Processing Images – Supernova 1987A (Part 1 of 2)

Supernova 1987A is located near the Tatantula Nebula …… however you will not see it as it has an apparent magnitude today of +13.95. This supernova occoured close enough to Earth so that it’s bright light could be seen with the naked eye with an apparent magnitude of +3 at that time.

Supernova 1987A exploded on February 23, 1987  in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

We are looking at SN 1987A today and will use only 2 exposures to process this image taken back in 2006 by the hubble.

The picture below shows the exposure on the left taken with a F658N filter (red) and the exposure on the right taken with a F660N filter(green).

SN 1987A 2006-11-20 Exposures

TARGNAME= ‘SN1987A                       ‘ / proposer’s target name
RA_TARG =   8.386712500000E+01 / right ascension of the target (deg) (J2000)
DEC_TARG=  -6.926968055556E+01 / declination of the target (deg) (J2000)

/ TARGET INFORMATION        TARGNAME= ‘SN1987A                       ‘ / proposer’s target name    RA_TARG =   8.386712500000E+01 / right ascension of the target (deg) (J2000)    DEC_TARG=  -6.926968055556E+01 / declination of the target (deg) (J2000)

DATE-OBS= ‘2005-11-19′         / UT date of start of observation (yyyy-mm-dd)

TIME-OBS= ’17:32:54’           / UT time of start of observation (hh:mm:ss)

EXPSTART=       53693.73118686 / exposure start time (Modified Julian Date)

EXPEND  =       53693.74161825 / exposure end time (Modified Julian Date)

EXPTIME =                900.0 / exposure duration (seconds)–calculated

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