Picture of Elenin 7th June 2011

We managed to take the following picture of Comet elenin today, seen just left of centre in all 3 pictures.

However the Moon was causing some issues with the picture.

Elenin 7th June (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on June 7, 2011.

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  1. So cool i wish i had a bigger scope to see it!!

  2. hey ppl like terral03 on youtube are saying, his group of astronomers have seen whats behind elenin, elenin itself isnt a brown dwarf, but is near the brown dwarf, he says those who have seen the brown dwarf have suffered emotional trauma becuz the brown dwarf looks scary with planets revolving around it. What do u feel? if we had a brown dwarf in our solar system, wud it have great effects by now, he says a brown dwarf with the mass of jupiter wud only be 50% bigger than earth. here’s his video on tracking this thing


    could you please look into the area terral is talking about?

    • We decided to edit our comment in regard to the terral03 video.

      Before we start Terral03 has every right to his opinions about elenin but he is someone who loves his conspiracy theories. Unfortunately he is talking about elenin as being an extinction level event which sll that will do is frighten people.

      This is why we are taking pictures of elenin so people can see that it is nothing more than a comet.

      Terral03 is not a professional astronomer, or an amateur astronomer, and calls himself a researcher. He was researching the so called conspiracy into the 911 towers when the elenin subject came along.

      Listening to an interview taken with Terral03, he claims to be talking to amateur astronomers around the world who are having trouble seeing Elenin. Do not forget that Elenin is still a faint object well beyond the orbit of Mars so it will not be easy to see yet…. backyard telescopes will not be able to see it yet.

      Terral03 said because they could not see Elenin,it must be a dwarf star……. however our pictures of Elenin over several months show that Elenin is indeed visible.

      Terral03 also believes that Elenin is not a comet because it is not travelling fast enough and is moving like a “brick”. Well comet elenin has an orbit that takes it beyond Pluto. The further out the comet is, the slower it travels as there is very little gravitational influence on it. As the comet approaches the Sun and is further influenced by the Sun’s gravitational pull, the comet will speed up. So the current slow speed of elenin does not mean it is not a comet. Halley’s comet is also a slow moving comet like elenin.

      Terral03 suggests that solar flares may hit Earth as a result of elenin and that temperatures could go up to 200 degrees. He also suggests that people may have to seek refuge in caverns from early September through to late November. This is getting a little extreme and we want to assure people that Elenin will have no such effect on the planet.

      Terral03 also claims that NASA’s warning about a giant solar flare in 2012 or 2013 is nothing but disinformation. Well NASA is correct in this warning because 2013 is when the Sun reaches the Solar Maximus part of it’s eleven year cycle so big solar flares are expected which may disrupt communications on Earth.

      We leave it up to everyone to come to their own decisions about Elenin, but so far we have debunked everything Terral03 has said in his videos. Everyone enjoys a good conspiracy theory , as Agent Mulder did in the X-files, but at the end of the day Elenin is nothing more than a comet.

  3. sounds good, but what about every time elenin aligns with earth and the sun, an earthquake or other disasterhas happened? just a question…?

    • Well if that is the case then people will be able to predict the next earthquake or disaster. Elenin is just a comet and as comets go it is rather a small one and it will have no effect on our planet at all.

      At best we will see an increase in shooting stars later this year as the comet passes us by and then we will not see it again for another 11,000 years.
      This blog may not be around when it next comes back so someone else will need to take pictures of it. 🙂

  4. Earth aquifers shifted and Earth axis shifted 3 and 4 inches with the 2/27/2010 Chile Quake and 3/11/2011 Japan Quake respectively and both events took place on Sun/Earth/ELEnin alignments. Mr. Sydney needs to show us his evidence for what really caused these events other than the approaching dwarf star. Greenland had sunrise 2 days early because of the approaching dwarf star that is causing increased earthquakes, volcanoes, magnetic pole migration, magnetosphere fluctuations, mass animal deaths, sinking islands, rogue waves, super storms in some areas and droughts in others, ocean conveyor interruption and much more. Meanwhile, FEMA is buying billions in food and supplies and nations around the globe are stuffing underground bunkers with supplies, because they know ELE is coming this summer.

