13th April 2011 Notes: We Found Comet Elenin

We compared the telescope picture we posted yesterday with one taken today almost 24 hours later. There are slight differences with today’s picture because when we took the picture today Comet  Elenin was lower to the horizon .

However, saying that, when we compared yesterday’s and today’s pictures we were able to find what we are 100% certain is Comet Elenin at RA 10h 56m 20s   and DEC 5° 10’ 16”  . This of course is in the constellation of Leo.

Before we show it, what we will do is post the picture below and see if you can find it.

Our next update later in the day Sydney time will point out where comet Elenin is in the picture and we will add it as an extension to this post.

Where is Elenin 13th April (Click to Enlarge)

The answer be added below here a little later.

Tip. To find Comet Elenin, just look at the pictures above without enlarging them and look for something in yesterday’s picture not in today’s picture.

Update 7:04pm

Below is a a series of pictures  showing the location of Comet Elina today at RA 10h 56m 20s   and DEC 5° 10’ 16”

The left hand set of pictures shows the same two pictures as shown above.

The middle set of pictures shows a straight green line which , in the case of April 12, ends directly beneath the location of Comet Elenin. We added the line so you could easily follow the stars appearing just above the line and you can tell everything is lined up. Go to the end of the line which ends just below the position of Comet Elenin. You will see that the comet was shown there yesterday but in today’s picture it is no longer there. Some of the fainter stars do not appear in today’s photo since the sky was beginning to lighten as today’s picture was taken. However the comet was bright and large enough to not disappear like the much fainter stars.

The set of pictures on the right are simply negative shots which better show the light sources in the area. If you look at the comet itself, you will see that it has a more fuzzy appearance than the stars in the rest of the picture.

We were unable to locate the new location of the comet in today’s picture and this may be because it has moved off  out of sight on the left hand edge of the picture…… assuming the picture from the telescope  is upside down and the comet was moving from lower right to upper left.

We will try and locate Elenin again in the next 3 or 4 days ……. weather permitting.

Pictures Showing Location of Comet Elenin 12th April (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on April 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “13th April 2011 Notes: We Found Comet Elenin”

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  2. Hey SSG, Great pictures! Star patterns look very similar in Stellarium on 04-13-2011 at 10 55 41.1, 5 14 16.8. Hypothesis, elenin appears in 04-12 and not 04-13 due to this comet orbiting around a dwarf star. Further theory is that orbiting elenin is unseen on certain days due to gravitational lensing (masking effect) from a photon cloud generated by the dwarf star. Possible masking (blocking out of surrounding stars) seems even more pronounced in your 06-16-2011 images.

  3. Correction: Your 06-17-2011 images.

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