16th April 2011 Notes: Orbit of Elenin 16th April

We thought it was probably an idea to show everyone exactly where Comet Elenin is today in it’s orbit.

The picture below shows the orbital position of Elenin for the 16th compared to the Earth as well as it’s position in 2 months time .

Elenin will pass the average orbit of Mars on June 28 as it moves closer towards the Sun , swinging around it on September 18.

Comet Elenin Orbit 16th April

~ by sydneystargazers on April 16, 2011.

63 Responses to “16th April 2011 Notes: Orbit of Elenin 16th April”

  1. One thing to keep in mind my friends … this “Elenin” is not alone … there are two objects that are both coming together … the Spanish photos clearly show two objects, and they have been annualized … interesting images to say the least.

    And there is a third larger object just a little behind these first two.

    For those interested, please contact me off line


    • I’m am VERY interested. I would be interested in what you have learned about Elenin either of your own work or information from other sources that you may have.
      I have a 40+ year old degree in Space and Planetary Physics and have not been able to keep up with the field. A lot of catch up has been accomplished by teaching Introductory Astronomy classes for the last 3 or 4 years, but I make no claims as to being an accomplished astronomer.
      Thank you so much for your time and interest.
      Charley C. Langley Jr.

    • Hi Amy,

      Im not sure how to contact you offline?

  2. I would be happy to share what my friends and I have on Elenin, and the Brown Dwarf.

    Contact me at capricornamy1159@yahoo.com

    I have several more


  3. This will cause a major catastrophe in Sept..

    Why is this not being shared with the world?

    and can you post more links, please

  4. I would like to know , if possible, the Elenin coordinates

  5. Charley C. Langley Jr.

    You, and others can reach me at capricornamy1159@yahoo.com

    My friends and I are checking all of the images, including those from this group for all of the information on the 3 objects that are coming … the two objects that make up Elenin (http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1775043639/name/C2010X1_FTN_20110103-web.jpg)(http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/239285663/name/016++Nibiru+taken+with+NASA+SkyView+Virtual+Observatory+reveiling+the+whole+object+++on+7+17+09+at+13+48+39.98++-08+27+44.3.jpg), and the Brown Dwarf (http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/617526481/name/px3dq3.jpg)(http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/297565621/name/C2010X1-110408-J47.jpg) that is about a month or more behind Elenin.

    The problem we are having is trying to determin which of these objects are what … Nibiru (The Planet of the Crossing) … orbiting around a Brown Dwarf Star beyond Pluto … http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1530272525/name/Image+8.jpg or “The Destroyer” from ancient times?


  6. the links on yahoo seem to be broken. status 404 is what i get.. maybe because i am on mobile internet?

  7. Or because of my faulty typing 😦

    Sorry 😦

  8. I am really sorry for my typing … you all should have been able to view the links now.

    Charley, if you still have the PDF you mentioned, please send me a copy to capricornamy1159@yahoo.com

    I would like to thank the members and others who have e-mailed me about information 🙂 Please mention Elenin in the “Subject” line, as I recieve way to many “No Subject” e-mails, and delete them.

    Our best guess is that the Brown Dwarf Star is about a month, or slightly more behind the first two objects. We also think that the first two objects are at least 7 to 15KM in size.

    We would like to ask for help here … there are many people here with a great deal more knowledge than I or some of my friends … please jump in and add your opinions.


  9. Elenin now Visible on Stereo Ahead H1?

    For all the debunkers out there. How can a comet with a nucleus of 3-4km wide block out the dam sun on sep 26-27th 2011?? If you say I have the wrong info tell Mr leonid elenin that!

  10. Feb. 18, 2011 Can WISE Find the Hypothetical ‘Tyche’?

    Jun. 24, 2010 The Coolest Stars Come Out of the Dark

    some thing I came across that didnt make any sense at all. Ok if it’s a dam hypothetical object then why do you rename it none the less some thing greek lol They should of just named it tycus. maybe some of these sheeple would wake up.

    Kirkpatrick says that it’s possible that WISE could find an icy, Neptune-sized or bigger object in the far reaches of our solar system — thousands of times farther from the sun than Earth. There is some speculation amongst scientists that such a cool body, if it exists, could be a brown dwarf companion to our sun. (This hypothetical object) has been nicknamed “Nemesis.”