    We have been locked in orbit with ELE at 1.8 AU since April 25, 2011, but that number is beginning to come down and the Earth is showing signs that ELE is getting nearer. Soon every volcano on earth will be spewing out lava at record pace and soon the solar storms will become unbearable, which is our sign to run and hide with our survival groups in underground bunkers with a year of food and supplies. Our astronomers have seen this monster that is coming whether you believe us or not. Everyone is being warned and you are wise to take heed …



    • The quakes you mention were more likely caused by the Super Moon we had in March. The Moon causes pressure on the Earth’s surface the closer it gets. There is no evidence that a small object such as Elenin has any influence at all.

      • Sydney at stargazers,

        You say the quakes “were more likely caused by the super moon we had in March.”

        1st you use the words “more likely” so you really don’t know and are speculating.

        2nd we know for fact the super moon could not have caused the quakes. Just Google it and you will see many many sources saying the super moon did not cause the Japan quake. Below are just a few links.

        #A The moon was not full on March 11. In fact, on March 11, the moon was only a day away from first quarter moon. So, on March 11, the moon was more or less at right angles to the Earth/sun line. It was nearly as far from being aligned with the Earth and sun as it can be.

        #B The moon was not closest to Earth on March 11. Apogee – the moon’s farthest point from Earth for this month – was March 6. Perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth for this month – will be March 19. On March 11, the moon was about halfway between its closest and farthest point to Earth.



        So, the effect of the full moon may make it seem bigger (like a “big pizza pie”, as the song goes), even though the difference in distance is only a few percent — an amount (and a “gravitational effect”) small enough that most would hardly ever notice, were it a new Moon, and were there no would-be, latter-day Nostradamuses.


        than you say

        “There is no evidence that a small object such as Elenin has any influence at all.”

        You are right a small object such as Elenin would not have any influence at all but something in its orbit with high mass has had a major influence on this planet.

        We have lots of evidence that an object with Elenin must have high mass. Something like a brown dwarf star.

        We can use the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and the USGS site to go back in time and find 7 alignments that included high magnitude earthquakes.

        Two of the quakes/alignments (the Japan and Chile quake) also shifted the earth’s axis.

      • What we were saying is that the Moon had more chance of causing the quake than a small comet which had no chance of causing earthquakes……..in the end it was movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates which resulted in the quakes………..and there definitely is no object with high mass following Elenin…… this is just fiction dreamed up by conspiracy sites.

        Besides that….. there is no evidence at all to prove the existence of a brown dwarf. People really need to stop listening to speculative nonsense coming from conspiracy sites.

        As for quakes and alignments, the two of them have nothing to do with each other apart from people making assumptions. We have had many earthquakes when there has been no alignment but these quakes are conveniently ignored.

        In regard to the supposed brown dwarf, our pictures of elenin over the months have proven a Brown Dwarf is not following Elenin.

  5. Terrel, you would do well to understand that correlation does not always imply causation. Just because two events happen at the same time does not mean one caused the other. You live on a geologically active planet and thus would be wise to look to more reasonable local causes for natural disaster before jumping to fantastical ones about cover-ups and dwarf stars. Please look into the concept of Occam’s razor.

    You would also do well to gain a practical understanding of astronomy before making such wild claims. If Elenin was really an approaching dwarf star then it would be many orders of magnitude brighter than its current 10.4. If you think a dwarf star would be invisible at only 1.82 AU (Elenin’s current distance) then I suggest you do some reading on how very bright such an object at this close range would be. This photo verifies the dim magnitude of Elenin.

    Also note that even if you aligned every single planet in the solar system it would still only equal 1.7% of the gravitational force the Moon places upon the Earth. That is a tiny fraction of an already small amount. To claim that Elenin which is much further away from the Earth than the Moon is responsible for natural disasters and yet imply the Moon is not responsible would be absurd. Using your logic, our own Moon should have ripped apart the Earth long ago. After all, if Elenin can cause disaster with only 1.7% of the Moons force then imagine what the remaining 98.3% would do? Obviously this is ridiculous as the Earth is still here.

    Greenland’s sunrise was attributed to lower ice from climate change, not fictional dwarf stars. The rest of your comment is conspiracy minded nonsense and not worth further comment. However, I will say this… to require that the Sydney Stargazers must provide an alternative explanation in place of your theory is not justified. An answer of “I don’t know” is valid and not knowing doesn’t automatically make your theory correct. There could just as easily be a 3rd answer.

