3rd May 2011 Notes: Comet Levy p/2006 T1

We have noted on the Internet that some people are concerned about another comet which will be near Earth at the end of this year.

Comet Levy P/2006 T1 has an orbit which will take it near Earth’s orbit of the Sun around the 27th of December this year.

But as you can see in the orbital diagram below, where the Earth and the comet are travelling in the downward direction, when the Earth reaches it’s closest position to Levy’s orbital path, comet Levy is way behind the Earth.

And for people worried about the tail of Levy and will the Earth go through it, keep in mind that the tail of a comet always points away from the Sun….. as we have shown by the blue dotted line on the picture below.

In our view Comet Levy p/2006 T1 should be a good observational target for us to see later this year.

Levy P 2006 T1 (Click to enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on May 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “3rd May 2011 Notes: Comet Levy p/2006 T1”

  1. Levy P/2006 T1 crosses Earth’s orbit approximately 3 days behind Earth, meaning it is at the same point where Earth is 3 days later than Earth is there. It won’t be back until 2017 and viewing conditions then look to be less favorable.

  2. Pointed the 16″ N Refr near SE of Orion and ran to get camera/attach it and took a very interesting photo. Poor quality (but clear enough) as I had to go to full digital zoom – it was very faint. Taken from near Queenstown (TAS). After an opinion but unable to upload. Looks like large dull pink object with 3 tiny sats. Thought you all might be able to share some thoughts as to what it could be. Not sure where this should be posted, not good with internet. I don’t think it is a comet, there is a coma, but maybe just illusion with zoom. Also, the colour??

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