Watch the Space Station chase shuttle Discovery tonight

While you are watching the Space Shuttle discovery fly over tonight, keep an eye out for the International Space Station which is giving chase.

The ISS Chasing Shuttle Discovery (click to Enlarge)

As Discovery and the ISS appear over the horizon together, shuttle Discovery will begin moving ahead faster so that it will be far in front by the time it is at the shuttle’s highest distance over the horizon at 6:47 as shown in the picture above. At this stage the space station will be only 10 degrees above the horizon but following the same path.

When looking for these two, look hard for shuttle discovery as it will be the fainter of the two

At 6:46 tonight, Discovery will have a magnitude of 1.21 so should be easy to spot. Less than a minute later it will have a fainter magnitude of 4.25 making it more difficult to see.

The Space Station on the other hand will be faint as it appears over the horizon but will become brighter as it passes ovwer Sydney. This should be interesting to see. At 6:49 pm the ISS will be at it’s brightest with a magnitude of  0.44 .

~ by sydneystargazers on April 19, 2010.

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