    It astonishes me that when presented with photographic evidence from amateur astronomers – people just like everyone else – the conspiracy crowd still refuses to believe the evidence right in front of their faces. How close minded the conspiracy crowd must be to ignore the evidence and favour the belief.

    I have no doubt you’re an intelligent person but you obviously don’t have a practical understanding of astronomy. Go out and use a telescope or better yet join an astronomy club locally. Take time to understand astrophotography and how it works. Take a physics course or listen to a podcast on critical thinking skills. With some practical knowledge under your belt you’ll find that Elenin is actually just a comet and the whole dwarf star theory doesn’t work in reality.

    • Well said Nut with a Theory

    • talk about closed mindedness, the moon has a dramatic, dramatic effect on the earth. it raises the oceans, it causes wind. because it doesn’t seem to affect anything is that we are used to it. if it suddenly vanished, the earth would quake violently. there would be more catastrophic flooding than we already have, the earth would wobble like a drunkard. etc. stop patting yourself on the back.

  6. Nut hit the nail on the head and so well put as well

    Cheers Nut 🙂

  7. Everyone is being warned and you are all wise to take heed and prepare for what is coming this summer. Very soon everyone will know the truth …


    • Yes… we will know in a few months and a lot of people will be disappointed to find that Elenin is just a small comet that will sail by with no effect on our planet whatsoever.

      • so, what you’re saying… is… nothing strange is happening to our planet? everything is fine? oh, well, great, you are so smart! i sleep well at night with golfball size hail smashing my windows in in the middle of june. i’ll sleep better now that stargazers is on top of all this. elenin mercury venus and mars lined up yesterday and japan had another 6.5. tell me it is just mercury venus and mars. i’m already real dissapointed that nothing is already happening cause you said so. who is your handler?

  8. great pic of Elenin,please can you say if you can see these other planets following Elenin, which some are calling a brown star and not a comet? as you are on the side of the earth to determine what is really out there. thanks

  9. HI me again, just read the above comments, so guess i have sort of got my awnser, so as you are out there in Aus, please can you tell us if you can see these other planets travelling along with Elenin , which some say is being controlled, also a giant space ship following? i know its an outragious claim propably by these nutters on net who have naught else to fill there day.
    Also, while im at it,please conferm the stuff flying around the net that you in Australia are having strange weather like you dont normally get? Thanks Again, much appreciate your info.

    • Hi Jan, We will hopefully be taking our next picture of comet Elenin in the next few days. We are seeing signs that the comet may be beginning to show a tail as it moves closer to the Sun.

      From our pictures, there is absolutely no sign of Elenin being a dwarf star with planets orbiting around it. There is also no sign of a dwarf star trailing behind Elenin or any spaceships either.

      Elenin is a comet that comes from the other side of Pluto and it takes 11,000 years to orbit once around the Sun. As a result of this, some people came up with the idea that this sounded a lit like the mythical Planet-X so they decided to say Elenin was Planet-X…… and a lot of misinformation came out saying that someone had seen planets orbiting around it and that it has changed direction so it must be controlled by aliens.

      However, Elenin is just a comet which will sail by and not effect the Earth in any way.

      As for our weather, we just went into winter and have some cold days now. But there is nothing out of the ordinary with that. Climates do change and the planet is moving from the latest warming period and heading towards the next ice age some time down the track.

  10. Here is the link to what Terral claims to be the dwarf star http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6OrBzUg8Js I pointed out to him as others have that this is CW Leonis.I also gave him this link to prove to him that this is what it is.http://astroblogger.blogspot.com/2009/08/nibiru-it-is-not.html It just can’t believe he is still claiming this to be a dwarf star.Soon enough people will come to see that he has no idea what he is talking about.

    • Yes we were aware of CW Leonis which has been seen as an angry monster that is seen only in infra-red. People do rush to conclusions when they see something like this and it is easy to be caught up in the conspiracy theories. We saw the same in January when people saw three large spaceships on wikisky beyond the orbit of Pluto and these ships were travelling at warp speed towards Earth. For weeks there was wild debate about whether the ships were aggressive aliens or coming in peace. Turned out to be a flaw in the sky charts used by wiki-sky and the charts were like 10 years old so the ships wpuld have been travelling like snails as they had not arrived yet.. And in July 2009 a large spaceship was supposedly seen hiding behind Saturn. That was a flaw that resulted from the way NASA processed the image but it still made it’s rounds.

