Solar Eruption to Pass Earth Today or Tomorrow

We modified the picture below to highlight the amazing sloar flare unleashed by the Sun yesterday.

This solar flare is heading in this direction but will not hit us directly but may have some minor effects on our magnetic field. So today or tomorrow there is a small chance that some GPS devices may have brief periods where they do not work properly.

There was another solar flare on Saturday which erupted on the far side of the Sun.

We are likely to see more of these flares between now and 2013 as the Sun approaches solar maximum.


~ by sydneystargazers on June 9, 2011.

One Response to “Solar Eruption to Pass Earth Today or Tomorrow”

  1. […] chez nos amis australiens Sydney StarGazer, Merci à eux. cliquez sur l'image pour […]

    Found in our Australian friends StarGazer Sydney , thanks to them.

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