22nd May 2011 Notes: When Will We Not See Elenin?

We are going to take as many pictures a week as we can of  Elenin, however we know that time is running out for us.

We actually have 55 days and counting down before we are unable to take pictures of elenin. Somewhere around July 16 or thereabouts, Elenin will be too low to the horizon for us to see.

When that happens, at this stage we are looking at the last picture being taken of Elenin on July 16th and then we will have to wait until October 4 before it appears again.

When we see it again Elenin will be 43.7 million km from Earth and we should see a nice tail to the comet.

We will look for alternative means to catch Elenin during those months but it is unlikely to be a daily capture.

~ by sydneystargazers on May 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “22nd May 2011 Notes: When Will We Not See Elenin?”

  1. thanx for all the info on Elenin, there is so much hype out there, you guys are great factual with no burrow to push either way, I have a question? in Oct. when Elenin reappears how will we see it?

    • That is a good question nikki………. I suspect at that stage we should be able to see Elenin without a telescope in october and it should have a tail of sorts. But if it’s orbit changes and it moves further away from us, then you may need a telescope to see it if you live in a city area.

  2. lets say it veers a little closer to the earth, how large would it look in the sky? and (lol) deos it reflect light?

  3. Thanks for the images and thanks for keeping your views balanced

    Nice one…

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