13th April 2011 Notes: Looking for Comet Elenin

Comet Elenin is still at a magnitude of over +15 so it is unlikely for us to see it for some time. However that is not stopping us from processing the picture to see if just maybe there is a chance of picking up the comet in the faint distance. Of course we would need some really perfect conditions for that to happen.

This is the latest picture of where Elenin should be…. and it should be located right smack in the middle of the picture. We will process this picture later to look for any signs of comet Elenin.

But we did notice something unusual. In the bottom left hand corner we have pointed out an interesting object which in all purposes looks like a galaxy. But we are not exactly sure which one it is because according to our star charts, there shouldn’t be one in that location.

Thanks for your helpful comment Laura.

Looking for Comet Elenin 13th April (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on April 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “13th April 2011 Notes: Looking for Comet Elenin”

  1. I got these two April 5th and 6th photos of Comet Elenin froma cohort of Leonid Elenin, the discoverer (at an Abilene TX university).

    Do these photos help to compare? http://theufoinquirer.blogspot.com/2011/04/leonid-elenin-code-name-or-man-comet.html

  2. I was up all night watching videos on planet-x,Elenin,Nibiriu.I was searching for total info to make a video blog both for my e-book and for the blogs I write. What I discovered is the answer to your question of how could there be a galaxy there. Well planet-x is just that a mini galaxy. The old sun which is now a dead star or brn dwarf star.It carries around its mini solor system 7 other planets. 1 earth like anther is a alien base for the Annunanki. The rest are moons. They are now using our solar system for the life support.This Elenin is being monitored by NASA as a comet but it is much more than that and it is coming our way in Aug.And It is going to cause great destruction,pole shift in Sept.Great earth quakes,floods,volcanoes eruption on a large scale.I call this scenario the best kept secret that the NWO govt.s don’t want us to know because they only have enough food and underground shelters for themselves!My mission is to release this info now.g’day mate

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