27th May 2011 Notes: Comet ToIkeya-Murakami (P2010 V1)

We missed comet elenin today so instead we will try and take a picture of another comet    : ToIkeya-Murakami (P2010 V1)

By it’s designation this is a comet that was also discovered in 2010.

This comet is slightly brighter than Elenin is at the moment with a magnitude of  +12.85  and is going to be at the position of RA 16h 59m 57s DEC -37°  21′ 02″ in the constellation of Scorpius.

While Elenin is 274.3 million km from Earth today , comet ToIkeya-Murakami (P2010 V1) is currently 225.5 million km from us.

We have added the picture below of comet ToIkeya-Murakami (P2010 V1) but have to admit this comet is not as evident as Elenin.

But seeing conditions today were not ideal so this may explain why the comet is not easily visible in the picture.

ToIkeya-Murakami (P2010 V1)

~ by sydneystargazers on May 27, 2011.

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