18th April 2011 Notes: Earth Through Tail of Comet Elenin

When Elenin passes close by the Earth, this means there is a very good chance of our planet Earth passing through the tail of the comet.

And this apparently worries a lot of people.

Keep in mind that way back in in 1910 we also passed through the tail of a very famous comet….

On May 19th ,1910, Halley’s Comet passed directly between the Earth and the Sun and back then it was thought the passing through the comet’s tail would mark the end of the world. This of course did not happen and the only thing that was observed was a band of lights crossing the night sky.

So with Elenin we are hoping that we will get to see this show of lights at night time again as the Earth passes through the tail of comet Elenin.

Through The Comet's Tail

~ by sydneystargazers on April 18, 2011.

5 Responses to “18th April 2011 Notes: Earth Through Tail of Comet Elenin”

  1. The problem with the this, is that the idea of this being just a comet immature, and the lights that lit up the sky in 1910 was a geomagnetic storm that at a minimum will create major issues with our satellites and other electronic based entities that run our life. Imagine the amount of death that will occur when we get sent back to 1910.

  2. I know that there are articles claiming that the Earth did pass through the tail of Halley’s back in 1910, but checking that out on JPL, it doesn’t seem to line up…at least not in May 1910 which is the date that is given in many articles. To me I would think it would be closer to Sept 24-27th 1910, but at that point, it is slightly above Earth’s plane, but still lining up better than May 1910.

    Elenin does line up so that if the tail is big enough, it would pass across the Earth Sept 25-27th. It could cause some havoc with satelites as solar flares do, but we’re talking different particles than a solar flare, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not.

    • Hi brewcrew, you say “if the tail is big enough” the Earth could pass through it between Sept 25-27th 2011. There has been statements on the web (leo Elenin’s site) that say the current tail length is about 900,000 km. Seeing how far away it is, how possible is it that the tail will get big enough to be a problem? Also, how big can it get (anything to compare against)??

      Thanks in advance!

      • Hi Dan,

        I’m definitely not a comet expert, but here’s what I found:

        On Sept 25th, Elenin will be 0.412AU from Earth, or over 61 million km away. If the tail doesn’t grow all that much, then no, it won’t even be close, but if it does grow to over 61 million miles long, then it does have a chance to sweep past Earth.

        Digging around, I found mentions of the great comet of 1843 having a tail of 250 million km and more recently, in 1996, Hyakutake’s tail being 500 million km long. Hyakutake’s tail came nowhere near Earth…not sure about the on from 1843. These two seem to have the largest tails and probably not typical, so I’m really not sure if 61 million km+ is possible for Elenin.

        Additionally, some comets have two tails – one that is mostly dust and another that is mostly gas.

  3. The Russian’s and Spanish photos indicate a 900,000 Km long tail trailing behind Elenin


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