Picture of Elenin Taken 13th June

We were able to take our next picture of elenin today at it’s position of 10h 30m 41s +7° 55′ 47″.

Today we ran an experiment to see what the outcome would be like with comet Elenin low to the horizon. The picture of the comet was still good however there were some light anomolies originating from the telescope which appear in the picture and should be ignored… we have highlighted them with an ‘X’

With a little luck we may still be able to take pictures of elenin over the next few weeks before it disappears below the horizon.

The image below was processed by sydneystargazers.com

Elenin 13th June (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on June 13, 2011.

21 Responses to “Picture of Elenin Taken 13th June”

  1. Thanks for this info Gunther. This is exactly what I have been trying to find not having my own telescope etc. Thanks for the reference.. Please join us too on the FB group, Shifting Poles and New beginnings. Would be great to have your input there on this . In fact there are many there that believe Elenin is a myth ,…Please help !!!!
    Blessings for this work
    Regards Eugene

  2. I’m an amateur, so excuse my ignorance, but where is comet Elenin in the images?

  3. when you say moves below the horizon im assuming you are talking about from your view in the southern hemisphere? right? when will the US be able to view this comet?

  4. It’s alright. These are just Elenin coordinates on Monday the 13 th June 2011.

    10h 30m 43.44s , 07° 55′ 39.1”. Elenin is absolutely right located.


  5. is anyone going to answer me?

    • It changes depending on where you are. For example, if you are in New York you can observe Elenin with a big telescope until about 9pm before it gets too close to the horizon. Then it returns above the horizon at lunch time New York time so it should be visible after the suns sets through to 9pm.

      • ok, so considering its still daylight for me at 9pm i don’t think I’d be able to see it. are people in the us going to be able to view it with the naked eye later this year?

      • Yes… you should be able to see it. For example, if you are in New York you will see it October 15th at 3am. The time may be changed with any more changes in it’s orbit.

  6. Is it just above and slightly to the left of the second x marked light anomaly?

    • if you look at the 2 x’s on left of picture, Elenin is almost between the 2 x’s but up from them. In the right hand picture it has a sort of cloud around it so it should be easy to separate from the stars.

  7. I like yesterday’s pictures so much. I am waiting now for today’s pictures on June the 14th . Today ‘s Elenin coordinates are:
    10 31 12.01 , 07 53 04.2.

    Best regards.

  8. Oh come ooon spare me these nonsense. Anomalies … lol, ok if you say so.

    • SirBacaba

      We told you those areas marked as an X were a visual anomoly. Comet Elenin at the time we took the picture was less than 23 degrees above the horizon.

      If you know your astronomy you will know that taking pictures of objects this close to the horizon will cause visual errors just as we pointed out in this picture. This is because the effect the atmosphere has on light at the horizon level.

      We could of course just Photoshop the anomilies out, but we have a policy of leaving the pictures as they are.

      If you chose to think these anomolies are energy shields or something else, that is up to you.

      But we are telling other people that this is because of the picture being taken too low to the horizon and thus having a less than perfect result.

  9. NASA projected position of Elenin is

    2011-Jun-13 00:00 10 30 43.44 +07 55 39.1

    how does this compare with your REAL observed position of Elenin?

    2011-June-13 10h 30m 41s +7° 55′ 47″


    How ACCURATE or HOW OFF – is NASA’s projected Elenin Position so far?

  10. Would you say NASA’s projected path for comet Elenin is correct / spot on so far?

    • Yes…. it does appear that NASA does have the orbit of elenin correct. They have made over 2000 observations of the comet since december , (which is pretty normal for a comet) and will likely make more as the comet comes closer to the Sun.

      Another change was made to the orbit of Elenin in the last week and this was a minor change.
      The closest approach to Elenin is still October 16th and it is currently expected to be 34.9802 million km from Earth at it’s nearest. This time last month it was expected to be 34.9873 million km from Earth.

      Still 94 times further away from us than the Moon.

  11. Awesome. Thank you. Keep up the great work!

  12. If that fuzzy thing is Elenin, then all the ‘X’ marked ‘anomalies’ should be take into consideration…

    If that is Elenin, then those are not anomalies…

    • The difference between Elenin and the anomolies is that you can see a point of light which is the comet where Elenin is. We pointed out the anomolies which don’t have a source of light so people would not see them and rush off and say they must be cloaked spaceships as we have seen someone mention about our pictures on another site.

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