    “We are now calling the hypothetical brown dwarf Tyche instead, after the benevolent counterpart to Nemesis,” said Kirkpatrick. “Although there is only limited evidence to suggest a large body in a wide, stable orbit around the sun, WISE should be able to find it, or rule it out altogether.”

    Nasa Data Release
    April 14, 2011 theres alot of shit on here lol http://wise2.ipac.caltech.edu/docs/release/prelim/index.html

  11. Good morning my friends,

    What I have found most interesting in my research over the last 4 or more years, has been just to Google a name, or object, and sit back and see what others a lot more knowledgeable have already found … then double check it, and have someone annualize it.

    There are plenty of really good photos/images of this “Elenin” and its traveling companions on the web, from all over the globe … here are a few that have just been enhanced …

    The majority of the members here are far smarter than I in these matters, so I will not comment, but just leave these images for you to check out.


    BTW … I really am interested in your works Charlie 🙂

  12. Where is my post from yesterday?

  13. Please watch the following videos

    Have you seen these videos concerning Elenin/dwarf star?


    Here is NASA’s tracker on Elenin, so you can verify for yourself information in the above videos


    Again here is NASA’s quote on this Asteroid

    Apollo, “will be the closest approach to date by an object this large that we know about in advance and an event of this type will not happen again until 2028”

    Interestingly, the approach date is Nov 8th very close to the date of Nov 5, the date when the earth crosses the path of Elenin’s debris tale


    Please check all the information I have enclosed in this email

    and let me know what you think


  14. I tried posting again and this time the post went thru above..

    i would ask that everyone please investigate all the above information and please let me know what you think.

    As I am not astronomer..

    But can easily use NASA’s tools posted above and I see the same results.

    Does anyone know where I can find similar tools NASA uses project the orbits of objects??

  15. Comet Elenin seems too bright to be a brown dwarf, I understand that a brown dwarf emits more infrared, and seen as very dull in visible light.

    Does anyone have any images taken in the infrared band? This should also display any surrounding object emitting excessive infrared.

    So far it is all just speculation rather than hard fact, this does not mean that a brown dwarf may or may not be there, but it does all mean we do not truly know at the moment.

    However in time all will be revealed…

    Quote: (http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/starsgalaxies/brown_dwarf_detectives.html)
    Brown dwarfs are failed stars about the size of Jupiter, with a much larger mass but not quite large enough to become stars. Like the sun and Jupiter, they are composed mainly of hydrogen gas, perhaps with swirling cloud belts. Unlike the sun, they have no internal energy source and emit almost no visible light. Brown dwarfs are formed along with stars by the contraction of gases and dust in the interstellar medium, McLean said. The first brown dwarf was not discovered until 1995, yet McLean suspects the galaxy is teeming with them.

    Gas giant planets like Jupiter were formed from gaseous material surrounding the young star.
    Credit: NASA
    “Brown dwarfs are so elusive, so hard to find,” McLean said. “They can be detected best in the infrared, and even within the infrared, they are very difficult to detect. We detect the heat glow from these faint objects in the infrared. Typically, they have to be relatively close by, within 100 light years, for us to even detect the heat signature”

  16. Yes pst007x … NASA has a great many theories, and learned information, and hopefully is learning more as we speak. But there is a vast amount of information we do not know, and things out in space we have never seen or understood when we did see them.

    A lot of people here in the US do not trust everything our Gov puts out 🙂

    Andy, over at Darkstar has a fine web site, and I have been in contact with him … there is an excelent chance that StarViewerTeam used some of his information in their works.

    What ever the source, there has been a growing body of information since 1983, that NASA knows about something very large they found out beyond Pluto … call it what you will.

    Leaked images from 2008, and the new images caught by Gustaco and Bernhard and others, closely match, and show something about the size of Jupiter heading this way … following very close to the path the two objects being called Elenin are taking.

    There are quite a few images of Elenin on the web now, and more are appearing almost every day … if any of the members here, or any of the great deal of watchers are interested, please look carefully at them, and enhance & enlarge them and see what you find. Hopefully, you will share your results 🙂

    SF, Ca USA

  17. Sorry, I meant “Gustavo” 😦

    I do not know if Elenin is in your daily news … it is not being mentioned on the News Media here in the States at all … our only source is the internet.


