20th April 2011 Notes: Location of Comet Elenin

Below is the location of  Comet Elenin today at RA 10h 49m 31s and Dec 5° 52’ 13” as at midnight Sydney time in the constellation Sextans. Yesterday Elenin had a magnitude of  +15.54 and today it will be +15.52.

The position of Elenin is indicated by the green dot and the yellow line indicates it’s movement across the sky in the prior 24 hours.

Elenin Location 20th April (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on April 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “20th April 2011 Notes: Location of Comet Elenin”

  1. So this is 100 % nibiru and we only have about 6 months left?

  2. I wonder if there is any truth to all the prophecies, often these things are loosely based of fact… often very loosely..

    I guess we will not know until we get some better images, and see if Comet Elenin’s alleged travelling companions are still there.

    However, the earth has been here for a long time and so has humans, not to mention all of the other species found here on earth, so to be honest I doubt anything will happen apart from a small glowing object flying across the night sky.

    I think sometimes people want to find more, even if it is negative, because often most people feel that they want things to change and what better change than the end of all things!

    Interesting stuff though if you take the time to read up..


  3. I have read parts of the Colbrin Bible which tell of the passing of the Destroyer (Egyptian memory) and the Frightener (Celtic memory). The Destroyer is made of iron which is radioactive and is surrounded by a huge cloud of super-hot, sharp, iron filings, rocks, huge balls of ice (described as looking like teeth as they bombard earth). There is a very long tail on this thing, commemorated in the illustration of the “serpent mound” found both in Britain and the U.S.A. The tail waves all over the place it dips down into earth and up again and is depicted with an arrow at its end, suggesting it as the dangerous part. It causes fire in the sky and on the ground, burning trees, etc. There is a loud trumpeting noise, perhaps as the air enveloped is impacted, and the suggestion is that you run TO the noise (that is where the AIR still is to breathe, and not AWAY from it.) After the passing, a grey looking ash is left on the ground which is radioactive and causes illness. This same ash, when flying around at hurricane speeds, slashes the skin open. When it has passed, all open sources of water look red from the IRON ash and renders the water poisonous to drink. Revelations says 1/3 of all living will die. As the tail dips down to earth, the earth swells up like a loaf of bread to meet it. So does the water. The surface tension of the water is decreased and whirlpools form sinking ships. This is because the air is sucked up to the passing tail and away from the surface of the planet. If you can still breathe, the iron clogs the lungs.

    If you turn the Google image of earth moving up from Australia, along to Sinai Peninsula, across Syria and the Sahara Desert, across the Atlantic, across northern Mexico and Arizona, over to Los Angeles, you will see a pathway of extreme deserts along which I believe the Destroyer passed previously, burning everything as it passed. The Hopi say it cut a 200 mile wide swath of fire along Arizona and then went on to destroy a city which once ocupied Los Angeles (then a Reptilian City). Around 1600 B.C. (the exodus), in the town of Babbidra (not sure of spelling)in Syria huge numbers of incinerated corpses were found by archeologists. I believe they were incinerated by the Destroyer.

    Revelations says all islands will disappear. Mountains will become Valleys, etc, the earth will be pulled too and fro as a Drunkard (as the Destroyer passes). Nostradamus says (not in these words) that many hands will be out for water and food after the Comet passes–the water will be undrinkable. So, collect vats of water and food. If you live, you will need it. Nostradamus also said the Comet would come out of Leo. I followed his quatrains which had “Fire in the Sky.” The Pope’s Palace will be destroyed and the Pope will die. Two towns in south-western corner of France will burn down as the comet passes. Also, fish in the Mediterranean near the land will be Cooked by the heat or fire by a heat source in the sky. France sends a message to New York City warning them of “Fire in the Sky” on the way to them. I was trying to find the trajectory of the Destroyer’s Tail as it passed over the Mediterranean on its way to New York City at 45 degrees, according to Nostradamus.

    My mother died more than a year ago. I received a photograph of my grand niece’s new baby girl. At six weeks old, she was the living image of my mother. In a dream, she said to me, “I was dead and I am alive again!” If you die, you will be sent back to live again…UNFORTUNATELY. Check out Reincarnation on You-tube, read everything, even the psychiatrist who claims to have regressed 4000 people to their past lives undr hypnosis. Two-thirds of the way through his You-tube presentation, his Reptilian Tongue remains for some time 1″ out of the corner of his mouth. He Swallows noticibly to get it back in. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD!

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