      As a bit of an experiment, we may try to take a few pictures of CW Leonis and see if we can show that the ” dwarf star” has not moved and is nothing more than a carbon star. But that is a little difficult to recreate but we will have a go if the star is visible for us.

  11. I heard half of Australia was under water recently

  12. I would just like to say thank you for this site. I normaly am not a paranoid person or anything like that, but I am also pregnant so my anxiety is through the roof. I only recently heard/seen anything about ELENIN and for the most part everything I have seen has really put the fear in me. I have two little boys and I worry for their safety so of course when i see these people with all their theories it is rather discouraging. So please keep up he good work in debunking all these myths, I really appreciate it!!!

    • Hi worried mom,

      Thanks for your comment. We can understand with some of the things being said about Elenin that your anxiety has gone through the roof. We just wanted to assure you that there is nothing to be anxious about with comet elenin,

      When we first heard these stories about Elenin at the beginning of the year, we ran a deep investigation into the “evidence” that people were bringing up suggesting that Elenin is not a comet but something else. After all if there was any truth to it we wanted to know. However we determined that there was no credibility to any of these stories…

      What was obvious was that the one thing that was missing were pictures of the comet itself which is when we decided to focus our attention on Elenin. What better way to prove that Elenin is a comet other than by taking pictures of it.

      Elenin is still far away and will reach the orbital path of Mars in just under 2 weeks time but our pictures already show that Elenin is displaying the features of a comet.

      So please don’t be anxious. These stories you see on the Internet about doom and gloom are just that……. stories……. and that goes for the stories about 2012 as well.

  13. […] Pictures of Elenin – Click Here, June – I will not post them here as they have […]

  14. If you look in the lower left of the far right hand picture you can see the brown dwarf. it’s lower edge is near the bright star in the lowerleft. It is about 1/3 the height of the picture.
    I have taken pictures of it at high noon in ont Canada through welding glass then going to a online photo site and enhancing it
    there is also what you are calling elenin in my pictures.
    look it is fainter but there in all the photos.

    • In our picture from 7th June, the left hand side of the picture is washed out from light pollution coming from the Moon. We know what you are referring to but that is not a brown dwarf.

  15. What do you call an objetc that large.What ever you do it will still cause the same amount of grief.
    Worried Mom my heart goes out to you I have three grand sons and I wish I could get some honest answers.
    The smaller object I see in my pictures is larger than any planet
    I’ve taken a picture of at night. It would cause a stir if it went through. The big one {and it is in the pic} will near wipe us out.
    God bless us all.

    • A lot of people have predicted the end of the world …… we come to that day and the world does not end. They then tell us they made a mistake and they were 3 months early. So we wait 3 months and again the world does not end. This is the same with comet elenin and the supposed brown dwarf…….. come October you will see that it is just a comet and nothing more.

      A lot of conspiracy sites will then just switch to some other conspiracy… there are plenty of them out there.

  16. “What a fool believes he sees no wise man has the power to reason it away”- Doobie Brothers
    A long time ago I wrote and did radio on those that live from one possible catastophic episode to another. There are many reasons, some very base such as money, ego, influence. And some just like to make things up. Some like to be frightened most of the time of something, because that’s easier. Honest and simple people just can not grasp that there are those out there that enjoy a good doomsday senario. While a radio talk show host many years ago, I gave up trying to influence these “truth” peddlers and just talked the facts. These people will ALWAYS have a following of like minded disaster junkies. If their followers are not willing to put actual effort into digging into the pros and cons, then the results of their actions are squarely on their heads. Gullability is no excise.

    Personally I find it interesting that some of the stories are a rehash of history such as the “spaceships”. Remember Hale-Bop(?) anyone? Make for a great scifi book.

