Special Event Tonight – Partial Lunar Eclipse

Partial Eclipse (Click to enlarge)

Update : 5:00pm

Forecasts are all over the place tonight. but we believe that we should have  clear sky tonight which will allow us to view the partial eclipse tonight. Get your scopes out and enjoy the event!

Tonight is going to be a interesting night .

First off we have the Full Moon tonight but also a partial eclipse of the Moon will be visible from Australia tonight.

The eclipse will begin at 8:16pm on the east coast of Australia and will have covered half the Moon at 9:39pm before the shadow begins to withdraw. The eclipse will finish about 11pm Sydney time.

The question is what will the weather do tonight and will we see the eclipse?

We have added our latest cloud maps which were updated at 2pm this afternoon. Though there is cloud forecast for tonight, we also see a possibility of clear skies which would allow us to see the eclipse. We will do our normal forecast update in the next hour or so to try and clarify what the clouds will do tonight.

Sydney NSW Viewing Forecast (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on June 26, 2010.

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