1st June 2011 Notes: Comet Elenin Today

The weather cleared up nicely today and we were able to reserve time on the telescope and take the picture below of Comet elenin at 10h 27m 12s +8° 13′ 27″

If you look at the closeup image below right, it is possible that the comet is now beginning to show signs of developing a tail. However it is still early and difficult to tell for sure as the closeup image is still pixely.

Elenin 1st June (Click to Enlarge)

Note From Sydneystargazers : Elenin Is Just A Comet

~ by sydneystargazers on June 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “1st June 2011 Notes: Comet Elenin Today”

  1. What is the object at 8 o’clock(just above star) from Elenin?


    • We looked at the object you refer to and that is a star called USNOA2 0975-06496632 which has a magnitude of +17.55 . There are some cloud like objects to the left of this star as well as near Elenin, but we suspect these were an optical defect when the picture was taken. If we can take a picture tomorrow, you will most likely see these “clouds” are no longer there.

      • Just curious, where the “clouds” still present the following day? Thanks

  2. If you check against Google Sky (10h 27m 12s +8° 13′ 27)it shows that all the other objects in the image are stars. In the location where Elenin should be is what appears to be a comet, but not sure how up to date Google Sky is.

    Thanks again..

    • When you look at 10h 27m 12s +8° 13′ 27 on Google Earth, you will see image 2007 sdss at the bottom of the screen.
      This means that this section of Google Sky you are looking at is from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) which was released in October 2008,.

      Images in other areas are provided to Google Sky by other astronomy groups but at this stage they would all be some years old.

  3. Well, well… every days a school day, thanks.. explains a lot…


  4. So are there are not really any up to date images of the night sky available on line, apart from guys like yourself who are able to provide up to date info…

    Well that would explain a lot of the bizzare images that have been posted, often using Google Sky as a reference.

  5. You have a picture posted of an asteroid, not elenin. Elenin coord are
    10h53m50.01s, -6 05’18.46″, Elenin is on of Nibiru’s moons that crashed into one of Jupiters moons. Nibiru is sister star to Nemisis. Comet Elenin isnt working alone, Something bigger is behind it. Wake up, see what happens when you put these coord in google sky. it moved from 5h53m43.82s -5 55’47.37 in months and thats google sky 2010. So you could only immagine. The sooner everyone gets out of denial the sooner we all can stick together. Elenin and Nibiru are breaking through the asteroid belt and we have many comets and asteroids coming, at least 3 comets and 4 asteroids to make near earth visit. What a distraction from the real thing eh. Email Nasa and tell them to remove the black box.

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