18th May 2011 Notes: Today’s Image of Comet Elenin

Todays Clouds

Not only were we up against the light of a full moon but we also had cloud in the area as shown on the left…….. however we still managed to see comet elenin.

As with yesterday, our picture of Elenin is not high quality due to weather and moon conditions, however you can easily see the comet in our picture below.

The image below was processed by sydneystargazers.com

Elenin 18th May (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on May 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “18th May 2011 Notes: Today’s Image of Comet Elenin”

  1. hi to,sydneystargazer,
    can you verfy sighting of a group of lights following comet elenin? they are thought to be a group of space craft,? according to chinese sources.

    • Hi Jan, there is no evidence at all of one or even a group of spacecraft following behind comet elenin. You will note that these supposed Chinese sources never released an image to backup their statement.

      We put this in the same category as the rumor of 3 large space ships spotted beyond the orbit of Pluto and heading this way….. they actually were film blemishes on the detailed sky maps at wikisky.org.

      We will continue to take pictures of Elenin as often as we can over the remainder of the year and we are sure that people will soon discover that Elenin is nothing but a comet.

      We would like to remind people that just because someone claims on the Internet that they are a Chinese scientist or work for NASA, this does not necessarily mean that they actually do.

      Believe only half of what you see on the Internet, and even then be suspicious of what you believe to be true.

  2. Hi, thanks for the continual updates on Elenin, also for the wise council,i am suspicious by nature, but will be boubly so in the coming months.Jan

    • Thanks Jan……… as they say , never believe everything you read and always be suspicious of what you do read and believe. We are on top of the stories about brown dwarfs , Nibiru and UFOs… but seriously these pictures we are taking of Elenin are not any different to pictures of other comets we have taken. We see no evidence suggesting that elenin is anything else but a comet and that it will pass us later in the year and we will never see it again.

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