Processing Images – Mars (Part 1 of 2)

Looking at the picture below you will see two exposures that were taken of Mars by the Hubble Telescope on 28th October 2008. This will be an interesting planet to process images from as there is very little detail visible in either of the exposures. So the trick will be to find the data in each of the two exposures and bring them out in the final image.

In the image below, the exposure on the left was taken with a F502N (Green) filter and the exposure on the right was taken with a FR914M (Red) filter.

Mars 2005-10-28 Exposures

TARGNAME= ‘MARS-2005-ACS                 ‘ / proposer’s target name
RA_TARG =   4.623655633379E+01 / right ascension of the target (deg) (J2000)
DEC_TARG=   1.631539283159E+01 / declination of the target (deg) (J2000)
DATE-OBS= ‘2005-10-28’         / UT date of start of observation (yyyy-mm-dd)
TIME-OBS= ’09:51:49′           / UT time of start of observation (hh:mm:ss)
EXPSTART=       53671.41098998 / exposure start time (Modified Julian Date)
EXPEND  =       53671.41101618 / exposure end time (Modified Julian Date)
EXPTIME =                  1.0 / exposure duration (seconds)–calculated
EXPFLAG = ‘NORMAL       ‘      / Exposure interruption indicator

~ by sydneystargazers on July 26, 2010.

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