  17. I am not a disaster junky ‘
    Take a digital canera go to a welding shop buy a repacment glass for an arc welding helmet
    not the darkest one .
    Put the glass over the veiwer and lense take a picture on the sun mid day.
    Put the picture up on your PC,
    Play around with it on a paint or photo shop online site ,
    You will see a few planet/moon what evers and faintly a very large object.
    I don’t always get the large object .
    give it a try, the things I see are larger than a ball of ice comet.

    Truth is all I am searching for I would love to be proven wrong.


    • There have been many people who have tried the welding glass trick and not seen anything. It seems that people only see something when they Photoshop the picture…….. and well you can see all sorts of things when a picture is modified. If they were there, you would not need to photoshop the picture to see them.

      If those moons and planets were there, they would not have just arrived in the last week…. it would have taken many many years for them to reach us. They would have taken time to get here and we would have seen them in the night sky moving across the sky . With all the professional and amateur astronomers around the world who watch the night sky, none of them noticed a planet with moons coming towards us? Even if they came from the direction on the opposite side of the sun, we orbit the Sun once a year so at some stage we would have seen them if they were there.

      Also if there was a second sun entering our solar system. at some stage we would have had sun during the day and another one at night…. we would have known something was up.

      Also if you see them in your picture, that means they are on this side of the Sun which means if they were there, we would have had eclipses of some sort over the years as the planets / moons passed between us and our sun.

      It is not possible that there is a second sun , or additional moons or a new planet as none of the above has happened…….

      Also Elenin is still too far away so no one should be suggesting that they have taken a picture of it using a digital camera…. though we have seen many people make that claim.

      • if you had taken a picture of the sun through a welding glass a thousand years ago you would still have gotten a reflection of the glass shaped like the sun. you can’t take your first picture of the sun and be an expert photographer and astronomer all at once.

  18. Have you tried it.
    photoshop makes them clearer but the first pic I took that had a planet in it, below and to the right of the sun. I used no welding glass just over cast sky at sun down. I couldn’t see it with my eyes but it was in the pic on my PC. I realy can’t under stand how you can’t see it or rather them. I could send some shots.
    The first one I took with weilding glass had a sphere in it, again to the lower right and the sphere had two tails on it.
    These things are there. Don’t knock the weilding glass until you have tried it.

    • You are welcome to send the pics for us to look at …but as we said…. it is impossible for a planet to just suddenly sneak up on us. Thousands upon thousands of backyard astronomers would have seen a planet…. or more than one planet as you seem to be referring to.

      And we have taken many pictures of the Sun and not seen anything that could not be explained as a lens flare.

  19. dude, you keep trying to compare pictures to planets and stars. this thing is neither. face it you can’t say it is nothing, not yet. you are being irresponsible. even nasa can’t/won’t say how big it is. they don’t even know. if it is in an 11,000 year orbit, it a comet, if it is in a 3600 year orbit…bummer.

  20. by the way, hows come ELE shows up in infra-red? that means it has a heat signature. nasa don’t send up anything anymore that don’t see in infra-red. didn’t nasa just refit the hubble telescope with HEAT SHIELDS… comets are balls of ice and dirt…no heat…asteroids are frozen rocks…no heat… duh.

    • Elenin does not have a heat signature because comets absorb heat and do not show up on infra-red.

      The only people who are saying that Elenin is showing up on infrared are those on conspiracy sites.

  21. This place has amused me.
    There is no proof of any of these.
    None of the earthly movements are abnormal beyond mother nature.
    Yet, folks believe the world is wrong.
    Perhaps folks should take a look within and figure out whats wrong with them.
    Obviously something makes people search for things not there and hide from fears refusing to acknowledge.
    But using comments and witty phrases trying to get an emotional response is a tactic cults use.
    Terral is creating a cut.
    There’s nothing else to it.
    He’s trying to scare people into going to the Ozark mountains to hide in a set of caverns.
    Cults are illegal.
    Please make sure this guys plans, campsites, and locations are reported to the authorities.
    I highly suggest someone capable of it, slipping into his camp with his people as one of his people.
    Someone take this fool down.
    Might want to alert 4chan too, like scientology, the Terralians need stopped.

    • Unfortunately we have seen all this before. Look at the following which was about Hale-Bopp in 1996 and see how many similarities we have with Comet Elenin in 2011. We had people claiming they see a planet following Hale-Bopp (also saw that in 2011)…… then another group claims they see an alien spacecraft following Hale-Bopp…… (also saw that in 2011) there were even comet pictures being altered to show something that wasn’t there…… (also saw that in 2011) .

