19th May 2011 Notes: Could This be the Tail of Comet Elenin?

We looked at our last picture which was relatively free of moonlight interference, posted back on the 10th of May.

We processed this to take a really close look at comet Elenin to try and see why some scientists in China are suggesting that there is a large UFO or indeed a fleet of UFOs hiding in the tail of the comet.

Halfway through processing the image, we did actually get to a stage where there were 4 or 5 dots of light which people could assume were spaceships behind the comet.

But we continued the processing and we came up with the picture below.

The image below left is our original picture of Elenin from 10th May. We have drawn a rectangle around the area which we zoomed into and show below right.

Looking at the results, we are wondering if this shot has captured material streaming off the comet and beginning to form a more visible tail.

Tail of Elenin 10th May (Click to Enlarge)

Note From Sydneystargazers : Elenin Is Just A Comet

~ by sydneystargazers on May 19, 2011.

One Response to “19th May 2011 Notes: Could This be the Tail of Comet Elenin?”

  1. The UFO thing is probably a hoax, but you never know. There seems to be other bodies with Elenin on google sky, but again possibly not the most accurate images…


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