Processing the Pinwheel Galaxy – Part 3

I have decided to add a third and final part to the Pinwheel series of posts today.

Pinwheel luminescence (Click to Enlarge)

Just to show how the image can be changed, I will show what happens when you add a 4th exposure from the Hubble telescope. In this case, I will add in an image for luminiscence which is light possibly coming from gas clouds, dust or other sources.

The picture to the left shows the news exposure I am adding to the red, blue and green exposures.

After processing luminescence and adding it to the previous result for the Pinwheel Galaxy, I now get the picture as shown below. Now this more closely resembles the images of the Pinwheel Galaxy which you will see on sites such as NASA on the Internet.

With the luminescence, you can modify the settings to your likings as well .

The Pinwheel Galaxy

~ by sydneystargazers on February 22, 2010.

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