Spotting Spacecraft with your Telescope.

It  is fairly simple to watch the International  Space Station or a shuttle fly over ahead when you know what time it will fly over.

But it is a lot harder to take a picture of it with a camera…. let alone taking the picture through your telescope.

X37-B (Click to Enlarge)

The x-37B is the new secret unmanned space plane which is currently orbiting the Earth. Amateur astronomers have calculated it’s orbit so that they can now watch the X-37B as it passes over.

And amateur astronomers are now able to take pictures of the X-37B through their telescope as well as they can now program their telescopes to track the space plane as it crosses overhead.

So if you feel like a challenge, see if you can spot the x-37B yourself. The image above was taken of the craft using a NexStar 8SE scope.

Sydney Star Gazers has the orbital data and will advise when the X-37B is visible from Sydney when weather permits. It will be visible from Sydney in the early hours of the morning until June 23 where it will be seen after the sun has set.

~ by sydneystargazers on June 2, 2010.

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