16th April 2011 Notes: Attempt 1 to Picture Elenin Today

There was a break in the clouds so we took the opportunity to enter Elenin’s position into the telescope to see if we could take another picture of Comet Elenin. Mind you this was not the telescope we were hoping to use but it should give us a picture we could study.

Unfortunately the telescope we were now using was unable to move to Elenin’s location as the comet was in a transit position which the telescope was unable to reach. The transit position is what you see when you directly look up, the same position where you would see the Sun at lunchtime time during the day.

The telescope we were hoping to use is still offline due to bad weather….but hopefully we can try taking a picture again later today when the comet is no longer in a transit position.

~ by sydneystargazers on April 16, 2011.

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