25th April 2011 Notes: Comet Elenin – One Hour and Counting

Conditions are looking good today and we have reserved telescope time in an hour from now to try and take a picture of Comet  Elenin at the following position:

Reservation 25th April 2011


We took the following picture of where Elenin should be but there was no sign of the comet. Seeing conditions today were not what we were hoping for so this effected the ability to see the faint comet.

If seeing conditions were better, then we should see the comet in the middle of that circle. We enhanced the image below and were able to pick up 15 very faint light sources within the circle not seen in the picture below, but there was no way to tell which of those 15 objects were stars and which was our comet.

no sign of Elenin 25th April (Click to enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on April 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “25th April 2011 Notes: Comet Elenin – One Hour and Counting”

  1. Good luck my friends! 🙂

  2. the necromongers are lost..they are suppose to go to hellion prime guess we all have to be necromongers and head on to the underverse. dang where is riddick when you need him

  3. Yarr, us here in SA watching your nice site for our el enin info, you know it’s Wormwood hey? I think y’all must contact the dudes in Sutherland here in the cape, the Boers are ready and waiting for our dear el enin, it brings change.

  4. No disrespect meant here … Where did it go?


  5. Apparently we should be able to see it around August/September without a telescope.

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