  18. The buzzroom.nasa.gov had videos on it talking about comet elenin last month and its still down any one know why? I had the video on youtube and that got taken down you can still see it i just have to find it but it was just my channle. all my videos about comet elenin and new planets and planet x were taken down im not lying. but ill post them

  19. Hi Amy,

    No mention of Comet Elenin on the UK news. It is strange, I feel, that considering all the observations and hype on the internet and the fact that it will pass relatively close, there is no mention of it, however other comets in the past have been mentioned.

    I have noticed contradiction in the many images of “Comet Elenin”, some show clearly just a single comet, others show a comet accompanied by other bodies, whilst still others show no comet and only a brown dwarf surrounded by orbiting objects.

    We need more images, as I am sure they will appear in the coming months. Perhaps an image of the “comet” taken in the infrared, if brown dwarfs emit more infrared and less visible light it will reveal clearly if there is a brown dwarf there or not. Does anyone have the equipment that can achieve this?

    Is it true that videos on youtube related to Elenin are being removed? If so this only adds to the conspiracy….

  20. What do you guys think of this controlled comet headed towards earth?


  21. just found some thing new

    • Spike … please point me to the part you would like us to read?

      There is quite a bit of information here … and sorry bout my bad typing 😦

  22. Might be planet x. It’s not the sun watch the hole thing and it’s way to bright to be venus and in the wrong spot. compair it to the JPL or normal orbit of earth and see were venus is and the sun 🙂

  23. Skip … this type of info has been floating around since 2009 … that the PTB in each country has known about these objects, and knew about when they would arrive.

    Supposedly, The Russian’s were trying to pressure NASA, and the US to tell the public the truth, but to no avail. It seems. from the Russian release, that the Brown Dwarf Star’s outermost planet … Nibiru, is in contact with beings on and orbiting the first two objects … Elenin.

    One of the first two objects has up to 13 objects tightly orbiting it http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1205462251/name/Snap_2011_04_08_15h47m06s_010.jpg

    If you look very closely, you will notice the Dark Blue objects around the central mass.

    In another photo of the same two objects, but from a different angle http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1797241799/name/Snap_2011_04_11_10h45m10s_015.jpg

    Things did not look right … so it was further enhanced

    I did not create these images, nore did I enhance them, a photo annualyst friend of mine found the information

    Believe it or not

    You are more than welcome to ask for the originals, and do your own enhancements 🙂

  24. Sorry Spike 😦

    The image at the end of the video, comes very close to this one

    Except, you can not make out the smile … as of yet.

    I contacted the gent who uploaded this video, and he agreed that they both look simular.

  25. Your to funny I hope they are nice aliens or we are going to have a mess on are hands. Maybe thats why there are so many movies about aliens trying to get us ready or some thing. (:

  26. Found this on Google sky coordinates: 09:47:27, 13:16:27
    Apparently this is in the Leo constellation, there is what appears to be a possible brown dwarf star, and it is only visible when viewing in the infrared scale.

    Found video here: http://camelotforum.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=68&id=23069&Itemid=164#23400

    Anyone have any ideas?

  27. Is it behind door number 1?

    Or behind door number 2?

    Or is it behind door number 3?

    Now, please keep in mind that there are also a few closet doors that are also behind each door 🙂

    Google’s images date from 2007, and have not been updated since.

  28. Sorry … this is door number 3

  29. its old though

  30. Spike … that is a cool video, short, but cool 🙂

    I went to the coordinates shown RA 17:17:43 DEC 33:53:11.05 and here is the image on Google Earth/Sky normal viewing

    Here is the same image under Infrared viewing

    If I am correct … Google has been using images that were imaged back in 2007 … and they have not been updating them 😦

    And, if this were our Dwarf Star … it should have been visible in both the Infrared Band, and by now, the visible Band because it would be developing a tail as in this recent image


  31. On the Google Earth program, you can save the image you are viewing by going to the tabs in the upper-left, and select save … then save image. You can then save the image into a file on your PC/Mac

  32. Thank you amy

  33. D. Yu. Tsvetkov, L. Elenin we are all right


    spread the word help him out

  34. Spike thank you for the post.. I am sharing with everyone

    • np sharing is caring Thank you elenin for putting his butt on the line. I say unplug and head for the hills go camping or some thing get away from big citys.

