22nd May 2011 Notes: Today’s Pictures of Comet Elenin

In our picture below, we have included 3 images.

The left hand image shows a line pointing to where comet elenin is in the picture,

The middle image is the first of our pictures of elenin today . When you look at it, it appears to be two dots of light. This is due to a star peeking out from behind elenin.

The picture on the far right was taken 90 minutes later and shows comet elenin has moved and is no longer near the star that was behind it.

Just a note…. the dust clouds we were talking about yesterday seem to have disappeared from the area they were in yesterday. We are looking at that over the next few days but perhaps it was an effect caused by moonlight on the telescope or perhaps very fine cloud in the sky.

Elenin 22nd May (Click to Enlarge)

Note From Sydneystargazers : Elenin Is Just A Comet

~ by sydneystargazers on May 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “22nd May 2011 Notes: Today’s Pictures of Comet Elenin”

  1. So dim and so dark.. how much longer until you can get a good picture ?
    Also i’ve seen this talk of 80,000km wide with fuzz around it ..etc – this is like 7x the size of earth.. should it not look bigger in the pics ?

    • There is a lot of bad information going around the Internet at the moment regarding Elenin so it is hard to know what is real and what is fake.
      The nucleus of the comet could be between 4 and 12 km in size so I am not sure what the 80,000 km wide thing refers to.
      Because Elenin is still beyond the orbit of Mars, it is unlikely that a tail has developed yet.

      So until it get closer , it will be small, dim and dark.

      Our current pictures will last to the 16th of July to return early October.

      But we are looking at options of how to capture pictures of elenin between July and October… but it may be weekly instead of daily pictures.

  2. What is the RA DEC of this photo? I’m teaching myself how to find the starfield that Elenin is in an attempt to estimate the magnitude of it’s brightness over time.

    Thanks, Charley

    ps. Thanks for posting this information. It is exciting to follow this comet and watch it’s development.

    CCL Jr.

  3. Concordo com os astrônomos, que dizem não
    ter o mesmo potencial para nos causar danos.
    Se acompanho o noticiário a respeito, apenas
    é, por ser um admirador da astronomia.


    I agree to the astronomers, who say not to have the same potential stop in them causing damages. If I follow the reporter the respect, only is, for being an admirer of astronomy.

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