6th May 2011 Notes: Comet Elenin Up Close

We processed our image of Elenin as shown in the last post and came up with a closeup view of the comet in color.

The image below was processed by sydneystargazers.com

Comet Elenin 6th May (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on May 6, 2011.

5 Responses to “6th May 2011 Notes: Comet Elenin Up Close”

  1. Excellent!


  2. Great shot! True colors?

    Okay, I assume I am looking at the “COMA” of the comet. Does Sydney Star Gazers care to estimate the size of the nucleus?


    • The color in our picture would not be the true colors of comet Elenin…… we simply used the different colors to highlight the features of the comet as we are seeing it.

      I think most of the times we get to see the comets in a green color, but who knows what their true color is.

      It is impossible to tell the size of the comet without us actually sending a spacecraft there to measure it. Sadly the budget of sydneystargazers probably wouldn’t even pay for the rocket fuel, let alone pay for the spaceship. But with other spacecraft that have visited comets all have them have found the comets to be less than 10 kilometres in size.

  3. what is Elenin’s coordinates?

  4. How far away is Elenin?

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