The Black and White Images of Hubble

I thought you might be interested to see the picture in this post which shows 6 images of the M100 Pinwheel Galaxy.

The 3 pictures in the top row of the picture show the 3 exposures from the Hubble telescope which I used to process a colorised version of the Pinwheel galaxy. In the top row, the Hubble’s picture of the galaxy are representing red on the left, green in the middle and blue on the right.

The bottom row of the picture shows the same images from above but after I have assigned color to them.

Hubble's Black and White Images (Click to Enlarge)

But the question is….why are the images from the hubble in black and white but not color?

The hubble telescope does not record pictures on color film but instead uses electronic detectors to produce images in various shades of black and white. This you can see in the picture above where the black and white images in the middle and right are darker than the image on the left.

Colored images from the Hubble are possible by combining these black and white exposures together and adding in some color .These colors are added as a result of various reasons and I am sure that those who process the Hubble’s images first hand will assign color based on scientific analysis of the galalxy or nebula.

Don’t forget that when you look at an object through a scope you are looking at the image in black and white. By using color, an object’s detail is brought out in more detail and will give us details not normally visible to the human eye.

If you hopped in a spaceship and journeyed out to a galaxy such as the Pinwheel you will more than likely find that it’s color does not look anything like the processed versions we see on the Internet. Therefore it is likely there are no 100% accurate pictures of what the nebula and galaxies look like, not unless you have these images being taken by spacecraft in close proximity and those images are being taken in true color and not in black and white.

This is pretty much the process I have being talking about in the last few weeks .

~ by sydneystargazers on February 22, 2010.

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