Our Hunt for New Supernova – 15th August 2010

When looking at these images, it was very diffacult to determine if this was a possible supernova or not. And you can tell by looking at the picture that this object did not receive a rating of good or poor…. instead earning an average.

This means of course that the 5 other people that looked at this image were undecided on whether this was a possible supernova.

We decided it had a good chance of being a supernova as it was visible in the left image but not in the middle one….. showing movement in the sky. The only thing of concern was it had a faint amount of non-white pixels in the right hand picture so it was borderline…… however this was probably not explained by a change of magnitude of a star.

These images will probably be looked at by more people to get a concensus on this and may even be followed up for further study.

Supernova Candidate 15 August 10

~ by sydneystargazers on August 15, 2010.

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