  35. […] no amateur. Other papers being presented by Dr. Mensur Omerbashich, are linked herein. Blogs 16th April 2011 Notes: Orbit of Elenin 16th April Sydney Star Gazers Video […]

  36. […] out area on the sky programs.^^^ [link to xa.yimg.com] All of these pictures are from this blog : [link to sydneystargazers.com] Good night and God speed […]

  37. Comet Elenin Shows up in LEO

    By: Theperfectminds
    this girl has some good gear iv been following her on youtube.
    It looks like elenin will be below earths ecliptic intill sep 24th.

    has any one found any new news?

  38. No, nothing new that I have seen. There are still no official photos of Elenin from anyone … including our NASA. The WISE Satellite was shut down a few monts ago. The only photos are coming from amature astronomers and groups like this one.


  39. Is it possible that behind Elenin is a brown dwarf? In other words Can Elenin’s brightness be concealing a brown dwarf star? please explain why or why not?

  40. Kirt
    From what I am told … most, if not all Dwarf Stars are really hard to see in the visible(DSS)band, and can only be seen in the Infrared band.
    So, if we do have one following behind the two objects being called Elenin, it will only become visible once it enters the orbit of Jupiter … because it should then develope a tail just like a comet.

    As to Elenin’s brightness hiding the BDS … I guess it might be possible.


  41. Thank you Amy.

    Where can I see the pictures that show the two objects being called Elenin?

    According to NASA’s orbit diagram Elenin is already inside the orbit of Jupiter. Are you sure we should be able to see it at that point??


    Is there anyone else you know of that is tracking Elenin? Can it only be seen in the southern hemisphere?

  42. sorry Amy I know the pictures are above in this post

  43. If you do not know the mass of an object how can you predict the orbit through our planets?

    • The orbital elements of comet elenin are shown here:


      These mathematical constants are worked out after observation of the comet or planets and are used in mathematical formula to work out the orbits around the sun.

      There have been 1741 observations made of comet elenin since the 10th of December last year and each of these observations fine tunes the orbit.

      Yes the orbit will change slightly over the next few months but it should not be a major change in the orbital parameters.

      Just for scientific note, there have been 7428 observations made of Halley’s Comet since 21st August 1835.

  44. The mass of a planet or a comet does not affect it’s orbit. The energy available to the comet at it’s greatest distance from the Sun, apehelion, and it’s velocity at that point determine the orbit. This is why Kepler’s empirically (experimentally) determined laws ‘worked’. It took Newton’s great work of two generations later to explain why Kepler’s laws worked without a knowledge of the mass of the planet or comet or . . .
    It was also Newton’s work that allowed Gauss to use observations from the Earth and determine the constants that describe the orbit mathematically. These constants are called orbital elements and there are six of them. None of them have to do with the mass of the planet or comet or . . .
    Mass can be determined by the effect of another body that the comet passes close to by measuring how much the orbit changes.
    The only other way to measure the mass of a comet is to observe the mixture of the gasses that escape from it as it plunges toward the sun and measuring the diameter of the nucleus (the head of the comet) and ESTIMATING it’s mass from the density of the gasses at or below the temperature of their boiling point.
    This can be only an approximate calculation as the percent of dust grains embedded in the mixture of dust and ices is unknown.
    When I took Space and Planetary Physics over 40 years ago we referred to the comet’s nucleus as a muddy snow ball. More recently the estimate of the amount of dust in the nucleus of a typical comet has been revised upward and people are now referring to them as icy mudballs.
    Further information is now implying that every comet is different and we find ourselves back to the guessing game unless we are fortunate enough to observe the effect of a close encounter with a much larger mass (i.e. a planet or large astroid).
    It is this thrill of search and finding new and better answers that have kept me excited about space and planetary physice even during my long absence from the field.
    Charley (Charley C. Langley Jr.) Yeah! Charley is the way it is spelled on my birth certificate.

  45. How can the comet’s orbit change with out changing every thing?

    • Because a comet such as Elenin is small and has no effect on us. The comet that struck Jupiter years ago was larger than Elenin and had no effect on us at all. The video you show in your comment is assuming that Elenin is a dwarf star… which it is not. A dwarf star would have an effect on the Earth where a comet would not. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about Elenin that people have been caught up with. The truth is that Elenin is nothing more than a comet.