      When people link what happened with Haley-Bopp with the current fairy tale stories about Elenin, they will see this is nothing but a hoax.

      Our thoughts on this are that there must be a book out there on the Internet which states that when ever a comet comes through, start at chapter one and work your way through each ridiculous claim and post them on the Internet……. but change the Name of the comet to the one you want to create a conspiracy for. Then create a new chapter to claim the comet will cause Earthquakes 4 years before it even passes Earth.

      We can only shake our heads at all of this.

      Article below about Hale-Bopp 1996
      In November 1996 amateur astronomer Chuck Shramek of Houston, Texas took a CCD image of the comet, which showed a fuzzy, slightly elongated object nearby. When his computer sky-viewing program did not identify the star, Shramek called the Art Bell radio program Coast to Coast AM to announce that he had discovered a “Saturn-like object” following Hale–Bopp. UFO enthusiasts, such as remote viewing proponent Courtney Brown, soon concluded that there was an alien spacecraft following the comet.[51] Several astronomers, including Alan Hale,[52] claimed the object was simply an 8.5-magnitude star, SAO141894, which did not appear on Shramek’s computer program because the user preferences were set incorrectly.[53]
      Later, Art Bell even claimed to have obtained an image of the object from an anonymous astrophysicist who was about to confirm its discovery. However, astronomers Olivier Hainaut and David J. Tholen of the University of Hawaii stated that the alleged photo was an altered copy of one of their own comet images.[54]
      A few months later, in March 1997, the Heaven’s Gate cult chose the appearance of the comet as a signal for their mass cult suicide. They claimed they were leaving their earthly bodies to travel to the spaceship following the comet.[55]
      Nancy Lieder, a self-proclaimed contactee who claims to receive messages from aliens through an implant in her brain, stated that Hale–Bopp was a fiction designed to distract the population from the coming arrival of “Nibiru” or “Planet X”, a giant planet whose close passage would disrupt the Earth’s rotation, causing global cataclysm.[56] Although Lieder’s original date for the apocalypse, May 2003, has now passed, the imminent arrival of Nibiru is still predicted by various conspiracy websites, most of whom tie it to the 2012 phenomenon.

  22. This is what i think …too many fall for conspiracies and get led astray from their own intuition and discernment from the man above.

    On the other hand, very smart intelligent men and women that do “not” fall for conspiracies also get led astray because they believe they know it all and stand firm by scientific evidence, its kind of a egotistic, arrogant stench that seems to spread like wild fire to the intellect community. Nothing wrong with being intelligent..problem is..most that are tend to only rely on scientific evidence and totally rule out possibilities of such things that are still unproven which faulty.

    ….while that is a much safer bet to stick to scientific evidence compared to doomsday conspiracy theorists… at the end of the day we have seen many times that both conspiracies theorists AND very smart intelligent men,scientists,professors,astronomers,etc being proved wrong time and time again.

    It boils down to one thing – we as humans always tend to learn the hard way when it comes to mother nature or god’s creations. We are not God..we do not know everything. Our understanding of mother nature or God’s creation is a tiny tiny fraction of what we actually know.

    I know one thing – pride has ruined man kind. Everyone feels they are right and everyone else is wrong. No one has humbleness or humility any more..they have been led astray from God’s teachings and took it under their own understanding.. my oh my do we have a rude awakening coming.

    By the way..if any of you guys cant see earth changes happening today. You gotta be in pure denial or blind as a bat. Im not saying its because of this Elenin thing..but something is happening today. Its time to really think about where you stand with God and if you dont believe in God..maybe its time to consider it. Its better to be safe then sorry.

    • We do not deny that we have seen a cluster of earthquakes and natural disasters recently ….. but the planet Earth can be deadly at times and none of us should forget that. We do however deny that this has anything to do with a comet and strongly argue against people who are saying that major quakes will hit us in October just because a comet is passing us.

      Our message is simple…… believe only a third of what you read on the Internet and doubt most of what you do read. Mothers and young kids have sent us emails worried about what they read about impending doom from a comet. We are simply telling them that a comet passing us 96 times further away than our Moon will have no effect on this planet at all.

