shifted to survivability. The seed bank is one example.

    There is one exception. The USA has technology that may be able to alter the density of the targeted object briefly making it lighter then it really is. Gravitic manipulation through scalar EM harmonies. Some of this tech was first explored by Tesla. North Korea is a safe place for the worlds leaders when the event takes place. The North Korean build up of arms is to protect the elite during and after the event. The majority of people on Earth will be left to defend themselves however they can. War with North Korea and the US will be the cover to hide large shipments of supplies, peoples and their choosen families to their safe homes under ground.

    Why am I telling you all this? Well, for one I was kicked out of the safe place. They used me and tossed me away. At this point, I no longer care about much anymore. Everything you know of will change just like that. Because the energies involved in the collision are so great, 2/3 of the earth will be cooked from the high levels of radiation, UV, Gamma rays, ect.

    Sincerely yours truly


    So perhaps we should get back to enjoying the wonders of the universe with a little perspective!

  8. Guys,don’t be afraid of aliens this year. Elenin really only energy for 3 ships. 30 millions nefilims will be seen on Earth this autumn.The truth is always in this world inside, not outside…
    And do not listen to those who tell you that this is a brown dwarf, or just an ordinary comet fly and fly away – it’s a false. The U.S. government is well aware of this and that’s why was the treatment of NASA .

  9. Any of the old timers here ever read the book called “WORLDS IN COLLISION by Immanuel Velikovsky?” It is truly fascinating and a book way ahead of it’s time. Velikovsky
    does a controversial study which posits a cosmic history of planetary cataclysms. According to Velikovsky, these epic catastrophes geophysically altered earth, radically affecting even its magnetic polarity and solar orbit. The great MYTHOLOGIES of the world, in particular the story of the Hebrew EXODUS, are cited to substantiate the theory that Venus may have originally been a comet whose near-collision with earth was the Physical Agency (ascribed to God in The Torah/Old Testament)of the terrifying tribulation called THE TEN PALGUES:

  10. lol

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