18th May 2011 Notes: When Elenin Last Visited Us

Due to comet Elenin’s very high elliptical orbit, when it passes the sun it travels a very long distance into space before turning around and making it’s way back. The comet eventually turns back when it’s speed moving away from the Sun slows down enough for the gravity of the Sun to once again pull on the comet and bring it back towards the Sun.

Because of it’s orbit, it takes Elenin somewhere between 9,000 and 12,000 years to orbit the Sun. We calculated about 11,000 years.

So what was life like when we were last visited by comet elenin?

We were in the Neolithic age about 9800 BC , a time where our farming of plants was limited to einkorn wheat,  millet and spelt and we began domesticating dogs, sheep and goats. This was a time when we first made use of pottery.

And when Elenin was last here we were all walking around in clothes made from animal skins.

So a lot has changed since Elenin’s visit in 9800 BC and considering that Elenin will not be back for at least another 9000 years, this is our one and only chance of seeing it later this year.

~ by sydneystargazers on May 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “18th May 2011 Notes: When Elenin Last Visited Us”

  1. Approximately 11,0000 years ago abrupt climate change as revealed by gases trapped in the ice caused major extinctions. Quote from website http://mirrorh.com/timeline1.html: “These staggering losses, involving the violent obliteration of more than 40 million animals, were not spread out evenly over the whole period; on the contrary, the vast majority of the extinctions occured in just two thousand years, between 11,000 BC and 9000 BC. To put this in perspective, during the previous 300,000 years only about twenty genera had disappeared.”

  2. I’ve been reading on various rumor sites that Elenin’s orbit around the sun is 38,000 years. Most of the information found on the Elenin rumor mills is pure conjecture, but it makes me wonder if the orbit calculations will modify as time goes by?

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