      If anything, this planet is more at risk from asteroids and this is where our governments should be concentrating their efforts…… if they aren’t already. Sometime in the next thousand years odds are that there will be a major disaster on this planet……….but we should not be distracted by talk of danger from objects such as Elenin which will not be close to us at all.

    • Well said!!

  23. sydnestargazers said

    “As for quakes and alignments, the two of them have nothing to do with each other apart from people making assumptions. We have had many earthquakes when there has been no alignment but these quakes are conveniently ignored”

    NOthing in common.. hmm are 7 correlations, nothing in common?

    Two of the correlations involved the earth’s axis shifting. So how is that nothing in common?

    • To say that:
      “As for quakes and alignments, the two of them have nothing to do with each other apart from people making assumptions. We have had many earthquakes when there has been no alignment but these quakes are conveniently ignored”

      Actually no-one is saying ALL earth quakes are caused by alignments… I mean seriously?

      However, it is still not fully understood why earthquakes happen, though the mechanics are understood, to a point.

      We know very little about the mechanics and interactions in the universe..

      There MAY be something in alignments, it IS A FACT that we do not know all there is to know, and with many new theories and discoveries we are constantly learning..

      So never say NEVER! the impossible is often proved possible…

      However, I personally believe that Comet Elenin is a comet and not a Brown Dwarf.

      I remain open minded about the alignments, as we all should. Evidence has been presented for alignments causing earthquakes, and no real evidence against.

      The only argument against seems to be that earthquakes happen when there are no alignments, but obviously earthquakes could be caused be many things, within the planet and possibly outside the planet..

      • It would be interesting and of greater interest to know more about 99942 Apophis.

        Now this is a real threat and very little is being said about this. A level 1 asteroid with a possible near miss 2029…. and depending on that pass a potential collision in 2036… wiping out Europe!

        If you could track Apophis that would be a must!

        Sorry off topic…



      • Unfortunately the only reason planetary alignments has come up is because conspiracy sites are putting out a message that Elenin is causing major earthquakes and therefore is a brown dwarf and not a comet…. and when it comes there will be major destruction. This is absolute nonsense and is causing a lot of people to get worried. We still get a lot of emails EVERY day from people concerned about Elenin Brown Dwarf videos they see on You Tube.

        One conspiracy site had a post titled “ELEnin Dwarf Star Warning September 26, 2011 – Make Viral!” and someone in that post made this comment

        Wow! I am so glad this came along. After the massive failure of the rapture today, I was worried that we would not have a date for the end of the world!!!

        As we have been trying to say for months, this is all complete garbage and we see this every time a comet is due to appear in our skies.

        And conspiracies about planetary alignments is not new either.

        For example there was a spectacular alignment in May of 2000 which raised all kinds of doomsday theories.

      • Planetary bodies do have an effect on each other, to some degree. It is still unknown and is only speculation if it is or isn’t anything significant. It depends on who you talk to.

        If we consider the gravitational effect on the Earth of the moon to be 1, then the effect of the planets are:

        Mercury: 0.00008
        Venus: 0.006
        Mars: 0.0002
        Jupiter: 0.01
        Saturn: 0.0007
        Uranus: 0.00002
        Neptune: 0.00001
        Pluto: 0.0000000006

        What effect does the gravity of other planets have on Earth? Tidal, of course. This does not just mean the sea, but the atmosphere and crust too, though due to the nature of those last two the effect is negligible, if measurable.

        Again, if the tidal influence of the moon is given as 1, then that of the planets are:

        Mercury: 0.0000003
        Venus: 0.00005
        Mars: 0.000001
        Jupiter: 0.000006
        Saturn: 0.0000002
        Uranus: 0.000000003
        Neptune: 0.000000001
        Pluto: 0.00000000000004

        So yes, the planets do have a direct effect on the Earth. Just not very much.

        All planets in the solar system have an effect on each other, possibly everything has an effect on each other, to one degree or another… Entanglement?

        So to flatly say it is impossible is kinda strange, because everything is connected (in a quantum sense).

    • There are roughly 50 earthquakes a day…….. sometimes they will be strong ……. sometimes they will be weak…….

