Seeing Conditions and Transparency Levels

Cloud is the number one factor which will effect if we have a good observing night or not. With this in mind the cloud forecast is still the priority for the Viewing Condition posts each day. But even if the skies are  clear for a change, we may still have poor observing due to either poor seeing conditions or poor transparency levels which effect our view through the telescopes.

This morning we began the new way of showing the expected seeing and transparency for the night. Generally blue over Sydney means we will have good levels of seeing or transparency. In the case of seeing ,yellow means we will have poor seeing conditions and for transparency red means poor transparency conditions.

The levels of seeing and transparency are shown in the clear sky chart, and here you may see green colors, or brown and a few others depending on the conditions. It is easy to check the cloud maps themselves as the Sydney View will show that we might have a color brown tonight due to Sydney being between poor and good seeing conditions. Brown means we are closer to yellow so the conditions will be worse.

Tonights forecast has been updated in the last 10- minutes. The cloud situation has remained constant so no change there. Seeing conditions have worsened in NSW however over Sydney itself seeing conditions are pretty much constant and are pretty average. The noticeable change for today is that transparency levels have worsened since 9am this morning and we can now see more red in the maps over Sydney… meaning poor transparency whixh you wopuld expect with overcast conditions.

We will monitor the seeing and transparency charts but at this stage they look more informative and hopefully will give a more accurate picture.

~ by sydneystargazers on March 28, 2010.

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