The Classroom – Refractor Telescopes

Refractors are one of the two types of telescopes you will hear about……. reflectors are the other one.

A refractor consists of a tube which is made of metal or plastic which holds a glass lens in place in the front of the telescope. This lens is called the objective lens.

There is a second glass lens called an eye piece held in place by the tube. The eye piece and the objective lens are positioned with a specific distance between each other.

The objective lens gathers the light from a star for example and bends or refracts the light so it is focused towards the back of the scope. The eye piece that you peer through is used to magnify the focused image so you can see the image of the star clearly.

If you want to look at planetary details or at the moon, a refractor is a good telescope to use. However refractors are not ideal when you want to look at deeper sky objects as higher power refractor telescopes are expensive options. Reflectors are a cheaper option if you want to look at galaxies and nebulae.

~ by sydneystargazers on August 2, 2010.

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