      But we can tell you that some magical alignment with Elenin 4 years ago did not start causing earthquakes which is what some sites have been stating. And that is what we are fighting……. the claims that when Elkenin comes closer it will cause massive quakes on this planet. Absolute garbage!

      The ‘earthquakes’ claim appears to be that the gravitational influence of magical alignments will cause earthquakes on Earth. Any two points in space can be claimed to be ‘in a line with each other’. To talk about an alignment between two planets is meaningless.

      Our Moon’s own gravitational effect on the Earth fluctuates by about 25% every orbit! The Moon orbits the Earth in about a month so it goes from apogee to perigee every two weeks. So every 14 days we see a change in gravitational effects from the Moon more than 10 times greater than all the other planets combined!

      The total effect of the planets on the Earth is just 2% of the Moon’s effect on us .

  24. Sydney Star Gazers

    How come you server resides in Plano , Texas ?


    The Plot thickens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And here we have a fine example of people looking up anything to try and make a conspiracy.

      According to the comment by Interesting Info where he tracked our server to a Texas IP address the Plot thickens !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Perhaps sydneystargazers actually works for a secret department known as Planet-X in the deepest recesses of NASA . Perhaps we walk around in black suits with dark sunglasses and chat often with aliens from Nibiru. As Interesting Info suggests……… the Plot thickens !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Or perhaps there is no plot.

      Try https://sydneystargazers.wordpress.com we pay extra to have sydneystargazers.com

      There are 49,264,542 blogs from all over the world on wordpress.com and we are one of them. Just because our blog uses an American server does not make it a plot.

      As we have stated in other posts, people who want to find a conspiracy will find any excuse for a conspiracy.

      Just yesterday, one comment was made on a conspiracy site as follows:

      “There is a very sensitive NASA Warning for a massive and dangerous meteors shower on October 2011 (Draconids), and at the end of September the closest approach to ELENIN…. “

      Absolute rubbish and fear-mongering at its worst………….The Draconids happen every year and have no connection to Elenin what so ever.

      • The problem is possibilities get dismissed because of the conspiracy bull!

        I wish more people were interested in the truth rather than pointing fingers and blame…

        Sydney Star Gazers have posted images of Comet Elenin openly and have never blocked posts, as you can see by those who disagree with them.

        C’mon lets get back to understanding our universe and stay away from ‘you are the bad guys’

  25. sydney at star gazers,

    Respectfully you never addressed the fact of how the earth’s axis shifted during two of the closer alignments.. The earths axis has never shifted during a quake but it did twice and both times were when Elenin was in alignment with the sun and the earth.

    I would also add that the alignments/quakes have gone counter clockwise around the ring of fire. Starting in chile, south america with the last in Japan. The next quake contnuing counterclock wise around the ring of fire will be the west coast of North america. We have already had a 7 pointer in Alaska just within the last couple of weeks.

  26. I can dig that terral is a nut job. however he and other conspiracy nuts have had a lot of good questions and a lot of bad info…. personally, I believe that the ancients warned us of something aweful. everyone ignores and slanders zecharia sitchin and his works. but his translation of the sumerian tablets and the wanings they give should not be ignored or attempted to be debunked. first of all, you cant debunk something 3600 years old because you have no information of that time other than the writings of the people. they claim something bad happened to them and it will come back. they knew more about the universe than we have book into books in the last 2000 years…how?

    elenin or not, apophis or not, nibiru or not.. something is happening with the planet. im open to REAL PROVABLE EVIDENCE that will shed some light on the subject. until then, I’ll keep my eye on the sky, my wallet in my pocket and a tank full of gas to keep moving.

  27. I’m curious to see what is going to happen in yellowstone.For the miles of earth to be lifted in a short period of time,all the signs point to eruption.For all you highly educated ones saying hey it ain’t going to blow for another thousand years,haaa haaaa ha.Mt. St.helens bulged just before she blew and I distinctly asked one of my educators 2 months before if it could, he laughed at me,well 2 months later 1981 she blew and proved his arogant intellect WRONG.As for elenin one will only find out but for me I’m going to stock up on food because yellowstone is one big volcano and I for one believe she’s going to blow in my lifetime.As the lord Jesus Christ had said it will be like no man has seen before, the earth will be shaken and these are only the birthing pains,I believe in the signs as the Lord said “when you see these signs head for the hills and don’t look back.

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