Weather Updates from Personal Weather Stations

I ran a test this afternoon to check the accuracy of the Weather Picture I am using beneath each of the black and white cloud maps.

(Click to Enlarge)

In the picture on the left , you will see 2 images . The image on the left was taken within a few seconds of the image on the right and shows what the current weather was for an unknown area of Sydney at 3:37pm this afternoon. I agreed that the image should be overcast, however it was raining outside and this was not shown in the image.

The image on the right of the picture was taken seconds later after I switched the software to read METAR data from a Personal Weather Station based in the suburb I am currently in. Personal Weather Stations can cost several hundred or several thousand dollars and are computer servers which monitor and analyze the data in your back yard. The weather in your area of Sydney can then be uploaded to weather sites to give a more detailed weather report of specific areas of Sydney.

When I updated my software to read the METAR data from a backyard weather station in a neighbouring suburb, I updated the weather and received the image that you see in the right of the picture above. These two images were taken only seconds apart and show that the reading I picked up from the local Personal Weather Station was more accurate than the “standard” Sydney area weather report.

The pictures below the black and white cloud maps will be accurate for showing if rain is falling only if you are in cerain parts of Sydney. It can be raining in one areas of Sydney and a few suburbs away it could be completely dry.

Clouds on the other hand would be more accurate however. If you see clouds in one part of Sydney, you would expect cloud to be seen in other parts as well.

The test I performed this afternoon was a good test of the Weather Pictures I am now using. I will keep monitoring for any errors but I am pretty confident these will give a visual representation  of what the black and white cloud maps are showing. If the cloud maps show overcast conditions over Sydney and the picture shows clear sky, this means there is a difference in forecasts so you will get either clear skies or overcast conditions.

To see some of the Personal Weather Stations in use around Australia, click here

~ by sydneystargazers on March 1, 2010.

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