Sydney Star Gazers Helps Hunt for New Supernova

Images are sourced from an astronomical wide-field survey called PTF which involves groups such as Caltech, Berkeley and the Weizmann Institute .

The PTF survey basically scans pretty much the entire universe looking for anything that changes in the sky…….., taking pictures which are beamed by microwave to the Internet and then sent to computers which pick up and analyze the data. So far more than 11 supernova have been discovered by this survey and it is even possible that the survey may pick up new and as yet unseen astronomical objects.

Sydney Star Gazers is involved with a number of projects and this search for Supernova is one of them that we will be showing here.

With this search for new supernova, you will see 3 pictures as shown below.

The image on the left is the most recent picture of the target object………… the image in the middle is the combination of several observations …… and the image on the right is the result of subtracting all object data which is found in both the left and the middle images. What this means is that by removing the data in the first 2 images, you are left with only the objects which are unique to one or the other. This result is shown in the right hand image and will highlight a change in the sky and allow people to further analyze the data to see if it is a supernova or perhaps a variable star.

Sydney Star Gazers looks at a number of these images during the day and the below is an example of one of them. It shows that these 3 images have been looked at by 15 people including us and that the overall opinion of the 15 people including us  is that this is a good candidate to be further investigated to see if it is a supernova.

Supernovae Candidate 10 August 10

~ by sydneystargazers on August 10, 2010.

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