Our Hunt for New Supernova – 16th August 2010

This series of images were fairly interesting.

We decided to vote against it being a supernova as it looks more likely to be a variance in magnitude causing the small changes between the left and middle pictures.

Four people including us looked at this picture and there has been a variance in the ratings. Some thought it was a supernova while others did not. So for the time being it has an average rating until it is looked at further.

The other thing to consider when looking through the series of images is that the images may have picked up a wandering asteroid. That could easily explain why you would see white pixels in one image but not in the other. But you at least can flag changes in the sky and try and determine later what actually caused it. This would most likely be done by looking for known asteroids in that area at that specific time.

Supernova Candidate 16 August 10

~ by sydneystargazers on August 16, 2010.

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