23rd May 2011 Notes: Today’s Image of Comet Elenin

We were going to cancel today’s photo opportunity of comet elenin due to poor weather conditions, however we changed our minds and took the shot any way….though the result as shown below left was effected by light cloud.

At the time of taking the picture, Elenin was at RA 10h 27m 22s     DEC +8° 10′ 16″.

In the picture below, the image on the left is the original image while that on the right is our processed version.

Elenin is in the middle of each picture.

Elenin 23rd May 2011 (Click to Enlarge)

Note From Sydneystargazers : Elenin Is Just A Comet

~ by sydneystargazers on May 23, 2011.

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