25th April 2011 Notes: Elenin – In space there are no rectangles

While we monitor Comet Elenin as it makes it’s way further into our solar system, we do investigate some of the videos , pictures and topics about Elenin as well as topics aboutPlanet X, Nibiru and brown dwarfs supposedly approaching Earth.

For example we decided to have a look at the following picture which seems to be going viral around the Internet and is reported to be a picture of comet Elenin itself.

A Popular Supposed Image of Comet Elenin

Now from what we gather this picture is one which leads people to believe that a Jupiter sized object is following behind Elenin…..

So we decided to break down this picture and have a much closer look at it……

Below we have two pictures……. a color version lifted from the video circulating around the Internet, and the second one is a black and white which is possibly the original picture used for the video and colorized.

We do not know where this picture came from but we now believe it could be suspect. In our pictures below, follow the pictures from left going right and you will see that at the centre of the supposed comet are 3 rectangles……

As a result , we call this picture very suspect . As we mentioned already, we do not know the source of this picture but finding rectangular shapes in both versions of the picture  raises many questions about this particular picture.

Please note that both images below are fairly large pictures and show each step of the way that we broke down these images of Elenin..

After viewing the 2 pictures below, have a look at the first picture above and you can see the rectangular shapes in the “blue”  picture.

The images below were broken down by sydneystargazers.com

Breaking down the image of Elenin from the video (Click to Enlarge)

Breaking down the source picture (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on April 25, 2011.

13 Responses to “25th April 2011 Notes: Elenin – In space there are no rectangles”

  1. An excellent job!

    I have seen, it is way too easy to fake images with certain computer programs … but they can always be found out, as you just displayed 🙂

  2. That photo is a Hubble photo apparently. As shown in the following link by Robert A.M. Stephens from NASA. The photo is courtesy of “The Hubble Space Telescope Institute, Maryland, USA-NASA”.


  3. NASA (David Morrison) says that the photo is actually Comet 81P/Wild. See the first link below.

    Now here’s the where it gets a bit murky:

    On 21st April 2011, NASA (David Morrison) also states in the same link; “I don’t know how this particular photo of Comet Wild became associated with Elenin”


    On 10th February 2011, NASA (Robert A.M. Stephens) says that this photo is Comet Elenin (see second link below), courtesy of “The Hubble Space Telescope Institute”.

    So, it looks like NASA has been misleading NASA.




  4. So…does anyone know if Nasa released the image with the rectangles as an authentic Hubble image?

    • We tracked the picture back to a site that claimed it was from an observatory……. however when we looked at the observatory’s site it is not included in the pictures for that site. We don’t believe this picture is from NASA or Hubble.

  5. Thanks for breaking down the supposed Elenin pics that have been causing all the ruckus.

  6. sydneystargazers:

    Was the photo that you tracked back to a website, uploaded earlier than the 10th Feb? Do you have a link?

    If it wasn’t then NASA released the photo via:


    If it was then that’s obviously the original source…unless someone can point to an ealier source.


  7. The original photo was taken by Steve E. Farmer Jr of the Tzec Maun Observatory and it is apparently an image of Comet Wild. The image was used as an illustration in an article about Elenin but clearly identified as comet Wild.


    It appears it went viral as an image of Elenin. But this doesn’t answer the question about the ‘rectangles’ which are clearly present in the image. Perhaps its pixelized.

  8. There is a Robert Stevens who claims he works for NASA who used this image and titled it:

    Comet Elenin
    Courtesy: The Hubble Space Telescope Institute, Maryland, USA-NASA

    I don’t know if he really works for NASA, but it is this kind of disinformation that has the ‘regular’ people of the world wondering what the heck is going on with this particular comet. Why all the mystery? Why no main stream media coverage? Why is there a black square in Google sky at the approximate location of this ‘comet’? Why on earth was it called ‘Elenin’ (named after an amateur astronomer who is himself dubious), when the name clearly fuels conspiracy theories? There are many more questions.

    It is reasonable to assume the world powers would not want an extinction level event known to Joe Public. If I were a member of the governing elite, I would agree to keep it under wraps. The citizens of the world would go nuts…and that would be useless. So…the incredible lack of useful information and rather angry denial of the rumors by those charged to speak about Elenin only serves to fuel the controversy and fear.

  9. that is actually the picture of comet 81/p (wild)

    I asked david morrison the question on nasa’s ask an astrobiologist, and he said thats a borrowed picture

  10. Yes, the image was obviously ‘borrowed’. The problem is that Mr. Stevens, who claims he works for NASA, stated the image was ‘Courtesy: The Hubble Space Telescope Institute, Maryland, USA-NASA’. This Stevens guy is all over the web and works as a rude debunker, in fact the blog where he posted the image was a ridicule of a Elenin conspiracy believer. It amazes me how childish the debunkers act with their insults and nasty remarks. They do this to make people feel foolish for being interested.

    The image is still posted, and still falsely labeled at: http://www.usmessageboard.com/conspiracy-theories/154720-terral-here-is-comet-elenin-for-real.html


  11. If this object really is just a small “wimpy” comet, then are all the professional astronomers telling me that they can’t even give me a damn picture of the thing? I mean for pete’s sake, have you seen Hubble’s deep space pics?! God’s Eye!? C’mon, that damn thing can see THAT, but NOT this comet that is REALLY close? I’m no fear monger, but c’mon people. I just left a comment over at space.com, bc all I see are the mainstream “credible” space websites, quoting each other and nasa, with NOTHING new to say. Is there a mass value of this object yet? How big is it? Tell us something! I have a damn 5 inch reflector telescope. and while I’m no “astronomer” by any means, I enjoyed my astronomy classes in college very much and have always been interested in the sky and my universe….so why can’t I get some more info the thing? Ya know? Some things just seem very “off” about this and I am pretty open minded, so it’s sort of one of those “don’t make it so secret and confusing, and I won’t freak out over it” type of things. Anyone hearing me? Start with the simple questions…

  12. the hubble is in deep space, they can’t just zoom it back whenever wherever they want, there are many real photos taken from observatories that show Elenin, it look like a comet, its hardly as impressive as comets in the past as far as coma and size and nothing is seen behind it or around it. could the ‘death star’ be out there, sure, but no data points to this being it, remember all those people that drank the kool aid??? or how soon we forget

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