  46. what about these two reports both by qualified people?



    we shall see better when june 27th rolles around by that time elenin or what ever it is should be out of the belt.

    • Well we will leave it up to people to decide for themselves.

      Looking at the pictures of elenin, it appears to be nothing more than a minor comet which we are suspecting will be a bit of a fizzer and will actually pass Earth at a further distance than thought. This means you will most likely need a telescope to see it later in the year.

      • Why did nasa take down the buzzroom after some people talked about how close it will come. and its still not up. How can a 3-4km comet block out the sun on sep 26th?

      • On Sep 26th Elenin will be between us and the Sun at the distance of Venus’s orbit around the Sun. There is no way that a small comet will block out the Sun so those who stated that are incorrect. In fact they said Elenin would block the sun for 3 days which is scientifically impossible.

        As for Buzzroom they have had issues with the site and took it offline to improve it. They have had people leaving videos depicting violence and racism which were not picked up by the site for weeks. Buzzroom had no choice but to take it offline for the time being as one particular video we saw there was on there for weeks and angered a lot of people when it was not taken down.

        What happened to buzzroom has nothing to do with talk about Elenin.

  47. I have seen many stories on the net now about Elenin etc.

    If as it is supposed by some to be a month ahead of the brown dwarf star companion of Sol then how long can NASA and other space agencies keep quiet about it before it is dectecable with 100% certainty by amateur astronomers. As I am sure if amateur astronomers had already detected something possibly twice the size of Jupiter already.

    But if something twice as big as Jupiter is on an inward bound journey to the inner solar system this cannot be good for all the small rocky worlds.

    I can understand the powers that be covering it us as best they can, as if the facts are true about the brown dwarf and they told everyone now. Not a lot of so called civillization will be around by the time it got here, due to mass histeria etc

    I would just love someone of top authority to say something 1 way or the other.

    The images look pretty real but having to rely on what I find on the net I am not always convinced of authenticity of such things. I suppose that comes with living in a world of conspiracies and cover ups.

    So can someone please let me know 1) How long powers that be can still cover up something 2 times bigger than Jupiter coming towards us, before everyone would know anyway and 2) How visible from earth on a clear night would something that massive be in the night sky. Assuming that it will be arriving later than the duo comet that must have been disturbed from the Oort cloud when the dwarf star came through that area.

    Oh and surely something that big, when it does near the asteroid belt will sling so many BIG rocks all over the place, could easily find ourselves in the firing line.

    Without knowing anthing concrete it is impossible to plan anything, thinking strictly about the saftey of my childrern now 🙂

    kind regards
    Ian (Plymouth, UK)

  48. I do understand how you feel right now … what to believe in right now. As far as I have seen here in the US, there are no “Official” photographs of Elenin anywhere … and besides a very small bump of an announcement on our local news here in San Francisco, Ca … there have been now articles or news casts about this thing. Others from around the globe have said the same thing … either no coverage, or just a few announcements only. This group has taken some really good photos of Elenin, but I search the web every couple of days for new ones.


  49. If there was a brown dwarf next to elenin that was two times bigger then jupiter it would be hard to see even if it was as close as .8 au you would need a inferred telescope. plus its below the earths ecliptic intill sep 24 and behind the belt intill late june so its hard to see right now. when elenin found the comet in dec 2010 how much sun light was showing on it? not a lot at the time he guessed it was 3-4km at that time. A comet has two tails they start any were from 4-1 au away from the sun. In 2003 there was a asteroid that came within 40,000 miles from earth did nasa say any thing nope. It was the size of a 10 story building. so what makes you think nasa will say any thing about this? look at the history of the sun going back to 1859 the 11 year cycle is bull shit. The 2003 cme was a class x40 the 2001
    cme was a x20. I think some thing is out there thats very big effecting our sun and us. The weather here is messed up the sun is setting two days early in Iceland. Look at the signs. like the volcanoes erupting all over the world look at the ones from 2006-2011 there seems to be an increase in lightning coming out from them i think its comning from the core, not haarp.


  50. Great info once again. Thanks a lot=)

  51. thread dropped? interesting info then..nothing.

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