18th April 2011 Notes: Processing Our 2nd Picture of Comet Elenin

Because the picture we took today of Elenin was so badly effected by Moonlight and therefore there was a lot of noise in the background of the picture, we decided to process the image and try and highlight comet Elenin in the picture.

Due to the poor quality of the picture we took a few hours ago, we have kept the picture below a small size.

The image below was processed by sydneystargazers.com

enhanced view of Elenin 18th April

~ by sydneystargazers on April 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “18th April 2011 Notes: Processing Our 2nd Picture of Comet Elenin”

  1. The images of Elenin are fantastic!

    And are also giving up more information as to what is coming … Excellent work!
    My take on the object. It does show that it is made up of two objects…This comes out as the double rectangles shown in the center of the formation. There is also indication of surrounding objects accompanying the main body.

    Other views of the this object. The first is the original, followed by enhancements…This show various views of the object in it’s totality.

    If you know of other images of Elenin … please pass them along.


  2. @Amy Evans So is this actually Nibiru?? A brown dwarf with planets revolving around it?

  3. Aditya

    It is very hard to say right now … the first two objects are clearly not Nibiru from the ancient descriptions … one appears to fit the description from ancient times of “The Destroyer”

    The third object coming behind the first two by at least a month or more … seems to fit the description of Nibiru … the Planet of the Crossing. A Brown Dwarf Star with at least 6 Planets that should be interacting with our solar system right about now http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1530272525/name/Image+8.jpg NASA found this object back in 1983, but has remained quiet about it ever since.


  4. First 2 objects? could u point out which ones cuz there are many here! and is it 100% sure that the “third object” is nibiru? i mean you cant judge anything rite now? and when can we see nibiru if its really out there ? i dont think this is Nibiru as if it really was a dwarf star, 3 to 4 times jupiters mass, we could be seeing it by now as its 3 to 4 times closer than jupiter to earth currently….

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